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Dog House Designs

Your dog is more than just a pet, it is a family member.  So you want to make sure that you provide your dog with a comfortable and safe dog house. With so many different dog house designs to choose from, it may seem like a chore, but it can be lots of fun.  Everyone deserves to sleep in a comfy and stylish bed!

Top Pick: Homemade Like Farmer Jer’s Wood Plank Dog House

There are some really interesting and unique dog house designs that you can choose from. Read on to see Dog House Times list of best dog house designs.


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The Bunk Style House

Bunk style dog house are great for small breeds
Bunk style dog houses are great for small breeds

If you have a small breed, then you may want to consider a bunk style bed. This way your dog can decide if he/she wants to be on the bottom bunk or the top. Also, if you have two or more small breeds this house would be ideal as there is a lot of room for bunking and cuddling. It really can’t get any better for multiple small dogs.


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To make the dog house complete, fill with your dog’s favorite bed and toys, and throw in a little blankie for your fur baby. You may also want to think about adding wheels (with a break so it doesn’t roll around). Adding wheels will put less stress on your back when moving the house to clean, or just relocating the house.

Teepee Tent Style Dog House

Teepee dogs houses are a nice  touch to your home and your dog will love it
French Bulldog enjoying his Teepee house

Teepee dog houses are great for condo or apartment living. They are small and can fit in just about any corner. And not to mention, they look pretty hip.

All you really have to do is add some cushions and toys, and your dog will feel at home.

They are light, easy to move around and clean. If you are looking for a low maintenance dog house, then the Teepee design is a great selection.

Southern Bell Dog House Design

Southern Bell Dog House
Southern Bell Dog House

The Southern Bell dog house design is for those that want to have a nice fancy house for their dog. These dog houses can be painted any color you want, and they have lots of room inside, so you can add some stylish cushions and blankets. I think this dog house design would definitely be approved by Scarlett O’Hare!

The door can be locked, so the dog house can also be used as a crate or kennel for when you go out and leave the dog at home. And you don’t need to worry, your dog won’t even notice you are gone.

Adding some lights on the outside and a night light on the inside will really spruce things up! Lighting will also help your dog see in the night while it is eating and drinking. You know your dog gets up at night to have a snack! I know mine does, I can hear her chomping away in the middle of the night haha.

The Cupboard Under The Stairs

The cupboard under the stairs dog house
The cupboard under the stairs dog house

If you are as big of a Harry Potter fan as I am, then you will love The Cupboard Under the Stairs dog house design. In my opinion, the best dog house design is hands down the cupboard under the stairs.

This dog house design is elegant and an actual part of the house. You can add pictures, carpet, cushions, a bed, lights, food/water dish just to give a few examples. Or you just decorate it like your favorite house. Go Gryffindor! A door would also be a good option to make it complete and blend in with the wall.

Now, turn to page 394!

Table Cubby

A table cubby dog house is a unique design
A table cubby dog house is a unique design

This table cubby house design is classy and has two uses, a side table, and a dog house! Fantastic!

All you really have to do for this dog house is add a nice cozy bed for your pup and maybe a few books with two book weights at each end with a plant like a pothos that will purify the air, or maybe this dog house in your child’s room and you want to add a lamp with a small fish tank? Your choice. There are so many places in your home that this dog house would fit into nicely.

Time to get creative!


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Cabin Style Dog House Design

Cottage Style
Cottage Style

So far, we have only been looking at mostly indoor dog house designs. Here we are going to take a look at an outdoor one. I call this one the cabin style dog house.

This dog house will look great outside in the back yard, and even give it a country cozy feel.

Add your favorite plant by the side window, but make sure the plant is not dangerous for your dog. Check out this article on plants and dogs.

If your dog stays outside, I suggest that you get the house insulated to keep your dog protected. There are ways to keep your dog cool in the summer. There are also ways to keep your dog warm in the winter.

Lastly, you can add lights on the outside and on the inside to help your dog see in the night.

Dog House with Sun Deck and Pool

Dog house with sundeck and pool
Dog house with sundeck and pool

Now here is a really cool dog house! It has a sundeck and a pool! You really can’t get any better than this for an outdoor dog house, can you?

Also included with this house is a bedroom, built-in water and food dish, and a porch. You’ll want to add lights to this house in the entrance area for some good lighting and in the bedroom.


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The upper deck on this house is a great touch. Dogs do like to bask in the sun, so having this sun deck is an excellent feature. Next is the pool. When your dog has decided it has had enough sun, all he has to do is run down the stairs and jump into his own personal pool! Your dog will be the envy of every dog on the block!

With this being an outdoor dog house, you will want to get it insulated to protect your dog.

King or Queen of the Castle

Dog Castle
Dog Castle

This dog house castle is quite unique. You don’t see many of these in the neighborhood, do you? Why not be the first?

This house is elevated off the ground to protect the bottom from the elements. You should insulate the house as well if your dog stays outside.

It would be a good idea to add a few windows that would give it some natural light. You could also add some outdoor lighting, as well as a light inside if you do not want to add a window.


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All in all a pretty decent looking dog house design.

Bay Window

A bay window dog house
A bay window dog house

If you have a bay window somewhere in your house, then why not add a house underneath?

This house is really natural-looking and awesome. It blends so well into the wall, especially with the wood ledge.

Since there is so much light coming in from the windows you do not really need to add lighting to the house. You could add a night light if you felt the need for it.

Pretty much all you have to do once the house is built and in place is add your dog’s favorite bed, blanket, and a few toys.

If the bay window is your bedroom, even better! Dogs are pack animals and love to sleep in the same room as their handlers. No need to worry about getting any unwanted fur in your bed!

Great design if you are willing to put in the time and effort to make it fantastic!

Wood Panel Dog House

Finished wood plank dog house
Finished wood panel dog house

Our last dog house design for today is the wood plank dog house. This dog house was made by Farmerjer of Dog House Times for our little Yorkie Kiki.

This dog house has been insulated and some carpet added to add some comfort. Some wheels have been added as well to make it mobile. One side of the roof opens for easy cleaning.

You can make this dog house your self if you really wanted to, and for almost free! Yes, that is right almost for free. Take a look at this video that shows an in-depth, step by step instructions on how to make your own dog house. We even have the plans for your convenience.

Kiki in her wood plank dog house
Kiki in her wood panel dog house


There you have it. A list of interesting and unique dog house designs. As you can see there are quite a few different designs out there, and we didn’t even cover them all- just the bests ones in my eyes!

I hope this list has helped you get an idea about what kind of dog house that would suit your dog. Good luck, and send us some pictures of your dog house to win a chance at it being featured in one of our articles!


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