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Caring for Your American Akita

If you’re looking for a loyal companion, then you should consider an American Akita. In my experience, these dogs are devoted to their families and make excellent watchdogs. They are intelligent and can be easily trained, but require regular socialization and exercise to ensure they stay happy and healthy. When I spent time with a American Akita, it was easy to see why they have become popular pets and working animals across the world. If you’re looking for more your own Akita, this guide will provide you with necessary information to keep one of these beautiful dogs.

American Akita Dog Breed Specs

The average adult female American Akita is roughly 26 inches tall and weighs anywhere between 70-120 pounds. The average adult male American Akita is roughly 28 inches tall and weighs anywhere between 90-130 pounds. These dogs are very muscular and heavily muscled for their size, so they are relatively heavier than other dog breeds of that size. American Akitas have a deep chest, broad muzzle, and thick, heavy fur. This dog breed is known for its large size and strength, and its bold and alert personality.


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Breed Colors and Coat

The American Akita is a majestic breed of dog with a strong and sturdy physique. They are typically large in size with a large, squarely-shaped head and small triangular eyes. The Akita’s coat is composed of a thick, double-layered fur which can range in colors such as brindle, sesame, white, black, and red. The undercoat is usually short and thick, while the topcoat is slightly longer and coarser. This breed is powerful yet affectionate, making them great family pets.


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American Akita Personalities

The American Akita is known for its fiercely loyal disposition. Male Akitas tend to be more aggressive than females, marking their territory by barking and sometimes growling. Both genders are alert, courageous, and dominant animals that enjoy a challenge. A mild Akita would be more disposed to playing catch or fetch with its owner while a more assertive dog will enjoy regular playtime outdoors, as well as plenty of time for physical and mental exercise. When I had a Akita, we took a trip to the park and it didn’t take long for me to observe her natural guard instincts. She kept a close eye on all other animals and any strangers that walked by, displaying her aptitude for loyalty and protection. All in all, American Akitas are courageous, determined, and eager to please.

Adopting American Akita

If you are considering adopting an American Akita, the following tips may help:

1. Make sure you can commit to their activity levels; these dogs require a great deal of exercise and mental stimulation.

2. Ensure you have a secure and well-fenced garden. These dogs can have a tendency to be escape artists, so having a secure enclosure is a must.

3. Provide regular training. This intelligent and alert breed loves to work and excels at obedience and agility training.

4. Spend time researching reputable breeders. Make sure that the American Akita you adopt conforms to breed standards, has been well-socialized and has had the appropriate health screenings.

5. Take into account their character. These dogs need an experienced owner who is familiar with dominant breeds. They require strong leadership and a clear hierarchy to stay balanced and socialized.

With the right training, commitment, and attention, these stunning dogs can make incredibly loyal and devoted companions.

Puppy Care

Congratulations on your new American Akita puppy! This loyal and enthusiastic breed can bring so much joy to your home. To ensure your canine friend stays healthy and happy, here are a few Akita-specific tips for puppy care:

1. Exercise & Mental Stimulation: Akita puppies need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to stay active and healthy. Regularly engage your pup in fun, interactive activities such as fetch, hide-and-seek, agility courses and other exciting games.

2. Socialization: Socializing your Akita puppy is essential to prevent fear-based aggression later in life. Introduce them to other people and dogs when they’re young, beginning with small, supervised interactions.

3. Grooming: Akitas require frequent brushing and grooming to keep their coats healthy and free of mats. Regular brushing will also help control shedding, so be sure to spend a little time each week giving your pup some special attention.

4. Training: Akitas are intelligent dogs and need consistent, calm and positive training from an early age. Start with basic commands and gradually move on to more difficult exercises as your pup learns.


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Caring for an Akita puppy can be a lot of work, but the rewards are well worth it. With the right attention and plenty of love, you’ll have a loyal companion that will bring you years of joy.

Ideal Climate Conditions for the American Akita

The American Akita is a large, muscular, and independent breed of dog. Therefore, they are best suited to climates that are cold and dry. The American Akita originates from Japan and is known for its heavy fur. The breed does not tolerate heat well, as its thick fur of short, dense hairs can cause it to become overheated quickly in warm climates. Cold and dry climates better suit the Akita’s fur type, allowing it to thrive year round without worrying about overheating. As an independent breed, the Akita has much tolerance for cold temperatures, and daily exercises, even in below freezing conditions are recommended. Allowing its dense fur to fully coat the dog’s body will help it survive winter temperatures better. When looking for the best climate for a Akita, the key would be a place with cold, dry weather with enough daily exercise to keep the dog fit and healthy.

Zodiac Signs That Work Well With the American Akita

If you’re looking for someone to be your perfect match and you happen to be a fan of the zodiac, then an American Akita might be the canine companion for you. People who are compatible with Akitas often tend to be people born under the sign of Sagittarius or Leo. These Signs are filled with energy and life, and Akitas can certainly match this – they love to go on long walks and explore, and are always looking for a new adventure. Sagittarius and Leos both understand the concept of loyalty and this is something that Akitas crave, so it’s important to show the Akita that it’s going to be a part of your life for a long time. Leos and Sagittarians also tend to be independent people, and while this might sometimes be a strain on the relationship, the fact that Akitas have an independent streak of their own means it will have a good understanding for that need of freedom.

Fun Games To Train Your American Akita

American Akitas are an energetic breed that loves to play and take part in a variety of activities. One way to train them is through a variety of fun and engaging games that stimulate their minds and challenge their obedience.

The two classic games of fetch and tug-of-war are great ways to challenge your American Akita to use their natural herding and hunting instincts to retrieve an object, while also practising obedience. Just make sure that throwing and tugging objects is always done under close supervision to protect your pup’s teeth and paws from any potential injuries.

The “Find It” game is another fun activity you can play with your American Akita. Hide treats and toys around the house, and encourage your pup to use their nose to search for them. This mental exercise not only keeps them physically active, but also allows them to learn and develop new skills while having fun.

For a more challenging game, you can teach your American Akita the “Go back” command. Show your dog a toy or treat, and then move it to a spot further away. When your dog follows, tell them the “Go back” command and praise them as they return to you. This exercise helps build good Recall skills and reinforces positive behaviour.


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Example Dog House Style Suited to American Akita

The American Akita is an incredibly strong and large breed of dog. Therefore, it is important to provide them with a dog house that is durable and will stay secure during inclement weather or rough play. A metal dog house is an excellent option for the American Akita because of its durability. It also provides good insulation and protection from the elements. Additionally, the metal will stand up to any rougher behavior the Akita may display. Furthermore, you’ll want to make sure the metal is powder-coated in a rust-resistant finish so it can withstand harsher winters or harsher playing sessions. Some other features that could be beneficial to include would be adjustable vents for air flow and dog doors to help regulate the temperature of the house in colder climates. Additionally, a soft indoor option should be available for the American Akita to sleep in should they prefer to curl up inside a warm, soft place. All in all, a metal dog house provides an excellent option for the American Akita breed!

American Akita FAQ

Q1. What kind of temperament does an American Akita possess?
A1. American Akitas possess a very loyal and alert temperament. They are quite independent and courageous, and make excellent guard dogs.

Q2. Do American Akitas require a lot of exercise?
A2. Yes, American Akitas require a considerable amount of regular exercise to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing.

Q3. Are American Akitas good with children?
A3. Generally speaking, American Akitas get along well with children as long as their humans are consistent and take the necessary precautions.

Q4. Is it difficult to train an American Akita?
A4. It is possible to train an American Akita, but it does take patience and dedication. An Akita must be trained with consistency and positive reinforcement.


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Q5. Are American Akitas prone to certain health problems?
A5. Yes, American Akitas can be prone to certain health problems such as hip dysplasia, eye disorders, and autoimmune issues. Common maintenance concerns include regular grooming, dental hygiene, and regular exercise.

Final Thoughts About The American Akita

The American Akita is truly one of a kind. With their loyal and strong characters, they make amazing companions for life. But don’t forget, owning an Akita also requires commitment and appropriate training, so be sure you can give them the life they deserve. A life filled with long walks, lots of love, and a never-ending curiosity; this is your Akita’s road to a happy and healthy life. So, love them unconditionally and they will be a source of joy and purpose in your life.

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