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Are Female Or Male Yorkies Better? (Spoiler: They Are Both Awesome!)

Two yorkies in a dog bed

Yorkshire Terriers, also known as Yorkies, are among the most popular dog breeds for both companions and show-quality dogs. These little canines win over people’s hearts with their shiny coats and sociability. Every year, thousands of people seek to adopt a Yorkie. However, many are unsure whether they should choose to adopt a male or a female Yorkie when beginning the adoption process. We will explore the development and specific needs of this breed of dogs and conclude whether female or male Yorkies are better. 

Neither male nor female Yorkies are better than their counterpart. There are some generalized differences between the two genders, but overall, both genders of the Yorkshire Terrier are loving, friendly, and smart. They are truly awesome little dogs with incredibly sweet, if not easily spoiled, personalities.

If someone asked you if human males or females were better, what would you answer? Most intelligent people would respond that there are certainly some common differences between the genders, but that one is no better than the other.

This is the same for Yorkies. Overall, the Yorkshire Terrier’s common qualities are known to apply to all Yorkies equally, not males or females. This article will examine some of the differing qualities of male and female Yorkies and some of the similar needs. 

History of the Breed – Determining If Female Or Male Yorkies Are Better

In the 1800’s1800’s, Scottish weavers began working in the Woolen Mills of England. They brought a terrier-type dog that they used to keep down the vermin population in the mills. These terriers were small in stature but capable of tunneling and hunting down the rats around their workplace. 

Eventually, the Yorkshire Terrier breed developed from these early rodent hunters and was officially recognized as a dog breed in 1870. At that time, the Yorkies became a trendy dog for prominent society ladies, providing companionship and warming their laps and hearts.

Since then, the Yorkie breed has become a globally well-known breed of “toy” dog, and there is a great demand for them as pets. 

The Personality of a Yorkie

Yorkshire Terriers of either gender are famous for their loving and loyal disposition. Male and female Yorkies are very affectionate! These “toy” sized dogs love to be with their people and have social and vocal personalities.

Yorkies are best suited for families where someone is home with them frequently, as they should not be left outside unattended, as they want to be with their pack of people. 

Yorkies are commonly known as “yappy” dogs due to their protective instincts. A Yorkie will always let you know if they perceive a possible intruder to their home base. They also have a high prey drive that remains from their origins as a vermin hunting dog, so they should it is best to keep them leashed on walks outside.

Any squirrel or mouse that appears will quickly grab their energy and focus. It’s also not recommended to have pet rodents in the house if you have a Yorkie! One glimpse of a pet rat, and their instincts will take over. 

Common traits of female Yorkies

A female yorkie sitting by a window with her stuffed animal
Female yorkies like the one shown here are known to be a bit more sassy than their male counterparts.

While both genders of Yorkies are similar in many ways, there are a few ways that females stand apart. Female Yorkshire Terriers are a little bossier and demanding, especially when they want attention from their family members. The Female Yorkies will get right into your face and ask for some love. Trust me and know that this is 100% true! 

Girl Yorkies are sometimes more independent than male Yorkies and will spend a bit more time on their own enjoying some quiet once they have had enough of your attention.

They can also be slightly more territorial than males, possibly due to a stronger nesting instinct that prompts them to protect their home. 

Female Yorkies can occasionally be harder to train because of their independent and stubborn streak. However, the breed’s love of their family and their eagerness to please will help your efforts to have them cooperate.

Common Traits of Male Yorkies

A cute little male Yorkie at
Male Yorkies like the one shown here have different personalities than their female counterparts.

Male Yorkies have a lot in common with the female ones, but they differ on a few things. Males are a little less demanding when it comes to asking for attention from their people. They will always be at the side of their family members but will patiently wait for a pat or a cuddle. 

However, male Yorkies have a slightly higher tendency to try to make themselves pack leader of the household. Their owner must implement consistent training habits so that their male Yorkie understands who is in charge and that it isn’t them. One easy way to remind them of this is always to follow the sit command before eating. 

Male Yorkies can sometimes develop a habit of “marking” their space with a quick urine spray. Females will sometimes do this too, but it is far more familiar with males. However, as we discuss below, neutering or spaying your Yorkie will most likely eliminate this issue. 

It is said that male Yorkies are easier to train than females because they are less independent. However, the fact that males love to play with their owners can be an obstacle to quick training. 

Why Spay or Neuter Your Yorkie

It’s a common occurrence that any time a behavioral issue comes up regarding a Yorkie (or any other dog), the first solution is to have them spayed or neutered. Does your Yorkie mark things around the house with urine? Have them fixed. Do they hump as a form of dominance?

Again, have them fixed. Is your Yorkie aggressive with other dogs? No shocker, the first answer is to have them spayed or neutered. 

Taking the reproductive ability out of the equation significantly helps avoid behavioral issues with both male and female Yorkies. If a female Yorkie remains intact, she can be quite moody during her cycle and sometimes be tired or have excessive energy.

If a male Yorkie has not neutered, he can become very territorial with humans and other animals, showing guarding behaviors and baking a lot. 

House training your Yorkie is easier if they are fixed, as it removes their urge to mark their territory with urine. It is also easier to integrate your Yorkie with other dogs and pets at home if they have been spayed or neutered, as they will feel far less competitive with their companions. 

Finally, if you choose not to spay your female Yorkie, you will have to supply doggie diapers for every heat cycle so that your house stays clean. 

Care of your Yorkie

There is no difference between the male and female Yorkie when it comes to feeding, grooming, or general care. Yorkies grow to be between 3 to 7 pounds and 8 to 9 inches in height at the shoulder, regardless of gender.

Both males and females require regular grooming for their silky black and tan coat to avoid matting, especially around the rear. There is also no difference in the type or amount of food that male and female Yorkies eat.

The Yorkie breed has some genetic health defects that can occur, regardless of gender, so it is essential to take them for regular vet appointments. 

Avoid Behavioral Issues With Your Yorkie

Yorkies are bright, affectionate, and smart little dogs, no matter what gender they are. Some people see how small they are and conclude that they don’t require regular exercise. That would be an incorrect assumption.

Both male and female Yorkies need daily exercise to keep them strong, happy, and healthy. A Yorkie who isn’t getting enough exercise from walks and yard time will be an unhappy dog.

An unhappy dog will develop behavioral issues such as digging, excessive barking, and chewing. 

Yorkies of both genders also need mental stimulation to feel engaged and content. They can get this stimulation from play with their human family, as well as other dogs.

Yorkies require toys that they can play with and keep the novelty fresh; you can even rotate the toy assortment every few days. Here is a good suggestion for toys that never fails. BUIBIIU DOG TOYS SMALL DOG CHEW TOYS– (found on Amazon) My Yorkie Kiki loves these toys. These toys provide an assortment of different toys for your dog and hours of playtime!

Need some more info? Check out this short video on Yorkies!

Short video on Yorkies


It’s clear that neither male nor female Yorkies are better. While there are some slight differences between the two genders, overall, this dog breed’s social personality and loving nature is the most dominant force.

Yorkies are little furry bundles of love to their families, and being a male or female does not impact that dynamic. 

If you are trying to choose a male or female Yorkshire Terrier puppy, you can consider the slight differences between genders. Still, it’s essential to also factor in the unique personality of the specific dog.

Discuss your needs and the environment of your home with the Yorkie breeder to help you choose the puppy that is best suited for you. Gender might play a role in this decision, but individual personality traits are also important to consider. 

I hope you found this article useful and are ready to get the Yorkie you always wanted. Trust me, you will not be dissapointed. Yorkies truly are a perfect canine companion that are full of love!

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Until next time, have fun and be safe!


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