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Annoying Things We Do that Really Grinds Our Dogs Gears!

You may not know it, but you just may be driving your dog crazy with the annoying things you do.  Did you know that there are things we do that annoy our dogs?

You must think to yourself “No way, my dog loves me and everything that I do.  He never complains and is always looking forward to us spending time together”.    Well, yes, your dog does love you, but chances are there are things that you do that he tolerates because of his love for you.   What are these things you ask? Read on to find out the things we do that dogs hate. 

No Rules or Routines – Things That Annoy Dogs

Man training his dog
Man training his dog

Dogs don’t generally express affection to rules.  They would rather be chewing on a shoe or ripping apart your favorite down-filled pillow.  If you find your dog being bratty, it is most likely due to the fact that you have not set any rules.  Training for dogs should start at an early age to avoid trouble when they are adults.  

Routines are important as well.  For example, my dog Kiki needs her medication in the morning, so every morning she gets her pill, I refill her water and food dish if needed.  She then goes outside for her morning tinkle. Kiki gets three walks a day, and she expects her three walks. We feed her twice a day as well.  This keeps her happy as she knows what to expect.

Always reward with treats when your dog is doing a good job with its rules and routines.  You want a happy dog, and these three things will guarantee a happy pup!

Playing Dress-Up

You see this all the time, dogs in all kinds of different outfits. Most dogs tolerate it. This is one of the top things that annoy our dogs.

Dog dressed up in southern bell dress
A dog dressed up in southern bell dress

Shirts or jackets for the winter on a dog is tolerable, but they do not like wearing things on their heads, or feet.  Why put a dog through the stress of dressing up when they don’t like it. If they do not like it they will most likely let you know by trying to run away or not allowing you to put the outfit on them. There are however lots of dogs who love wearing clothes and will gladly allow you to put an outfit on them.

If you are going to dress up the dog for winter start of with lightweight items and move your way up.  Don’t forget the treats. Your dog should be rewarded for putting clothes on. Also, be mindful of your dog’s body language, this will tell you if he has had enough for one day.

Here are some winter-worthy clothes from Amazon for your dog. 

Amazon dog jackets
Amazon dog jackets

An Upset Owner

Sad woman
Sad woman

We all have bad days, but did you know that your dog can pick up on your negative emotions due to the bond you share?  And did you also know that they will feel the same way you do? For example, if you are going through a rough time and experiencing grief, depression or stress to name a few, it is bound to affect your dog.  Some dogs will even match the emotions you are giving off like becoming sick or sad.  

Try your best to spend time with your furry friend during rough times.  You will find that your dog can offer excellent emotionally support. 

What A Wonderful Smell You Have Discovered

Close up of dog nose
Close up of dog nose

Strong fragrances are a huge pet peeve of mine. And guess what?  Your dog feels exactly the same way. If strong smells annoy you, then they are most definitely annoying your dog.  A dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than ours. Don’t get me wrong, dogs do love smelling things like food and every little thing they come across on a walk, but strong chemicals and perfumes can really irritate your dog’s nose, not to mention annoy your dog.  

Spraying your dog with anything really is not a good idea.  If your dog is on spray medication it is best to avoid the face by using a cloth to apply the medication.  

When using your own things like air fresheners, cleaners, etc. make sure your dog is not in the same room, and that the chemicals in the product are not toxic to your dog or yourself for that matter.  Things like cleaners have many different chemicals in them and it is not good for anyone to be inhaling these harmful smells. Look for a natural cleaning product, hairsprays, etc.

Home Alone and Ignored 

Doggy looking out window
Doggy looking out window

No one likes to be left alone or ignored.  The same thing goes for your dog. Dogs are pack animals and love to be around their families all the time.   This really does have a negative effect on your dog and is something we do that upsets and annoy dogs. 

The biggest issue is that most of us dog owners have to go to work unless you are lucky enough to have your own business where you can work from home.   Going to work means leaving the dog home all day. Then there are vacations, running around after work to pick up kids, or groceries or dry-cleaning, etc. We don’t get home until late, and only have a few hours before bed.  This gives us little time with our pets. 

Is There A Solution?

The best thing you can do is spend as much time with your dog as you can when you get home.   Make sure to have a set daily routine that your dog can look forward to. If your job requires you to travel a lot, make sure to have a trusted pet sitter for your dog.

Punishment and Yelling 

Upset Pup
Upset Pup

Here is something that will upset and annoy dogs.  Yelling and harsh punishment. Dogs don’t really understand our words, but they definitely know how to pick up on our emotions.  Yelling and punishing your dog will upset it and maybe even make it fearful of you. Fear will not make your dog do things that you want and it will not increase the bond with your dog.   

Try positive reinforcement with your dog, as this way is the most effective way to correct bad behavior. Yelling and smacking are not the right away and is considered abuse.  So don’t do it!

Hugging?  Really?

Woman hugging a service canine
Woman hugging a service canine

Yes, it is true, hugging annoys dogs.  It may look great to you in a picture, but your dog may not like it.   Why? You ask, well, first of all, it is not comfortable for them to be posed into a hug.  No one likes being posed. Also, there are a lot of dogs out there that do not like being touched around the face and neck as this may come across as a threat in their minds.   Dogs tolerate the hugs because they love us, but most would rather you didn’t. They would rather just cuddle with you on the couch, or in your lap.  

Now on the other side of the coin, there are dogs that love hugs, you really just have to pay attention to their body language, this will tell you if they like it or not.  Some signs of the really not enjoying the hug is leaning away, trying to escape, looks worried, licking lips, other looks that they are not impressed.  

Um, We Talked About This Guys.  Personal Space?

 An Angry Canine
An Angry Canine

Dogs don’t like when we get in their face.  Who does really? You know what I mean. Those close talker people that get right up in your face.  No one likes that. And chances are this is something we do that annoy our dogs.   

There will be times when we need to get in their faces like brushing teeth or cleaning their faces. It is best to go slowly and gently towards your dog’s face. Remember to give treats as a reward.

If your dog shows signs of aggression or fear, then stop what you are doing as you are at risk of getting bitten.


There you have it, my friends. The top annoying things that we humans do that really grinds our dog’s gears. Some of them may be surprising but remember to respect your dog and don’t do things that annoy them.


What are things not to do when approaching my dog’s face?

Never rush towards your dog’s face. If you need to brush your dog’s teeth or wash their face, approach them slowly and reward with treats after. Getting too close too fast annoys dogs and you may just get a nip from them.

What other things annoy dogs?

A crowded dog park can really annoy your dog. Dogs can get defensive and aggressive when placed in an area with a lot of dogs. It can be stressful for your dog as well if they have not been around many dogs before.


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