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Caring for Your Boerboel Dog

When I had a Boerboel, I quickly learned that they are highly dedicated and loyal to their family, and require just as much care, attention, and exercise as any other breed of dog. In my experience, having a Boerboel in your life will bring with it immense joy, companionship, and a unique bond. That’s why, in this guide, I am going to share with you my knowledge and provide tips on how to provide the best care for your loyal and devoted Boerboel friend.

Boerboel Dog Breed Specs

The average height for an adult female Boerboel is between 50 and 59 cm (19.5 and 23.2 inches) and for an adult male Boerboel, between 58 and 68 cm (22.8 and 26.8 inches). In terms of weight, an adult female Boerboel typically weighs between 33 and 48 kg (72.6 and 105.5 pounds) and an adult male would weigh between 40 and 57 kg (88 and 125.5 pounds). The Boerboel is a large, powerful dog that is known for its mental and physical hardiness. They are also incredibly loyal and able to adapt to various environments.


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Breed Colors and Coat

The Boerboel has a dense and powerful-looking coat of short or medium length fur that is generally brindle, black, brown, fawn, sandy, or red in color.


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Boerboel Personalities

The Boerboel is a loyal and protective breed, with strong guardian and defensive instincts. They are confident, intelligent and patient, making them an excellent companion for an experienced dog handler. Male Boerboels are known to be more dominant and powerful than females and can be more difficult to control in situations they deem as dangerous. When I had a Boerboel, he was a brave and loving addition to my family. We took a trip to the beach and he quickly became a guard, protecting everyone from strangers. His boldness was accompanied by a kind heart and a patience rarely seen in such large breeds. It didn’t take long for me to see him as a guardian who would do anything to protect those he cared for.

Adopting Boerboel

If you’re looking to adopt a Boerboel, you’re in for a treat! Boerboels are highly intelligent, loyal, affectionate and confident dogs who form strong bonds with their families. Here are a few tips to help you bring home the pup of your dreams:

1. Make sure to allocate enough time to exercise a Boerboel. They require a consistent, daily workout schedule to stay happy and healthy. Be prepared to make this commitment for the lifespan of your pup!

2. Socialize your Boerboel early and often. Socialization helps them become more open and accepting of new experiences and different people. Start as early as you can to ensure they’ll grow up to be a well-rounded pup.

3. Have patience and consistency when training your Boerboel. Their independent and strong-willed nature can make them a challenge to train, but with lots of patience and consistency they’ll learn to obey quickly and form a great bond with their new family.

4. Spend quality time with your Boerboel. Boerboels may be big, strong dogs but they’re softies at heart and really appreciate quality attention and affection from their owners. Make time to just hang out with them and they’ll become your best friend in no time.

Puppy Care

Congratulations on bringing home your new Boerboel pup! Boerboel dogs are an amazing and loyal breed who make great family dogs. In order to ensure your pup grows into a happy and healthy Boerboel, there are some important care tips to keep in mind.

Start socializing your pup as soon as possible. Boerboels are generally friendly towards people, but introducing them to new places, people, and experiences will help ensure your pup grows up with a healthy behaviour. Make sure your pup is properly trained. Boerboels are usually fairly independent, which might require a bit more discipline and monitoring than other breeds. Spend time playing with them to keep them both physically and mentally healthy.

Exercise is also very important for Boerboels. They are mostly inactive indoors, so give them a chance to get some energy out. Walks, fetches, and agility courses are all great activities for a Boerboel.

Grooming is another essential part of Boerboel care. Their short coat is fairly easy to maintain, but regular brushing will help remove loose hair and debris. Always make sure their nails are trimmed and their ears are clean to avoid any serious health issues.

Finally, it’s very important to feed your Boerboel a healthy diet. Boerboels are fairly large dogs with a lot of energy, so make sure their meals are nutrient-rich and give them plenty of access to fresh water.

With these care tips in mind, your Boerboel will live a long and happy life with you and your family. Have fun!

Ideal Climate Conditions for the Boerboel

The Boerboel is a large, robust dog with an athletic build, making it ideal for climates with mild winters and hot summers. This breed is best suited for areas with moderate humidity, as they tend to fare best in dry and moderate temperature conditions. For optimal care, this breed should receive plenty of outdoor activity, even in cooler weather, with some humidity. To keep them healthy, Boerboels should also be encouraged to swim in summer and avoid extreme temperatures. In areas with extreme winter or summer temperatures, this breed should be kept indoors for a massive portion of the day to ensure its safety and comfort.


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Zodiac Signs That Work Well With the Boerboel

Someone who pairs well with a Boerboel is someone who knows how to be authoritative yet loving. Someone with a fixed sign like Taurus or Leo would have the patience and determination to stay consistent and keep these guardian dogs from feeling neglected. That same person would also need a fair amount of enthusiasm and energy to keep the Boerboel mentally and physically stimulated in order to prevent boredom and destructive behaviors. A reliable and trustworthy person is ideal, as this breed requires a good leader and consistent discipline to become a trusted companion. Of course, somebody with a good sense of humor goes a long way when it comes to owning a large breed, as Boerboels have a charming character that can easily lighten the mood and bring joy into any home.

Fun Games To Train Your Boerboel

The Boerboel is an intelligent and loyal breed, so it’s important to create games and activities that challenge them mentally and physically.

One game to play with the Boerboel would be a game of ‘find it’. Start by hiding treats all around the house and giving your pet the verbal command “go find it”. This requires the Boerboel to use their nose and their problem solving skills in order to identify the treats. You can also increase the difficulty by hiding the treats in harder to reach areas.

Another game that Boerboels can enjoy is a game of tug-of-war. This requires some supervision as it is important to ensure that the dog does not become to aggressive. During this game, give your dog verbal commands and rewards for proper behavior.

Lastly, you can teach the Boerboel to play simple agility exercises. This will provide them with an outlet for pent up energy and help the breed to learn new skills. You can start off by setting up simple jumps or an agility ladder and then gradually increasing the complexity of the course as your pet becomes more comfortable with the commands and the routine.

Example Dog House Style Suited to Boerboel

The Boerboel breed is a large, powerful, and muscular dog and so requires a sturdy and appropriate dog house. The dog house should be large enough to accommodate their size and should also allow plenty of air circulation. A wood-framed, elevated and insulated dog house with removable panels is ideal for this breed. This type of dog house can protect the Boerboel from both heat and cold, not to mention from the elements such as rain and wind, and keep them feeling safe and secure. Additionally, the raised floor in this type of house allows for improved air circulation, promoting a higher level of comfort and durability. All house openings should also be guarded with panels to protect the Boerboel from drafts. Lastly, the Boerboel is a social breed, and therefore a stylish, aesthetically pleasing design would be beneficial in order to make them feel at home in their new environment.

Boerboel FAQ

Q1. How much exercise does a Boerboel need?
A1. Boerboels need a moderate amount of daily exercise, such as a walk and playing some games like fetch.


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Q2. Are Boerboels good with children?
A2. Yes, Boerboels have an affectionate and protective nature and are great family dogs.

Q3. How smart are Boerboels?
A3. Boerboels are highly intelligent and learn quickly. With proper training, they can learn and obey basic commands very quickly.

Q4. Can Boerboels live in apartments?
A4. Yes, with the right amount of exercise and stimulation, a Boerboel can do well in apartments and other smaller living spaces.

Q5. How often should I groom my Boerboel?
A5. Boerboels do not require much grooming and occasional brushing is usually sufficient. It is also important to check and clean their ears regularly.

Final Thoughts About The Boerboel

Boerboels are a fearless, loyal, and intelligent breed. Whether you are an experienced dog owner looking for a strong and vigilant protector or a novice looking for an outgoing and loving companion for your family, the Boerboel is the perfect choice! So be sure to research all aspects of the breed before you make your decision, and you and your Boerboel will enjoy many years of joy together.


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