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Are Slip Leads Good For Training?

Walking small dogs guide for small breeds like this Yorkie. Learn more at

Walking Small Dogs Guide For Toy-Sized Breeds Like Yorkies (Best Distance, Length, and More)

Let’s talk about walking small dogs. Yorkies are known for their self-assured personalities, high energy levels, and playful natures. Most owners will admit that their Terriers are independent creatures that love to explore and chase small (or big) animals. The high energy levels are due to their original breed purpose and ensuring they get the

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Do Yorkies Love Their Owners? Depends on the owner. Find out at

Do Yorkies Love Their Owners?

Do Yorkies love their owners? Honestly, it depends on the owner. If they sense you love them, they will love you to the ends of the Earth. When choosing a dog, you must get one that will suit your personality, needs, and household. Making sure that your do will fit you is not selfish. It

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Portuguese Waterdog (Breed Information)

Also known as Cao de Agua (dog of water), the Portuguese Waterdog is a fun-loving, water-loving and family loving dog. They were used by Portuguese fishermen for herding fish into nets, retrieving lost equipment or nets and serving as a courier between boats and boats to shore.

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Dog Flight – Airline Requirements For Dog Vacation

Are you ready to take your Pooch on a great adventure? Does it require a flight or two? If you plan on taking your dog on a plane or jet, knowing the rules about dogs and flying, and dog carriers for flight, can save you a ruined trip that could cost you large.

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Should A Dog Eat Before Training?

So, you have enrolled your dog in a training class. How exciting! Now you are wondering, should a dog eat before training? Will you have an angry dog if it is not fed when it is hungry? Lots of questions. And those are the right questions. You want to make sure you know what is

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