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Dog House Reno – Enter The Mobile Dog House

Updated February 20, 2021.

Welcome to the Dog House Times Official Dog House Reno Series! We start our dog house renovation journey with Episode 1 – Enter The Mobile Dog House. Join Farmer Jer on a reno adventure where we turn this fixed dog house into a mobile dog house.

This series will include many videos, each with its own unique dog house reno project.

Dog House Reno Series

Episode 1 – Making A Dog House Go Mobile

A custom dog house with strip curtain door is shown.
Finished mobile wood panel dog house

Yeah, I’m doing it. I’m making my Wood Plank Dog House go mobile by installing some wheels to it. There are a few tricks I’m going to show you in the video that will help the life of the dog house so don’t forget to watch my video. The wheels are just the first step to the upgrades I’m going to do to the dog house. First, it was to build the dog house according to my plans. Then start the reno series with adding wheels.

The following episodes include things like insulating the dog house, adding a strip curtain door, adding a heater, and more. I’ll also be looking at adding a vent and in the summer, the addition of some solar power, a fan, and an air conditioning system of some kind are all going to be welcome additions. I already have some yard fence lighting but I think I’ll also do some dog house lighting as well.

Remember, these wheels are going on the ground, not the roof, so they need to be durable.

What You’ll Need

  • 4 x All-weather caster wheels. Swivel is best. I’ve linked to a set of 2″ polyurethane casters (set of 4) from Amazon. These are best sellers and they are decent enough.
  • 16 x 1/2″ Stainless steel wood screws I’ve linked to a kit so you have extra, and it’s cheap for stainless.
  • A Screwdriver to install the casters.
  • All-weather grease to lube the wheels after.
  • Paint. Something like Tremclad works well to protect the metal from the elements. Remember to paint in a well-ventilated area (like outside).

To do this dog house renovation, you’ll first need a dog house. I recommend taking a look at our Wood Plank Dog House build. The video and accompanying plans can both be found here at Dog House Times. If you do build your own dog house, you can also take advantage of the dog house sizing charts I made. They detail 440 recognized breeds, so it’s likely you’ll find what you need there.

Once you have your dog house, you will also need a set of 4 wheels and some screws to mount them. You will also need some paint.

For tools, you will need a pen or pencil, a rag, and a drill. The drill bit you use should suit the size of the wood screws that you have.

Why A Mobile Dog House?

You might be wondering why I would make my dog house mobile. Well, I have a few very good reasons. First, I wanted to raise the wood above the ground to prevent rot. I did already stain the wood, as well I used pressure treated wood for the very bottom of the dog house, but I wanted that extra height.

Second Reason For A Mobile Dog House

The second reason why I wanted to put wheels on the dog house was to add more space under the floor of the dog house. This increases the airflow under the dog house. This helps again to prevent rot, as well as mold. It also helps to prevent the dog house floor from getting a cold chill from the cold ground beneath. And as I’ve insulated the floor of the dog house (coming up in Episode 2 of Dog House Reno series), The air gap will help prevent mold between the floor and the insulation as well. Speaking of mold, depending on the humidity in your area, make sure you choose the right building materials for your project.

Third Reason For A Dog House On Wheels

The last reason I wanted to add wheels to my dog house was for the purpose of mobility. Now, most people may just plop their dog house in one spot. I wanted the freedom to choose from different locations. This was based on the fact that sometimes I’m sitting in my hot tub at one end of the yard, and sometimes I’m working on my various gardens or planters at the other end or even in the front yard. I like to keep my Yorkie nearby and keep an eye on her. Therefore, having a mobile dog house that I could easily move around to provide my dog with shelter while she hangs out with me was the best solution.

Closing Thoughts

So, sit back and watch the first episode of the Dog House Reno series, exclusively on Dog House Times. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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