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Dog Facts And Information – Everything you need to know about dogs. We deliver dog facts from the kind of music they like to airline flight requirements; Dog House Times Dog Magazine has you covered.
What to Expect
This category delivers all kinds of different topics relating to your dog. Concerning your dog house, it’s essential to know about things like parasites and potential encounters with wildlife like skunks. Beneficial information when considering keeping the dog with you for extended periods outside
Did you know?
Now for fun. We cover some fascinating topics in this section, like surveys, which dog is best for extended outdoor life, what music dogs like, and more. This category delivers all the best in exciting and useful information articles. We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching all the trusted sources to bring this information here to you today.
Not Just Dog Houses
It may tell that Dog House Times Dog Magazine is all about doghouses. However, this is not entirely accurate. Dog House Times has a focus on dog houses, but the overall desire is to be the one-stop source for vital information, news, articles, and resources for dog owners worldwide. We don’t mess around with our facts either, we eat, sleep, and breathe information about dogs and dog houses. It’s our everything so trust in Dog House Times.
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Welcome to the doghouse. Everyone here is always welcome. It’s like that famous bar where everybody knows your name. We’d like to extend a warm welcome, and thank you for visiting our dog magazine today. From our family to yours. Welcome.

To Lick Or Not To Lick – Should I Let My Dog Lick Me?

Should I Let My Dog Lick Me? You have just come home after a long day and commute from work. As soon as you open your front door, there is Sparky wagging his tail and jumping up to greet you. So, naturally, you put your stuff down and greet your dog. As you are greeting him, he licks your face to show he is happy you are home and loves you dearly. Sparky does this all the time and you love it. But you should be asking yourself should I let my dog lick my face?

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