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We love dogs. They are our furry kids, our best friends, and amazing creatures. 

We’ve got over 50 years of combined dog training and care knowledge, and what we don’t know, we research and learn from the experts.

We’d love to share everything we know about dogs and dog houses with you. Join us, won’t you?

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We want our furry friends to have the best dog house that makes them comfortable and doesn’t break the bank. A dog house is a refuge from the elements and a fixture of your yard or home. Let’s explore dog houses together!


Our favorite small dog houses and furniture for indoors.


Our top small outdoor dog house picks.


The top picks of large indoor dog houses and furniture.


The best picks of large outdoor dog houses.

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I'm so thankful to have found the Dog House Times website - it has been incredibly helpful in finding useful tips, tricks, and ideas for buying my pup their perfect home. Thank you Dog House Times!

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