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The Dog Selection category includes articles to educate potential dog owners prior to dog purchase or rescue.

A terrier dog breed on couch

Best Small Dog Breeds For Flats

Small dogs breeds are the perfect size for living in a flat. They fit almost anywhere and hardly ever knock things over. Yorkshire Terriers and English Bulldogs are excellent breeds for flat living. Read on for more breeds that do well with flat living.

Dogs That Are Good For Cancer (Zodiac Sign)

Are you a gentle, compassionate, and sensitive Cancer looking for your best dog friend? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll examine how the zodiac works, history, and modern zodiac philosophy. And I take a journey into the heart of what characteristics are common in the Cancer zodiac sign archetype and which dogs are best suited for those protective and passionate Cancer signed individuals out there. Join me in our journey of what dog breeds are best suited to Cancer (zodiac sign, of course).

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