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Are Slip Leads Good For Training?

Kiki, our Yorkie, may she rest in peace.

Your Guide to Pint-Sized Yorkie Care

When I had a Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie), I quickly found out that they are a lovable and friendly companion. However, their high energy level and unique needs can make them a challenge to care for. In my experience, taming a Yorkie takes patience, dedication, and a good understanding of their needs. In this guide, I

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Taming Your Toy Xolo: A Beginner’s Guide

When I had a Xoloitzcuintli, I quickly learned why this toy breed is one of the oldest and most beloved companions of the canine world. In my experience, these dogs are an ideal choice for people looking for a loyal and intelligent pet. Whether you are a new or experienced dog owner, this guide is


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Caring for the Charismatic Xiasi Dog

Keeping a Xiasi Dog can be an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience; however, it is important that owners prepare themselves for understanding the breed and provide their dogs with the best care for a happy and healthy life. In my experience, nurturing a Xiasi Dog teaches patience, compassion, and responsibility. When I had a Xiasi

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Wirehaired Vizsla Care Guide

It’s no secret that owning a Wirehaired Vizsla can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime. In my experience, they are gentle, loyal companions who always have a smile on their faces. As with any kind of dog, however, it’s important to properly care for a Wirehaired Vizsla in order for them

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Unlock the Secrets of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

When I had a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, I quickly learned why these dogs are such popular hunting companions. In my experience, there is no dog breed quite like the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon – a breed renowned for their intelligence, obedience and eagerness to please, as well as a staunch loyalty to their owners. In this

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Caring for Your White Shepherd

As an owner of the beautiful White Shepherd breed, I have enjoyed many amazing moments in my experience. From when I spent time with a White Shepherd pup helping it learn basic commands, to when I had a mature White Shepherd on my daily walks, I have always found them to be a joy to

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A Perfect ‘Green’ Garden Dog House And Landscape

With Earth’s climate in a dire state of emergency, it’s important now more than ever to try to do your part. So, why not go green and mean with a well-planted yard and garden dog house? In this article, I’ve got some great resources for you like some fantastic flowers that are safe for dogs.

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Caring for Your Papillon Pooch

When I had a Papillon, I discovered they are some of the most vibrant, loyal, and entertaining dogs. In my experience, Papillons seem to have endless energy and have a reputation for being remarkable individualists. In this guide, I will share my tips and tricks for how to best provide for your unique Papillon, and

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Loving Care for Your Old English Sheepdog

From its signature shaggy coat to its adorable, gentle demeanor, the Old English Sheepdog is a breed that I have grown to love in my experience. When I spent time with a family who owned an Old English Sheepdog, I was amazed by the loyalty and strength of the breed. Not only was their dog

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Unlocking the Magic of the Old Danish Pointer

If you’re looking to adopt an Old Danish Pointer, you need to be aware that they can be a lot of work – but it can be an incredibly rewarding experience! In my experience, these dogs are never shy of energy, and it pays to be prepared to devote lots of time to exercise. When

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A Guide to Keeping the Serbian Tricolour Hound

Keeping a Serbian Tricolour Hound is one of the most rewarding experiences ‘in my experience’. This guide will provide you with all the information that you need to train and care for your furry companion. With the right resources and knowledge, you can ensure that your Serbian Tricolour Hound has the best possible life –

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