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Dog House DIY

Our ambition is to be the most versatile international source of information out there for dog owners. However, there is a strong focus on doing it yourself projects such as building your own dog house.

We wanted to build a doggy house for our dog Kiki and found that the information online was scattered and didn’t always line up with reality. That’s why we created this website, to sort out the garbage information and bring you the best in DIY build information.

Here’s some of the information you’ll find in this part of the website:

What To Expect
  • Safe Materials To Use – information on what to use, including lists of safe wood as well as toxic wood to work with for your build.
  • Building – a complete build video with accompanying free plans.
  • Doggy Home Sizing – charts of recommended measurements and explanations of sizing.
  • Upgrading and Renovating – we’ve got a whole series of renovations you can do to improve your dog home.
  • Insulation – best types to use on a budget, including an explanation of R-values and more.
  • Heating – the best, efficient, and safest different method of keeping your dog warm and cozy.
  • Venting – some of the best vents to use to keep the air flowing.
  • Doors – top door ideas, door how-to video and instructions for strip curtain doors, and more.
  • Roofs – from structure to design, we’ve got you covered. No pun intended.
  • Waterproofing – how to keep your dog nice and dry in his/her dog house.

We’ve put together charts of recommended dog house sizes for your convenience. Free, of course. And plans and videos, and more videos.

We’ve been building a virtual dog house building database just for you enthusiastic pet owners out there that want a holistic approach to dog houses. In short, you’re going to love it. Here are a few of our latest articles in this category.

Are you building your dog(s) a doghouse, crate, or kennel? Well, we’ve got the info you’re seeking. For instance, if you are making a simple dog house, a luxury dog house, or even a kennel, we’ve researched for you.

Please take a look at some of our information articles and how-to articles on the different aspects of making a dog house. From fabricating the roof to installing solar, we’ve got you covered.

Dog House Accessories

The dog house accessories category has a variety of articles that will help you find the best accessories. There are both videos and plans available for free. Therefore you to learn how to build your own pet house quickly.

We’ve got a YouTube channel as well where you can catch the latest in dog kennel renovations. Or you can watch the Wood Plank Dog House Build video. And use the free plans to follow along with the video.

We love to inspire great DIY dog and pet shelter projects. You can also find some great articles on adding vents, heating, and cooling. We even have info on landscaping around your yard for a better dog care experience.

Experience That Works

Our experience in industries like doors helps us to understand the complexities of sealing a space truly. We know the best tactics for sealing things up when it comes to doors for your dog kennel, house, or crate.

Just take a look at the strip curtain article and video. Compare the dual-layer overlap curtain to any single layer curtain, and you’ll see the superiority for yourself. And Jer makes it simple and easy to do yourself.

There’s no need to waste money on a cheap single-layer curtain when you can make one much better with a bit of help from DHT. We are therefore giving you a leg up on the cold. For your dog’s comfort and well-being, it’s essential to keep them warm, safe, and comfortable.

We don’t advocate leaving a dog alone, unattended, and outside in extreme weather, as this would be inhumane. However, if you need to keep your dog out in colder weather, then make the canine as comfortable as possible with your dog crate, house, and kennel accessories.

We’re continually working on new articles for you. And we publish regularly. As a result, you should subscribe to us to ensure you get the latest from the Dog House team.

Dog Facts And Information

DHT is more than just dog houses. Firstly, we love dogs. Secondly, our writers are lifelong dog owners. Thirdly, we treat our dogs with respect as members of our families.

We genuinely care for our furry friends. And you can see this when you read any of our articles about dogs. We genuinely care about dogs and want to share every little bit of information we can find about them. As well as experience, of course.

There’s nothing like a lifetime spent with animals to help you understand them. Therefore what you will find here is information written from lifelong experience with dogs combined with considerable research.

In the Dog Facts And Information category, you will find a variety of topics. The following items of interest are here in this group, and we know you will enjoy reading these articles.

Indeed, you should take a look at each sub-category for descriptions of each. As a result, you’ll find a whole bunch of fascinating reads here. We cover all kinds of dog-related topics like dogs’ history with humans and the best dog breeds for an outdoor lifestyle.

You’ll also find stuff like Dogs’ favorite kind of music and why dogs can walk on snow and ice without boots like you and I need. Here are some great articles from these dog topics that we know you’ll love:

Looking For Breed Information?

We’re building and compiling our database of 440 + registered breeds from around the world. Indeed, it would be best if you looked at some of the newest entries to our dog breed database, like the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Above all, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you know when the latest breed info is published.

Dog House Times Video Series

Don’t miss our newest videos on Dog House Renovations – A series brought to you exclusively by Farmer Jer and our team. See it on our YouTube channel as well. You’ll love the grassroots approach Jer takes to building and renovating dog houses. There’s no $200k studio here.

And we know you don’t have a large workshop full of expensive tools like some of the how-to videos. We do the work ourselves in our own homes. Honest, real, and authentic. To sum up, it’s what real people want – to learn from other real people.

While you’re here, why not take a look at the types of doggy castles and some of the things you should think about before you buy. Depending on which climate you live in, you may want to think about some options for the dog house suited for your environment.

Dog House Times is an International online resource for dog lovers. The main content is about Dogs, Dog Houses, and pretty much anything related to dogs.

We strive to bring you well-researched, factual information articles. Above all, our focus is on helping you make decisions regarding your pup that will best suit the dog. Therefore, our purpose and mission are to help bring information to dog owners in an easy-to-read format.

In short, we hope we deliver on our promise. Indeed, you wouldn’t mind taking a moment to let us know what you think?

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