Care for Your Field Spaniel: A Guide

There is something special about keeping a Field Spaniel. In my experience, I have found that owning one requires an extra level of nurturance and attention that other breeds do not. A Field Spaniel is an incredibly loyal and gentle companion, best known for its lively and playful personality. When I spent time with a Field Spaniel, I found myself enamored with its sweet temperament and endearing affection. I had a Field Spaniel for more than a decade and learned valuable lessons about how to best provide care and companionship to such an amazing breed. In this guide, I will share the benefits and challenges of keeping a Field Spaniel, as well as the tips and tricks I’ve collected throughout my years of experience.

Field Spaniel Dog Breed Specs

The average adult female Field Spaniel stands between 15–17 inches tall and typically weighs between 22–30 pounds. The average adult male Field Spaniel stands between 15.5–17.5 inches tall and weighs between 24–32 pounds. Notably, Field Spaniels tend to be slightly larger and more massive than their English Springer Spaniel counterparts, and so the average weights may be just a bit higher than the average for the English Springer Spaniel.


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Breed Colors and Coat

The Field Spaniel has a luxuriant silky coat that can come in various shades of golden liver, and solid liver. Its fur is soft and thick, giving this breed a unique majesty.


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Field Spaniel Personalities

The Field Spaniel is known for being an intelligent, loyal, and loving companion. They are patient and active, often engaging in play or exploring their environment. Males tend to be bold and outgoing, while females are slightly more reserved and gentle. They crave interaction with their owners, so spend plenty of time playing with them when you can. It didn’t take long for me to realize how much of a people-pleaser the Field Spaniel is. When I had a chance to spend quality time with them, I found that they are affectionate and eager to please. We took a trip to the dog park and they did great on the leash, making friends with all the other pups around!

Adopting Field Spaniel

If you’re looking into adopting a Field Spaniel, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

First, be prepared for a good amount of activity with this breed. Field Spaniels need regular exercise like daily walks, active playtime, and trips to the dog park, so make sure you’re able to offer them all that.

Second, watch out for potential health issue if you adopt a Field Spaniel. Like all breeds, they’re prone to certain conditions so make sure you’re working with a trusted breeder or shelter that can provide health clearances.

Third, consider investing in obedience training. Field Spaniels can be willful and need strong guidance if they’re to reach their full potential.

Above all, make sure you’re ready to take on the commitment of a new pet. With proper love and care, Field Spaniels will make wonderful additions to the family. Good luck!

Puppy Care

Welcome to Field Spaniel puppy care! Field Spaniels are known for being smart and loyal. They are very active and need plenty of activities and playtime. Before you bring your Field Spaniel home, make sure you have all the necessary supplies, including food bowls, a bed, toys, and a leash. Additionally, you should plan to take your pup for weekly checkups to the vet.

Grooming is also an important aspect of caring for a Field Spaniel. Brush your pup’s coat once a week to get out any knots or tangles. Make sure their nails stay trimmed and their ears are checked for buildup. Bathe your pup regularly to keep them clean.

Field Spaniels need plenty of exercises, so make sure to give them enough time for play. Activities like walking, running, and fetching a ball can keep your pup entertained and happy. Field Spaniels also love to socialize, so taking them to the park or having friends over to play can be great for bonding.

Finally, Field Spaniels thrive when they are made to feel safe and loved. Show your pup lots of affection – cuddle with them, praise them, and provide rewards for good behavior. Show them they are an important part of your family, and your pup will be your loyal companion in no time!

Ideal Climate Conditions for the Field Spaniel

Field Spaniels are an intelligent, gentle breed of dog that are highly trainable and need lots of exercise. They were bred to hunt and prefer environments with a moderate climate, where they can explore and roam freely. These dogs are happiest and healthiest in climates with mild winters and springs, and comfortable summers. Areas with cold winters should be avoided, as this breed does not do well in frigid temperatures. The best climate for a Field Spaniel would be one with mild temperatures all year long, where they can stay active and enjoy outdoor activities.

Zodiac Signs That Work Well With the Field Spaniel

If you are looking for a perfect zodiac match for a Field Spaniel, you should consider someone who is stable, reliable, and sensitive. This dog was originally bred for hunting and is known to be very loyal to its families. They are gentle, reserved, and love to cuddle and be petted.

An ideal zodiac match for the Field Spaniel is someone who is also calm, reliable, and sensitive to the feelings of others. In the zodiac, Cancer holds all of these qualities. People born under the sign of Cancer are very nurturing and love to feel the comfort of being with family. They are passionate and devoted, making sure to think of others and providing support to create a stable, secure environment. Scientists have even found that Cancer people have an especially strong bond with animals.


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A pairing between a Field Spaniel and a Cancer is sure to be a match made in heaven. The Field Spaniel will cherish the support and comfort provided by the Cancer while the Cancer will find a best friend in the gentle, loving puppy.

Fun Games To Train Your Field Spaniel

Field Spaniels are a breed of dog that are happiest in the outdoors, so a great game to play to train them would be retrieving or tracking. A game of fetch with a ball or Frisbee is great for helping them use their energy in a fun and constructive manner. You can also enlist their natural tracking skills by teaching them to track and find a toy or treat hidden in an area. Work with your Field Spaniel to introduce and practice commands while they are playing. You can also create an obstacle course or use agility equipment and tunnels to provide mental stimulation, exercise, and practice following commands. Make sure to reward your Field Spaniel with plenty of praise and treats to reinforce positive behavior.

Example Dog House Style Suited to Field Spaniel

A Field Spaniel would be suited to a sleek, modern dog house that has enough room for them to lay down and stretch comfortably. It should be covered in waterproof and windproof materials, as these dogs have a medium-to-long coat which makes them susceptible to the cold. The roof should also be slanted so that it sheds rain and snow while providing adequate ventilation. Additionally, it should have enough insulation to protect them from the elements and provide a comfortable and secure spot for them to sleep. It should also include a door that Fluffy can come and go as he pleases. A dog house with these features would be the perfect home for your Field Spaniel.

Field Spaniel FAQ

Q1: What is the ideal home for a Field Spaniel?
A1: Field Spaniels are well-suited for active families who have lots of love and attention to give. Owners must be willing to provide plenty of exercise and play to keep these lively dogs happy and healthy.

Q2: How much do Field Spaniels weigh?
A2: Field Spaniels can weigh between 21 to 36 pounds.

Q3: Are Field Spaniels good with children?
A3: Yes, Field Spaniels can do well with children when they are properly socialized at an early age. They tend to be very gentle and affectionate towards their family.

Q4: Are Field Spaniels high-maintenance dogs?
A4: Field Spaniels are generally considered to be low-maintenance dogs. They only require occasional grooming and can often live happily in apartments when given adequate exercise.


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Q5: How long do Field Spaniels typically live?
A5: Field Spaniels typically live between 11 to 13 years.

Final Thoughts About The Field Spaniel

The Field Spaniel is an exceptional breed that offers a unique combination of intelligence, loyalty, and good looks that make it perfect for an active and faithful companion. Its adaptability and willingness to please make it an ideal pet for first-time dog owners or active families alike. With a little love and training, your Field Spaniel will be a faithful and adoring family member for years to come.

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