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Caring for Your Standard Dachshund

Keeping a Dachshund (Standard) is a rewarding experience that can provide companionship and joy for years to come. In my experience, when I had a Dachshund (Standard), I found myself wondering what I had been missing out on before. They are friendly, loyal and affectionate, and make for great family members. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information about keeping the Dachshund (Standard) and will make sure you are well-prepared when you bring one home.

Dachshund (Standard) Dog Breed Specs

The average adult male Dachshund (Standard) stands at 8-9 inches tall with a weight of up to 35 pounds. The average adult female Dachshund (Standard) stands at 8-9 inches tall as well with a weight of up to 32 pounds. These slender-bodied dogs feature long, strong legs that contribute to their greater height. Popular for their lively personality and outgoing disposition, Dachshunds (Standard) are loving companions for people of all ages.


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Breed Colors and Coat

The Dachshund (Standard) breed is characterized by its short-haired coat, which typically comes in a variety of colors, such as black and tan, chocolate and tan, wild boar, red, cream, or a combination of any of these. The fur of the breed is smooth and glossy, and is quite dense.


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Dachshund (Standard) Personalities

Dachshunds are known for being active, friendly and stubborn little dogs. Their temperment varies between both males and females, with males generally being more outgoing and dominant, while females tend to be calmer and more reserved. Despite their small stature, these dogs are full of personality and have a courageous spirit, which is why they make great watchdogs. Dachshunds enjoy human companionship and are eager to please their owners. When I had a Dachshund, we took a trip together every week and he was just as excited as I was. He loved to go exploring and was always up for a challenge. Dachshunds do have a stubborn streak, but it didn’t take long for me to learn that they respond best to positive reinforcement and consistency.

Adopting Dachshund (Standard)

If you’re thinking about adding a standard Dachshund to your family, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Firstly, Dachshunds are intelligent, independent, and active dogs. They require regular walks and playtime to remain healthy and happy. Secondly, Dachshunds can have a stubborn streak, so make sure you’re prepared to be patient and consistent with your training methods. Lastly, it’s important to keep their back protected, as it’s delicate. When you’re taking your Dachshund for a walk, use a harness instead of a collar to reduce strain on their spine. Adopting a standard Dachshund is an exciting venture – just make sure you’re well-prepared for the responsibility.

Puppy Care

If you own a Standard Dachshund, you’re in for a treat! These dogs are full of energy, spunk, and lots of love. They may be small, but they have a heart of gold. Here are some tips to get you started on their puppy care:

First, provide plenty of exercise! Standard Dachshunds are very active and need daily exercise in order to stay healthy. Take them out on long walks or short runs and let them explore their environment. Get them involved in playtime activities like hide-and-seek or fetch, or introduce them to some agility training to help challenge their minds!

Second, train them early and consistently. Standard Dachshunds can be quite stubborn, so establish clear boundaries and rules and stick to them. Make sure to reward good behavior with praise and positive reinforcement.

Third, start grooming them early. They have short, sleek coats, so regular brushing is essential to help keep the coat healthy and shiny. You should also give them frequent baths to keep them clean and pest-free.

Finally, give them lots of attention and affection. Standard Dachshunds are very loyal and love the company of their owners. Make sure to spend quality time with them each day, play games, and give them plenty of cuddles! With proper care, your Standard Dachshund will be your loyal companion for many years to come.

Ideal Climate Conditions for the Dachshund (Standard)

The best climate type for a standard Dachshund is temperate climates. Dachshunds thrive in areas with mild temperatures and consistent humidity, especially during the blazing summer months. This breed is well-suited to places with minimal extremes in temperature or other changes in the climate, as they are sensitive to these swings. Dachshunds do best when kept indoors during extreme weather conditions, due to their small stature and lack of thick fur. During the cooler months, Dachshunds love playing in the snow and therefore are well-suited for these cooler climates.

Zodiac Signs That Work Well With the Dachshund (Standard)

A Dachshund (Standard) is a loyal and loving dog who would do best with someone who shared those same qualities. A nurturing, patient, and gentle natured person would be an ideal companion to this spirited pup. A good sense of humor and a love of adventure would also be important characteristics. If you’re a zodiac match for a Dachshund, then some signs include Cancer, Libra, and Virgo- all signs that emphasize compassion, loyalty, and other values important to this breed. Cancers especially possess the warm, nurturing qualities that will mesh well with the needs of a Dachshund, and Libra and Virgo will help provide the fun-loving attitude that make this dog so beloved.

Fun Games To Train Your Dachshund (Standard)

Dachshunds are an intelligent and active breed of dog, so they need plenty of mental and physical stimulation to stay healthy and happy. One great way to do this is through games.

A game of hide-and-seek is an excellent way to challenge your Dachshund’s problem-solving skills. Show them a treat and then hide it for them to find. This gives them an exciting activity and treats as a reward. You can also hide treats in boxes, tubes, and other objects in the house and let your Dachshund find them.

Agility courses offer another fun way to train your Dachshund. These courses are designed to build your pup’s strength, stamina, and reflexes. You can find agility courses specifically designed for small breeds like Dachshunds at many pet supply stores.

A game of tug-of-war provides a great way to train your Dachshund’s natural tenacity. Make sure to incorporate commands while playing, such as “drop it”, “come”, or “let go” to help train them.


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Finally, you can also offer your pup enjoyable fetching activities using items such as balls, flying discs, or stuffed toys. Include commands like “fetch”, “catch”, and “drop it” to help train them.

Example Dog House Style Suited to Dachshund (Standard)

A standard dachshund would be well suited to a stylish and sleek doghouse. A wooden house with slanted walls, able to provide insulation from cold or heat, would be the optimal choice for a standard dachshund. The slanted walls could also provide quality support for the pup’s slightly longer body frame. As for size, you will want to make sure that the house is slightly larger than the dog’s size so that it has enough room to move around and be comfortable. You may also want to include a few padded pieces of furniture in the house so that the dachshund has something soft to lay on during nap time. To keep your pup cool in the summer months, consider adding a window with a mesh screen to ensure the house stays well ventilated when needed. Finally, you can make sure that the entrance to the doghouse is low enough for the pup to enter comfortably.

Dachshund (Standard) FAQ

Q. What type of exercise do Dachshunds need?
A. Dachshunds need activity and exercise every day. They can go on short walks and engage in activities such as running and chasing.

Q. What is the expected life span of a Standard Dachshund?
A. Standard Dachshunds have an average life expectancy of 12-16 years.

Q. How much grooming does a Standard Dachshund require?
A. Dachshunds require regular brushing and occasional baths. Additionally, their nails should be trimmed regularly, and their ears should be checked periodically.

Q. Are Standard Dachshunds good with children?
A. Standard Dachshunds can do well with children if they are properly socialized. They are known to be loyal to their family, but they can be skittish around visitors.

Q. Is the Standard Dachshund a good guard dog?
A. Despite their small size, Dachshunds can be good guard dogs. They are alert, loyal, and have a loud bark that will alert their owners of strangers.


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Final Thoughts About The Dachshund (Standard)

With all of the qualities of the Standard Dachshund in mind, you can now decide whether this breed is right for you. With their strong will, intelligence, and stubborn personalities—you are sure to be in for an exciting and unique journey if you decide to commit to one of these special dogs!

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