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Caring for Your German Spitz Pup

Knowing how to keep a pet dog is no easy task, especially when it comes to a German Spitz. In my experience, these dogs require extra attention to their diet, exercise and social needs. When I had a German Spitz of my own, I quickly learned that it takes a lot more than traditional methods to ensure a happy, healthy environment. This guide aims to provide an insight into the fundamentals of keeping a German Spitz, from nutrition to behaviour, with a few helpful tips in between. Whether you’re a first-time dog owner, or just need some hints and tips on keeping a particular breed, this guide has it all.

German Spitz Dog Breed Specs

The average adult female German Spitz stands between 12 and 17 inches tall, with the average weight being between 15 and 23 pounds. The average adult male German Spitz stands between 13 and 18 inches tall, with the average weight being between 20 and 28 pounds. German Spitzes have a sturdy, well-built frame with a medium-length wiry coat. The weight for both males and females tend to vary depending on the size of their individual frames.


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Breed Colors and Coat

The German Spitz has a puffy-looking double coat fur that ranges in color from white to cream, black, brown, and sable. The fur is usually quite long and thick, giving them a luxurious, plush look.


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German Spitz Personalities

The German Spitz is an intelligent, loyal companion with a playful and social temperament. They are energetic and enjoy spending time with their humans. Their personality traits tend to range slightly between different genders: males have a more lively and independent streak whereas females are more submissive and affectionate. Despite their size, they are protective and make loyal guard dogs that are always eager to please. When I had a German Spitz, we took a trip to the park and it didn’t take long for me to see that these dogs love to run around and explore. They find joy in small things and have a great zest for life.

Adopting German Spitz

If you’re looking to adopt a German Spitz, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re prepared for all the traits that come with this wonderful breed first. German Spitz are known for their strong personalities and need plenty of time and attention from their owners. Since they’re a working breed, German Spitzes have an abundance of energy and will need to be taken on regular walks and outings. A big, fenced in yard is ideal so they can do plenty of running and playing around.

As far as training goes, this breed can learn a lot, but be patient while doing so. They will pick up commands quickly but a firm, consistent approach works best when teaching them new skills. Socialization is key with German Spitzes. Spend time around other furry friends and practice positive reinforcement when teaching them to interact with people and pets alike.

Additionally, a healthy diet is a must with German Spitz, as these pups need to maintain their energy and stay in shape. Giving them vitamin supplements can provide the extra nutritional boost they need, but be sure to consult with your veterinarian before making those decisions.

All in all, the German Spitz is a great choice for a loving companion, and with your patience and commitment, you’ll both have an incredible bond.

Puppy Care

Congratulations on your new German Spitz puppy! The German Spitz is a smart and active dog breed that loves attention, so you’ll need to give them plenty of playtime and exercise. German Spitz puppies need at least two 20 minute walks a day, plus lots of guidance and interaction with their owners. Grooming is important too, as these dogs have thick double coats that must be brushed regularly to keep them looking and feeling their best.

When it comes to nutrition, feeding your German Spitz a nutritious diet based on high-quality kibble will help keep them healthy and fit. Make sure the food you choose has the necessary vitamins and minerals to support their growing bones and muscles. You should also give them the occasional treat as a reward for good behavior.

Your German Spitz will need to be vaccinated and they should also be spayed or neutered. Their teeth should be brushed regularly to keep them healthy and prevent bad breath. Finally, make sure you’re teaching them basic commands such as sit, stay and come. This will help build a strong relationship between you and your pup and prevent any behavioral issues down the line.

Ideal Climate Conditions for the German Spitz

The German Spitz is a hardy breed that does well in most climates. They have a thick double coat that is designed to protect them from cold temperatures, so they generally do well in cooler climates. However, they are not suitable for extremely cold climates or extreme heat. Ideally, a temperate climate between 25 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit would provide the perfect environment for this breed. They also require daily exercise and activity to stay healthy and happy, so a temperate climate with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and exercise is the best climate for this breed.

Zodiac Signs That Work Well With the German Spitz

If you’re seeking a harmonious pairing between a star sign and a German Spitz, then perhaps a Sagittarius might be the ideal partner. With their natural energy and enthusiasm, a Sagittarius is sure to match the German Spitz’s active lifestyle and intrepid spirit. They’ll be eager to explore the world with their four-legged companion, discovering new sights and sounds together. Plus, never one to back down from a playful challenge, the Sagittarius’ competitive nature will be perfectly matched by the German Spitz’ intelligence and athleticism. Everyone will be in need of some companionship from time to time, and the German Spitz’ spirited yet devoted nature will be sure to provide the affection and loyalty that a Sagittarius craves. Above all, the trust and companionship between these two will make for the perfect pairing.

Fun Games To Train Your German Spitz

German Spitz is a breed of dog that is known for their intelligence, and as such, require regular mental stimulation. For this reason, games that involve problem-solving and use the dog’s natural instincts to get the job done are great for this breed. One such game is Fetch. This is a game that requires the dog to remember where the toy was thrown and then bring it back to the owner. By playing this game, the dog can improve their working memory and build their problem-solving skills.

Another fun game for the German Spitz is Hide and Seek. This game encourages the dog to use their sense of smell to find their owner or a treat. Not only will this game hone the dog’s ability to sniff out an item, it will also build up their confidence in the process. Additionally, this breeds enjoy the physical challenges of agility training, as it provides great physical and mental stimulation. Agility courses provide an environment for the dog to practice their balance, coordination and concentration in order to jump over obstacles and climb steps. Socialization is also important for this breed, so it’s important to play games such as tug-of-war or fetch with other people and dogs.

Example Dog House Style Suited to German Spitz

The German Spitz is a small but active breed, so it needs a dog house that is spacious enough to account for its energy level and playfulness. A wooden dog house with a front porch could provide the dog with plenty of space to move around and an spot to sleep, as well as plenty of ventilation to keep the temperature regulated. A door flaps provide some extra protection against the elements, while also allowing for some extra ventilation and letting the Spitz go in and out as it pleases. The peak roof should also provide a sheltered spot should the Spitz want to just watch the world go by. An insulated floor platform is also recommended to keep the German Spitz warm during cold weather. With the right dog house, the German Spitz will have a safe haven to rest and play.


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German Spitz FAQ

Q: What type of activity level would a German Spitz require?
A: German Spitzes are considered active dogs and need plenty of mental and physical stimulation. They should get around an hour of daily exercise, including walks and playtime.

Q: How big do German Spitzes get?
A: An adult German Spitz typically weighs 10-14 lbs and stands 12-14 inches tall.

Q: How is the temperament of a German Spitz?
A: German Spitzes are beloved as companion dogs due to their intelligent, loyal, and playful personalities. Their excellent socialization skills make them great family pets.

Q: Does the German Spitz need a lot of grooming?
A: Yes, German Spitzes have thick coats that require regular brushing to maintain their appearance and shed minimal hair.

Q: How long is the lifespan of a German Spitz?
A: German Spitzes usually have lifespans of 12-14 years.

Final Thoughts About The German Spitz

With their friendly, loyal, and intelligent nature, German Spitz are a breed of dog that truly embodies what it means to be a faithful companion. From their curly coats to their unique look, they possess an incredible amount of personality, and any owner can attest to the fact that when they have a German Spitz by their side, they feel like they have a friend for life. With the right amount of love, care, and attention, a German Spitz can bring so much joy and happiness into your life!

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