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Are Slip Leads Good For Training?

A dog sits outside on a concrete pad acting as a foundation for the dog house. Learn about dog house concrete foundations at Dog House Times.

Making A Cement or Concrete Dog House Foundation

Let’s face it – we love our dogs. And a part of that love means we want to provide a comfortable home for our furry friends. One way of accomplishing this is by ensuring they a) have a shelter when needed (dog house) and b) ensure the dog house is warm and cozy. Raising it

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Do dogs remember where they bury bones, or just dig holes everywhere like this dog? Find out at

How Do Dogs Remember Where They Bury Bones? (Do They Remember)

Do dogs remember where they bury bones? The way my dog digs holes all over the yard, I wonder if he doesn’t just dig for fun. Do you watch videos of soldiers returning home and their dogs giving them a big welcome? Isn’t it fascinating that dogs cherish the memories of their beloved humans, although


Top-rated dog food on Amazon
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How much do Yorkies cost? Find out at

How Much Do Yorkies Cost? (An Amazingly Complete Guide For 2023)

So, you want to know how much do Yorkies cost, do you? Well, you’re in the right place because I’ve had Yorkies for years. Yorkies (Yorkshire Terriers) are feisty yet affectionate companions. Their prominent personalities are packaged into 7-pound, 7-inch frames, making them the perfect size for city living. Their long, silky coat is almost

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Can a Yokrie be a service dog like this little Yorkie looking up thoughtfully at it's handler? Find out at

Can A Yorkie Be A Service Dog? Read This First!

So, you want to know, “Can a Yorkie be a service dog?”? Well, I can tell you that as a previous Yorkie owner (may Kiki the wonder Yorkie rest in peace), Yorkies are lovely little dogs that could indeed serve as service dogs for those who need a caring friend. They are full of energy,

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Do Yorkies Love Their Owners? Depends on the owner. Find out at

Do Yorkies Love Their Owners?

Do Yorkies love their owners? Honestly, it depends on the owner. If they sense you love them, they will love you to the ends of the Earth. When choosing a dog, you must get one that will suit your personality, needs, and household. Making sure that your do will fit you is not selfish. It

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