Caring for Your Adorable Chinese Crested Pooch!

One of the most delightful and loyal of all canine companions is the Chinese Crested. In my experience, they make terrific furry friends, as they adore spending time with their owners and get along with others easily. From their robust character to their playful personalities, Chinese Cresteds are a unique breed. When I spent time with a Chinese Crested, I was immediately taken by their endearing qualities – which I soon came to recognize as the defining features of the breed. When I had a chance to learn more about their care needs, I was inspired to write this guide for anyone looking to add a loyal Chinese Crested to their home.

Chinese Crested Dog Breed Specs

The average height of an adult female of the Chinese Crested breed is 11-13 inches (27.9-33 cm), and their weight typically range from 10-13 pounds (4.5-5.9 kg). The average height of an adult male Chinese Crested is also 11-13 inches (27.9-33 cm), but their weight is often could range from 12-15 pounds (5.4-6.8 kg). In general, Chinese Crested dogs are small, lightweight, and possess short hair with hairless areas at the muzzle, chest, toes and tail tip. They also may have a tuft of long hair on the head.


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Breed Colors and Coat

The Chinese Crested is a unique looking breed of small dog. They are generally white in color, with patches of brindle, black, apricot, and chocolate on some parts of their bodies. Their fur is more akin to hair, as they have only a small tuft of fur on their head, tail, and feet.


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Chinese Crested Personalities

The Chinese Crested is a playful, outgoing, and spunky breed. They love to be with their families, and they bond closely with those who give them lots of attention and love. Male Chinese Crested are often more affectionate towards their owners, while female Chinese Crested tend to be more independent. They have a playful energy and love to be active, and when I had a Chinese Crested, we took a trip with him regularly to give him exercise and the opportunity to explore new environments. They are also intelligent and learn commands quite quickly, so it didn’t take long for me to train my Chinese Crested the basics. In addition, they are rarely aggressive and are usually very friendly towards other animals and people.

Adopting Chinese Crested

Adopting a Chinese Crested may seem daunting but the breed can make energetic, loving companions with lots of charm and personality. Here are a few tips you should know before you bring one home.

First, these dogs are highly adaptable to most living spaces and needs – a small flat or larger house, they will do well in either. They do not need long walks but will benefit from daily Playtime. Chinese Cresteds are also sensitive so it’s important to be consistent in your training and use positive reinforcement. Keep in mind that these dogs love to play and may become destructive when they’re bored or looking for attention. Keep some of their favorite toys around or enroll them in doggy play groups to keep them active.

The breed can also be prone to allergies and skin irritations, so it’s important to check their coat and ears frequently. Lastly, since Chinese Cresteds have very sensitive stomachs and can’t digest some of the ingredients that many dog foods contain, it’s best to offer only quality foods and don’t forget fresh water at all times.

Puppy Care

Raising a Chinese Crested puppy can be a rewarding experience, but it’s important to provide them with the right care. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Exercise: Chinese Cresteds don’t need a ton of exercise, but they enjoy going for walks and playing fetch or tug-of-war. Be sure to provide them with enough daily exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

2. Grooming: Chinese Cresteds have a silky coat that needs regular brushing and grooming. You should brush them at least twice a week to prevent mats and tangles.

3. Feeding: Provide your puppy with a high-quality diet to ensure they stay healthy. You should also divide their meals into two smaller meals per day, rather than one large meal.

4. Socialization: Chinese Cresteds need daily socialization to help them adjust to different environments. Be sure to take them for walks and to doggy parks, or have playdates with other pets.

With these tips and your love and attention, your Chinese Crested puppy will grow into a loyal, healthy, and happy dog. Happy puppy parenting!

Ideal Climate Conditions for the Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested dog is a small breed of dog that does best in moderate climates due to their lack of an undercoat. They prefer temperatures between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit and don’t do well in extreme cold or heat. Chinese Crested dogs thrive best in dry climates with low humidity because their skin and coat can easily become irritated in high humidity environments. They also fare better with minimal fluctuation in temperature, as significant temperature swings can cause discomfort. Coastal climates that exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the summertime should be avoided. In regions with four distinct seasons, autumn and spring are usually the best times for a Chinese Crested to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

Zodiac Signs That Work Well With the Chinese Crested

Someone who pairs well with a Chinese Crested is someone who leads a balanced lifestyle and is seeking a loyal companion. This breed is a perfect match for someone born under the zodiac of Libra, an air sign known for its love of balance and justice. This person should be someone looking for a loyal companion that fits very well into their busy lifestyle. Libra is always looking for someone they can share their ups and downs with, and the Chinese Crested is an ideal partner for a Libra, as they can provide the perfect amount of energy for snuggling and snoozing. They are also attentive and devoted, which Libra will appreciate. Overall, the perfect partner for the Chinese Crested is someone who seeks balance, particularly those folks under the Libra zodiac sign.

Fun Games To Train Your Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is an active and intelligent breed that loves to play. When training your Chinese Crested, it can be helpful to incorporate lots of interactive games into their training routine. Here are some fun games you can play to train your Chinese Crested:


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1. Hide and Seek – Hide a toy and encourage your Chinese Crested to find it by using their intelligent sniffing skills! You can vary the difficulty of this game over to make it both enjoyable and challenging.

2. Tug of War – Playing tug of war is a great way to train your Chinese Crested, as it helps to reinforce the idea that the “tugger” is the leader of the game. You can also teach the pup to drop the toy when you say the command “drop it.”

3. Frisbee – Chinese Cresteds love to chase after things, making frisbee an excellent game to get them running around and having fun. You can start by teaching basic commands such as “fetch” and “come,” and then increase the difficulty by adding in more commands as your Chinese Crested gets more proficient at the game.

4. Fetch – Fetch is a classic doggy game and a great way to get your Chinese Crested active and engaged. It is also a great way to reinforce basic commands such as “come,” and you can make the game harder by adding in distances or varying up the objects you throw.

These games provide great mental and physical stimulation for your Chinese Crested and make for an excellent way to exercise your pup and teach them basic commands.

Example Dog House Style Suited to Chinese Crested

For a Chinese Crested, you should look for a small, insulated dog house. This breed typically does not have an excessive amount of fur so they need a house that will protect them from the elements while also helping them conserve their body heat. A wooden dog house with a ventilated roof is an ideal choice. It should also be large enough to fit a bed and be tall enough so that they can easily stand and turn around. Make sure that the door or entrance isn’t too low as they are small in size and may be uncomfortable in a cramped space. Add in a thick layer of cushion for added warmth and comfort.

Chinese Crested FAQ

Q1: How much exercise does a Chinese Crested need?
A1: Chinese Crested dogs are a relatively low-energy breed and require around 30 minutes of exercise per day.


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Q2: Does the Chinese Crested get along well with children?
A2: Yes, Chinese Crested dogs are typically good with children and can make excellent family pets.

Q3: Do Chinese Cresteds shed much?
A3: Chinese Crested dogs often undergo a seasonal shed but overall they produce very little shedding.

Q4: Are Chinese Cresteds good watchdogs?
A4: Chinese Cresteds tend to be very alert and loyal dogs, quite vocal and observant of strange noises and strangers. Therefore, yes, they can make good watchdogs.

Q5: How much grooming do Chinese Cresteds require?
A5: Chinese Crested require regular brushing and bathes as well as some trimming for the coat.

Final Thoughts About The Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested may be small in size, but their unique look and loving personality make them a big addition to any family. With proper care, these loyal and affectionate dogs can bring happiness and companionship to any home. So if you’re looking for a dog that brings a little something extra to the table, the Chinese Crested is a great choice!


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