Are Yorkies Lazy? (We Find Out)

A Yorkie sitting on a kitchen chair

Often when people are interested in adopting a dog, they research specific breeds’ traits to learn more about their personalities, needs, and activity level. A valuable exercise since, through this process, a family can ensure that they adopt a canine that can blend in with their existing family. Many people interested in Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) … Read more

10 Things To Know About Raising A Setter Puppy

An Irish Setter puppy sits on their new owners lap in this image.

Setters are a fantastic group of dog breeds. Not only are they gifted swimmers, but they also love nothing more than to go into nature and find some game birds. The Setter’s past derives from selective breeding to increase characteristics helpful to hunt, much like pointers, but the Setter was also a retriever.  The breeds … Read more

The Best Dog Doors And Windows Buyer’s Guide (Best Quality)

Best Pet Doors And Windows

Sharing is Caring Whether you’re looking for a door for an existing dog house you’ve built, one you’ve purchased, or if you intend to make a dog house, there are a plethora of options. Or even if you’re installing an entry for your dog into your existing home rather than a dog house, choosing the … Read more