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Caring for Your Basset Artésian Normand

Learning how to care for a Basset Artésian Normand is an essential part of any new pet owner’s journey. In my experience, these gentle giants are incredibly loving dogs that make great companions. But, it is important to be knowledgeable about the unique needs of this breed when it comes to keeping them healthy and happy. When I had a Basset Artésian Normand, I discovered that proper care for the breed requires attention to several areas such as diet, training, and exercise. In this guide, I will provide tips for keeping your Basset Artésian Normand in the peak of health and happiness.

Basset Artésian Normand Dog Breed Specs

The average height of an adult female Basset Artésian Normand is approximately 13-15 inches. The average weight for an adult female Basset Artésian Normand is 52-60 pounds.


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The average height of an adult male Basset Artésian Normand is approximately 13-15 inches. The average weight for an adult male Basset Artésian Normand is 66-68 pounds.


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This breed of dog is generally considered to be of medium size, but they tend to have relatively long bodies and short legs. The Basset Artésian Normand faces tend to be longer and their ears are droopy, giving it a distinct look. This friendly breed typically has a brown and white colored coat that is short and sleek.

Breed Colors and Coat

This loyal French breed is known for having a short, sleek coat of predominantly white fur with brown, lemon, and black markings. Its long, droopy ears and soft eyes make it instantly recognizable.

Basset Artésian Normand Personalities

The Basset Artésian Normand is a goldmine of personality, offering a myriad of different quirks and traits that make them unique. They are known for being gentle and loving towards their owners, and very intelligent. They are also quite independent and strong-willed, so if they don’t feel like obeying, they won’t. Male Basset Artésian Normand are typically more energetic and outgoing, while females are more relaxed and laid back. Their general personality tends to be inquisitive and sensitive, wanting to explore their surroundings when they can. When I had a Basset Artésian Normand, we took a trip around the block and they hardly left my side the entire time. It didn’t take long for me to recognize that they are loyal and devoted to their family in every way.

Adopting Basset Artésian Normand

Adopting a Basset Artésian Normand can be incredibly rewarding, as these are loving, affectionate dogs that make excellent companions. Here are a few tips to get you started on the right paw:

1. Make sure your home and backyard are equipped to accommodate a large breed. Basset Artésian Normands are definitely not lap dogs!

2. Adopting a Basset Artésian Normand is a long-term commitment. These dogs typically have lifespans of 12-15 years, so be sure to consider any long-term plans you may have.

3. Exercise is a must for this breed. A considerable amount of exercise, like daily walks and playtime, is necessary to keep your pup healthy and happy.

4. Be patient and consistent with your pup. Like all dogs, Basset Artésian Normands need to be taught basic obedience. Make sure to reward your pup when they learn something new and be patient when they make mistakes.

5. Since Basset Artésian Normands are particularly social dogs, it’s best to get yours used to the company of other people and animals from an early age. Take them to the dog park or enroll them in puppy classes so they can learn to interact properly in social situations.

Puppy Care

Caring for a Basset Artésian Normand puppy can be a rewarding experience. With their adorable, droopy face and large floppy ears, these pups make a great companion and are sure to bring lots of joy into your life. Here are some tips to help you provide a happy and healthy home for your pup:

1. Exercise: Basset Artésian Normand puppies are naturally energetic, so regular exercise is important. Take your pup on short walks or play active games with them every day to help them burn off that excess energy and stay healthy.

2. Grooming: Basset Artésian Normand puppies have long, thick fur that needs to be groomed regularly. Brush their fur a couple of times per week to keep it looking its best and to prevent matting.

3. Training: Start training your pup early on using positive reinforcement methods. This will help them learn quickly and develop good habits for life.


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4. Nutrition: Provide your pup with the best nutrition possible. Choose a high-quality kibble which is tailored to their breed and age to keep them healthy and strong.

By following these tips to puppy care, your Basset Artésian Normand pup will grow into a happy, healthy adult dog who is an integral part of your family.

Ideal Climate Conditions for the Basset Artésian Normand

The Basset Artésian Normand is a small-medium breed of scent hound that was originally developed in France. This breed is a great option for families who live in a mild climate with moderate temperatures. They thrive in temperate areas with four distinct seasons where they can enjoy regular walks and activities outdoors. Summers should not be too hot, as this breed is prone to heatstroke. Ideally, Basset Artésian Normands should live in places with temperatures that range between 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 77 degrees Fahrenheit (10-25 °C). They prefer more moderate climates, however they can also handle colder temperatures if given proper cold weather clothing. Overall, an area with a mild climate that receives moderate rain and occasional snow is the best option for these lovely dogs.

Zodiac Signs That Work Well With the Basset Artésian Normand

A perfect match for the Basset Artésian Normand is someone who is patient, laid back, and has a strong sense of empathy. As a zodiac sign, this would be best suited for a Cancer. People with this sign have a nurturing nature that is well-suited for the loyal and affectionate nature of this breed of dog. They are also said to have an intuitive understanding of others’ needs, which is important when it comes to caring for a dog who understands and trusts you. Not to mention, Cancers tend to have a laid back attitude that will be beneficial when it comes to taking long leisurely walks with your companion. All of these traits mean that a Cancer paired with a Basset Artésian Normand will be a great match; they’ll have lots of cuddles, long walks, and unconditional love for each other.

Fun Games To Train Your Basset Artésian Normand

Basset Artésian Normand is a breed of hunting dog known for its strong sense of smell and endurance. There are a variety of play activities you can use to train a Basset, including scent games. An example might be having the dog search for and locate hidden treats by scent. Another popular game for this breed is a hide-and-seek type activity in which you hide in various places and have the dog hunt for you. One of the most beloved activities for a Basset Artésian Normand is going for a walk or jog. This breed loves to explore and be active, and taking a walk with them can be a great form of exercise for both pup and owner. Last but not least, this breed loves to dig, so try providing them with an area to dig in and then rewarding them with a treat when they finish. All these activities are great for reinforcing the bond between you and your pup and ensuring that your Basset Artésian Normand is a well-behaved hunting machine.

Example Dog House Style Suited to Basset Artésian Normand

A Basset Artésian Normand is a medium-sized breed of hound that is lively yet gentle. This breed is known for its short legs and long body, so having a low-profile doghouse that will make it easier for them to enter and exit would be ideal. The house should also be made from sturdy materials to provide a secure and comfortable environment for the pup.

The house should also be well-insulated to help keep the pup warm while they remain outdoors. Consider adding an extra door flap so that the dog can easily escape the cold if desired. The interior should also provide plenty of ventilation, as these dogs are known for their noise levels. For added comfort, the structure should have a sloped roof, raised flooring, and comfortable bedding.


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Basset Artésian Normand FAQ

Q: What characteristics do Basset Artésian Normand dogs possess?
A: Basset Artésian Normand dogs are known for their intelligence, keen noses, loyalty, and laid-back temperaments. They are a medium to large breed of scent hounds that were traditionally used for hunting.

Q: How much exercise do Basset Artésian Normand dogs need?
A: Basset Artésian Normand dogs need an adequate amount of exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy. They have a moderate activity level and will do well with daily walks or regular playtime.

Q: Do Basset Artésian Normand dogs shed?
A: Yes, Basset Artésian Normand dogs do shed but they generally do not produce a large amount of fur. Regular grooming will help control excess shedding, and occasional brushing with a rubber comb will help remove loose fur and keep the coat healthy.

Q: How much space do Basset Artésian Normand dogs need?
A: Basset Artésian Normand dogs do not need a large space, but they do need a space where they can get plenty of exercise. A small to medium sized yard is generally ideal, but an apartment or condo could also work if the dog is given plenty of walks.

Q: Are Basset Artésian Normand dogs friendly?
A: Yes, Basset Artésian Normand dogs are known to be friendly and well-mannered around people. They make great family dogs and can get along well with children and other pets in the household.


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Final Thoughts About The Basset Artésian Normand

As a Basset Artésian Normand owner, you have a responsibility and privilege to provide one of the most special canines around with love, loyalty, and the very best of care. With their friendly personality and enthusiasm for life, Basset Artésian Normands bring laughter and joy to their owners. Enjoy the adventure with your best buddy and make sure to give them the very best!

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