Discovering the Šarplaninac: A Guide to Dog Care

Hi everyone, I’m writing this guide for keeping the amazing, intelligent Šarplaninac. In my experience, they make incredibly lovable and loyal companions, but they require a lot of attention and commitment to keep them at their best. Even after having spent time with a Šarplaninac, you will have a much better understanding of why they are so highly sought after by families and owners alike. In this guide, I will be walking you through the basics of how to care for a Šarplaninac so that you and your pup can enjoy a long and blissful life together.

Šarplaninac Dog Breed Specs

The average height of female and male Šarplaninac dogs is 25-28 inches, while the average weight is 55-66 pounds. The female is usually lighter than the male and will range between 55-62 pounds. Males are usually higher and heavier and will range between 62-66 pounds. The breed is considered a large breed of dogs, and some individual dogs may exceed the average height and weight significantly. Many will reach heights up to 30-34 inches and weights up to 80-110 pounds.


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Breed Colors and Coat

The Šarplaninac is an impressive and sturdy dog breed, typically having a white, tan, or gray brindle coat with long, thick fur. Some dogs may also have black patches. Their fur is coarse and thick, perfectly suited to their mountainous habitat.


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Šarplaninac Personalities

The Šarplaninac is a loyal, intelligent breed with a strong protective instinct. They are very independent and make excellent guard dogs. Males have a strong-willed nature and are very alert of their surroundings. Females are often more affectionate and loving toward their owners. When I had a Šarplaninac, we took a trip and it didn’t take long for me to realize how loving and devoted this breed is. They have an independent and resilient spirit but remain affectionate and devoted to their people. They are loyal and reliable, with an eagerness to please that makes them highly trainable.

Adopting Šarplaninac

Adopting a Šarplaninac can be a wonderful experience. Here are a few tips to help make the journey successful!

First things first, make sure you are prepared to give your Šarplaninac plenty of loving care and attention. This breed is quite loyal and loves to stay close to its family. Be ready to provide activities to keep your Šarplaninac happy and busy. This can include hikes, scavenger hunts, dog sports, or just simple walks around the neighborhood.

Socialization is also important when adopting a Šarplaninac. Socializing your dog can help it feel more comfortable in your home and the home of friends and family. Make sure your Šarplaninac gets used to different people, environments and situations by having it interact with these settings in a controlled and positive way.

Finally, make sure you train your Šarplaninac to understand basic commands. Training your pup to respond to things like “sit” and “come” will make obedience and everyday activities a lot easier. Make sure to use positive reinforcement during your training sessions, like treats and rewards, for better obedience. Also keep sessions short and fun, as too much could get your Šarplaninac overwhelmed and create negative associations with the training process.

Puppy Care

If you’ve just welcomed a Šarplaninac puppy into your home, congratulations! These majestic dogs are sure to bring lots of love, protection and companionship. However, they do come with some special considerations—so here’s a few tips to help you and your pup out.

Exercise: Šarplaninacs need plenty of exercise, especially the opportunity to stretch their legs outdoors and get some fresh air. Make sure to take your pup on a few long walks each day and give them plenty of time to explore, as this helps to keep them in shape and mentally stimulated.

Grooming: Dogs of this breed have a thick, strong double coat. It’s important to brush the coat regularly to keep it healthy and remove any dirt and debris. Brushing also helps to distribute natural oils, which prevents the skin and coat from getting dry.

Training: Šarplaninacs can be strong-willed and independent, so formal obedience and socialization training is recommended from a young age. Early and consistent exposure to new people, places and experiences will get them used to different types of stimulus and teach them to follow your commands.

Overall, these tips will help you to make sure that your new Šarplaninac puppy gets the best start in life. With regular exercise, grooming and training, your pup will quickly learn to fit in to your home and become a part of your family. Enjoy and take lots of pictures – you won’t regret it!

Ideal Climate Conditions for the Šarplaninac

The Šarplaninac is a type of dog that originates from the Balkan region, specifically from the land of Macedonia and Kosovo. This breed of dog is bred for its working qualities and stamina, so they require an active outdoor lifestyle. The ideal climate for a Šarplaninac is a moderate climate with snowfall during the winter months. The cold winter weather helps to keep their coats thick and the snow helps to add insulation, which is beneficial to their overall health and well-being. During the summer months, temperatures should not exceed 100°F to prevent overheating. As this breed loves to work, they also need plenty of physical and mental stimulation. Allowing them access to a safe outdoor area, such as a fenced-in yard or a park, will give them the opportunity to exercise and explore.

Zodiac Signs That Work Well With the Šarplaninac

If you’re a fan of the zodiac and are looking for the perfect canine companion, someone who’s drawn to the majestic and independent Šarplaninac may have some things in common. Someone who is an Aquarius is likely to be an ideal match for a Šarplaninac. Both of these signs emphasize independence and love their own space. Aquarius is also a sign that loves to explore and go outside of their comfort zone, so if you’re up for a little adventure with your pup, this is the breed for you. Additionally, those who have their sun in Aquarius tend to be inventive and creative, which is perfect for the Šarplaninac. This breed loves to learn new things and be challenged, so if you’re into unconventional training styles, they’ll be delighted. All-in-all, if you’re an Aquarius looking for your ideal pup, the Šarplaninac might be the perfect fit.

Fun Games To Train Your Šarplaninac

The Šarplaninac, also known as the Yugoslavian Mountain Shepherd, is an intelligent and trainable breed. To train this versatile breed, owners can engage in a variety of activities and games.


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In addition to traditional obedience training and agility courses, mentally stimulating games can help train the Šarplaninac. These may include food puzzles, such as hiding food around the house, toy puzzles, or nose work games. Nose work is an activity that challenges the Šarplaninac to use their noses to follow scents and locate treats.

Interactive games, such as fetch and tug-of-war, can also be used to train the Šarplaninac. These games help to channel the breed’s high energy and natural agility. Additionally, playing hide-and-seek can help the Šarplaninac to practice its scenting skills.

Finally, owners can benefit from creating fun challenges for the Šarplaninac such as obstacle courses. This breed is bred to be protective, which can be developed through challenges that ask the Šarplaninac to perform specific tasks. These games will help to exercise the Šarplaninac, both mentally and physically.

Example Dog House Style Suited to Šarplaninac

The Šarplaninac is a medium-sized guard dog native to the Balkans. It is a hardy and resistant breed that is capable of surviving in extreme conditions. As such, when looking for a dog house for a Šarplaninac, it is important to go for a style that will provide the dog with shelter and protection from the elements.

An ideal dog house for a Šarplaninac would be a traditional wooden doghouse that is weather-treated to be waterproof and able to withstand temperature extremes. The roof should overhang the sides of the doghouse to offer additional protection from the elements and offer more shade in hot weather. This style of doghouse should also have insulation on the inside walls, made of either foam panels, fiberglass panels, or straw bales, to provide extra warmth in cold temperatures. Last but not least, the doghouse should have enough of a gap between the ground and the bottom of the house to allow air to circulate beneath it to keep it cool in hot climates.

Šarplaninac FAQ

Q1. What is the lifespan of a Šarplaninac?
A1. The average lifespan of a Šarplaninac is approximately 12–14 years.

Q2. Is the Šarplaninac breed good with children?
A2. Yes, the Šarplaninac breed is known to be patient and gentle with children if properly socialized.


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Q3. How much exercise does a Šarplaninac need?
A3. Šarplaninac’s need approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours of physical and mental exercise a day.

Q4. How much grooming does a Šarplaninac need?
A4. Šarplaninac’s have a double coat which requires regular brushing to prevent the fur from matting. Also, when the weather changes, they can shed quite a bit.

Q5. Is the Šarplaninac breed loyal?
A5. Yes, the Šarplaninac breed is loyal and deeply devoted to their family and even wary of strangers. They will do whatever it takes to ensure their family’s safety.

Final Thoughts About The Šarplaninac

The Šarplaninac is a remarkable breed of dog that has a long and proud history. Not only are they wonderfully loyal, brave and protective, but their unique and regal look makes them even more special. With their brave and gentle nature, it is no wonder why the Šarplaninac has become a beloved companion and guardian. With proper care and training, the Šarplaninac can be the perfect companion for any home. Bring out their best qualities, and love them truly and unconditionally, and the Šarplaninac will be your loyal and loving friend for life.

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