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How To Bond With Your Dog

So, you have just brought home your new puppy or rescue dog, how exciting! You made sure you got everything you need for your new best friend. Now you need to learn how to bond with your dog. Bonding with your dog is essential for a good dog/human relationship. This article will teach you how to bond with your dog.

There are many ways to bond with your dog. The best way to bond with your dog is to understand that dogs need early life socialization, attention, affection, positivity, new associations, personality, and breed. Once you have gone through this article, you will be well on your way to creating a great bond with your canine companion.

Early Life Socialization

Puppies playing together causes bonding between the young dogs.
Puppies playing together

Dogs have several crucial periods of life, just like people do.  Between birth and six months is a dog’s socialization period. The social interaction that puppies have during this period will have a significant influence on their entire lives.  People who spend a lot of time with puppies during this time will likely be the one they bond with the most.

Older dogs that have been adopted have already gone through their socialization period.  For example, if a dog has spent its socialization period with an older male, then they may bond better with an older male in its new family. 

This does not mean that the dog cannot bond with others; it means that it will take more time for the bond to become strong. Who doesn’t like a rewarding challenge?

 Attention and Affection

A boy kisses his dog with friendly affection in this photo.
Boy snuggling his dog

Puppies need a lot of attention and affection.  We all know this, and we have no problem with it because we all love puppies!  Here is a little fact that you may not know, no matter how often you feed, walk, or care for your pup, it is the person who gives the dog the most positive affection and attention that the dog will favor. 

The more you give your dog, the more likely he/she will come to you as they know what they are getting, and they crave it.  Dogs love positive energy. And they love to be social. Don’t forget the importance of socializing your puppy. It’s vital to the puppies’ emotional growth.


A woman and her dog rest together, head to head on the bed.  Both appear to be very content.
Positivity is important for dog bonding

We want to give our dogs a reason to bond with us.  Positivity is a significant thing for dogs as they respond well to it.  They want to be hugged, snuggled, petted, brushed, and given lap time and will respond well to the person who gives them what they desire. 

Do not let your dog get away with everything though thinking this is positive, you will end up with a badly behaved dog, but you need to ensure that the positive outweighs the negatives. 

Personality and Breed 

A man plays with a very young, white puppy and they bond together.
Human personality and dog breed go hand in hand

Dogs are like people, and they get along with different personalities or not.  You need to do your homework before buying or adopting a dog for your family. We all want our dogs to be happy with us.

Some breeds are high energy, and extremely active that require the same from their families. Otherwise, you can end up with a sad and badly behaved dog, and no one wants that, they want a happy dog that loves them!  Some breeds are more chill and like sleep and being lazy, some that get along with kids, and some that don’t.

Some breeds are prone to bond with the entire family, while others will only bond to one person. We at Dog House Times Dog Magazine have researched the Top 15 Most Affectionate Breeds, which may help you out in choosing a dog with your requirements.  It is essential that you do your research before getting a dog, please remember that. 

New Associations

A dog playing with it's owner in a park with a frisbee is shown in this photo.
Dog in the park with a frisbee

If you and your dog have to go through something negative together like a trip to the vet or a bath, you should do your best to make the experience as positive as you can.  With my dog Kiki, she doesn’t like getting into the tub at all. I talk to her and let her know that the tub is a good thing and that she will be shiny and new once it is all done in a clear and caring voice. 

I let her know what a good girl she is and what a great job she is doing. It works, allows me to bathe her without much pushback, and once it is all done, I let her know the blow-dryer is coming, and she gets all excited and forgets that she just had to do something she didn’t really like.  She adores the blow-dryer.  

When it comes to the vet, I stay with her while she is being examined and let her know that she is in good hands.  She likes to keep eye contact with me while at the vet, makes her feel secure.


A dog and owner sitting on grass bonding in this photo.
Dog sitting with its owner

Bonding with your dog is very important for a good relationship.

Start by spending more time with your dog and will find that the bond will start to get stronger.  Set aside at least half an hour each day with your dog, it will make all the difference in the world.  I know we all lead busy lives, but we can spare half an hour for our dog that loves us, can we not?

Be the person to feed, walk and give plenty of positivity, affection, and attention including, snuggles, hugs, kisses, fetch, training with positive rewards,  and even a sleepover in your bed at night. You will be well on your way to a great bond with your dog!

There you have it, the way to a great bond with your dog.  It will not happen overnight, but if you put the time and patience into it, you will be well rewarded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is playing frisbee with my dog a good way to bond with it? 

Yes, it is.  Playing frisbee gives the dog attention that it needs, and its a game for just the two of you, and your dog will remember the fun it had with you. 

My dog seems to like women more than men, why is that?  

It all has to do with early socialization.  If a puppy has been around women more than men during its first six months of its life then, it will most likely gravitate towards women. 

Can I Make My Bond Stronger With My Dog?

Yes, you most certainly can.  Start by spending more time with your dog and play one on one games like frisbee and fetch.  Dogs love these games. Also, be the one that feeds, and takes your dogs on walks. Snuggle and cuddle your dog often, and don’t forget the treats! 

Do dogs like males better than females?

Not necessarily. It all depends on who the dog was socializing within its first 6 months of life. If it was a male, then the dog may feel drawn to men, if it was a female then it may be drawn to females.

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