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Dog House Size Charts By Breed

Want to know what size of dog house you need? Look no further! The Dog House Times recommended dog house size chart is here. Featuring doghouse door sizing, ceiling height and floor space.

We researched far and wide, from the Americas to Europe and even New Zealand, to bring you the most precise recommendations on the internet.

There are a few things I want to point out to make sense of this chart. First, the measurements are in imperial. The measurements are recommended for the maximum enjoyment of your dog.

Climate Considerations For Dog House Sizing

A beautiful picture of the sky in a nice climate zone.
A beautiful picture of the sky in a nice climate zone.

These measurements are also taking into consideration a temperate climate. The slightly larger size may also be found to be useful for warmer climates. That is, with appropriate airflow or air conditioning.

A Note On Leaving Dogs Outdoors

For cooler to cold climates, I recommend taking into account a suitable door and heater. I live in Canada and wouldn’t want my dog outside for long in winter. Now that being said, I have a Yorkie who is NOT suited for colder temperatures and is very much an indoor lap dog. However, if I were to have a Husky, for example, I would likely be much more confident in leaving that breed outside for extended periods.

If you keep a dog outside for extended periods, it is best to make sure you acclimate them young to these conditions. It is also important to either keep them company or have a minimum of 2 dogs so they aren’t lonely. Remember dogs are relatively intelligent and they are also pack-animals. You cannot hope to remove this million-year-old programming so don’t bother trying to do so.

If you intend to keep your dog outside in colder months, be sure to look into setting up a heater, insulating your dog house and picking a good door to keep the warmth in.

Explanation of Measurements

The basic principles behind this project of dog house sizing are as follows.

  1. We strove to provide maximum comfort for the dogs. Why? This decreases stress levels and allows the dog to be better emotionally balanced. This will lead to reduced ‘bad’ behavior, in our experience.
  2. The floor space is based upon a single dog of the breed in question, for a single dog house. The measurements provided would not apply to more than one dog per dog house.
  3. The height recommendations are based upon the upper end of the approximate range in height of the breed in question. If a dog is a mixed breed, these measurements will not be accurate.

The dog house door width and height are based upon a dog breeds approximate height at the withers. We have found that dogs prefer dog houses where they must duck their heads, but do not have to crouch their bodies. This is particularly true for older dogs, as we have found.

Dog House Size – Imperial/Inches

Here you will find the dog house sizing charts in Imperial measurements. All units are based on inches. To help you, we have put the breeds in alphabetical order. With 440 breeds analyzed, measured and researched, you know this is the most complete, most accurate account of dog house dimensions on the internet. And it was here at Dog House Times first. Keep in mind the measurements you will find are our minimum suggested dimensions for a single dog.

Dog House Size – Metric/Centimetres

The following chart is a conversion of the Imperial chart into a Metric format. Again, I’d like to advise that the measurements you will find here are our minimum suggested dimensions for a single dog. If you have multiple dogs, additional space will be required. Also, unless you live in a warm climate, we do not advise leaving a dog outside unattended.


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