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We are a team that cares all about dogs with a special focus on the homes for our furry friends. Dog Houses have been around as long as mankind has kept dogs as pets. In modern times, many people enjoy the craft of DIY projects such as building their own dog house. We dive deep into the subject with in-depth research from around the world. Everything from building materials and woods that are safe to use for dogs to dog house landscaping, we’ve covered it to bring you the answers. Check out our extensive Resources page for links to all the institutions we have researched to bring the best and most informative information right to your screen.

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DHT Mission Statement

DHT is committed to providing accurate, well-researched information articles on a variety of dog and dog house-related topics. We adhere to the highest standards of research journalism and have a clear and committed focus to provide truthful and helpful information to dog owners. We do this for a better understanding and care of our furry canine friends.

DHT Creator

“I was totally inspired by my father, the late Dr.Willard Shantz. He was a regional managing veterinarian for the Federal Government of Canada and an inspiration. His love for animals both domestic and exotic allowed me to study the care of exotic reptiles, amphibians, and fish as a kid. Thanks for inspiring me to build DHT, Dad! You will be missed.” – Jeremy Shantz

I grew up with nearly 200 exotic birds, as my father’s passion was the care and captivity of numerous species of birds. We had dogs and cats the whole time of course, and I was also allowed to use an entire room in the basement to house exotic reptiles. In fact, I was the first person in Canada to successfully breed Chameleo Calyptratus, to the best of my knowledge. I’ve kept reptiles for the last 30 years and even built up and eventually sold a pet shop in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

After completing my certificate in Web Development from Sheridan College, I decided to start building websites. In early 2019 I created Dog House Times Dog Magazine out of my passion for Dogs. They truly are Man’s best friend.

A picture of the author Jeremy Shantz aka Farmer Jer
Farmer Jer

Further Expertise

Jeremy has also worked in several other industries over the last 30 years which has inspired him further to create this site. He worked for the entertainment industry for 10 years, working as a producer, audio engineer, performer and also working in staging in television and theatre. Jeremy also worked as a service technician and the manager and instructor in the overhead door industry. With 15 years of experience in this industry, Jeremy excelled and enjoyed creating training courses as well as presentations for service staff within the industry. This inspired Jeremy to take on the fine art of writing blogs after his experience in technical writing.

Aside from the years of knowledge passed on by his father, Jeremy also learned the art of woodworking from the late Dr.Willard Shantz. Dr.Shantz was not only a gifted doctor with a knack for working with deadly viruses such as Rabies and Tuberculosis, but he was also a master woodcarver. This art was passed down to Jeremy as well, who takes great pride in any of his woodworking projects like building dog houses.

A yorkie guarding her bone.
You Aren’t Getting MY Bone! – Kiki The Wonder Dog

More About DHT

Want to know more? Check out our in-depth about DHT page.

Want to know more about Farmer Jer? Take a look at the page all about Jeremy Shantz aka Farmer Jer.

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