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Welcome to the Dog House Times Podcast. We’ve taken some of your favorite articles and turned them into podcasts so you can enjoy them on the go when reading isn’t an option. Take a listen, enjoy, and let us know what you think. And don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share!

“Dogs That Are Good For The Aries Zodiac Sign” is an article that goes into depth about how the zodiac works, the history of the zodiac, some interesting philosophy about science meeting astrology and, of course, and in-depth analysis of the Aries zodiac sign personality archetypes and the dog breeds best suited for said archetypes. We don’t mess around with Astrology here at Dog House Times and wanted to bring you the most informed choices of breed to suit the strong personality that is Aries.

Another in our Zodiac series, “Dogs That Are Good For Aquarians (Zodiac)” is another of our articles turned audio podcast. As in the others within the zodiac series, we assume that most people will only really want to read or listen to the particular episode which relates to their chosen zodiac sun sign. For this reason, we’ve included in each of the zodiac episodes a bit about the history of the zodiac, how the zodiac works, some modern science meets astrology and philosophy and more. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss your zodiac sign episode.

At Dog House Times one of our main goals is to be the best provider of information about dogs and dog houses. And what dog house database would be complete without a proper dog house sizing guide. The dog house sizing guide will help walk you through the dog house selection process when it comes to sizing the dog house to your particular dog’s breed. Listen in as Jeremy talks you through, step-by-step how to measure and decide on the best dog house size for your furry canine.

In the episode “Can Pointer Dogs Swim?”, we take a deep dive (no pun intended) into the water world of swimming and how Pointer dogs relate. Pointer dogs, being known for their ability to perceive and point out prey to a hunter, are an amazing group of hunting dogs. These dogs are not known for their swimming prowess, but if you’re an avid hunter or outdoor person and like the water, you may be asking this simple question about Pointer dogs and whether or not they can swim. Jeremy gets to the bottom of this question with some really great insight and information in this audio version of the article published on Dog House Times Magazine.

Dogs have been a part of human civilizations for thousands of years and in many countries across the globe. Join Jeremy on this journey into the past to discover how dogs have been a part of ancient peoples lives.

If you love D.I.Y. projects and have a spark of imagination, then this article is for you. Jeremy jumps in to a bunch of great ideas to take your dog house to the next level using solar energy. Don’t miss these great ideas when you’re dreaming up some fun and environmentally conscientious projects for your dog house.

There has been a lot of misunderstanding by dog owners about the wonderful ability for dogs to walk outside on ice and snow with no footwear. We separate the truth from myth in this researched topic on the fundamental abilities for many dog breeds to tolerate cold. Don’t you want to know how dogs can do it and whether or not they can stand it for long? For your dog’s sake, it’s best you find out.

Guard dogs are a fantastic animal to keep around for your safety and the safety of your property. Guard dogs can deter criminals and help prevent both vandalism, break-ins and stolen property. But do they make a good pet? What if you want a family dog AND a guard dog in one? Is this possible? Find out with Jer in this podcast episode audio version of the article “Guard Dogs – Do They Make Good Pets?”.

Taking the time to build a dog house is a great way to spend time building and doing a family project. But doing all that hard work to build a fantastic dog house just to have the floor and walls rot out after one year can really rain on your parade. Making sure you select the right kind of base for your dog house will keep the dog house stable, secure, provide longevity and increase your dogs comfort within the house. Join Jeremy as he walks you through the different options for making your dog house foundation.

Looking for the best dog breed for a farm? Well, we’ve reviewed all the breeds utilized for working and living on a farm to bring you an article to use as your tool in the selection process. Take a look at some of the characteristics that make a great farm dog and some breeds that have proven themselves a valuable asset to farmers time and time again.

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  • Books, Literature, and Media – We’re working on compiling hundreds of titles of the best video, audio, and books we can find on dogs just for you.
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  • Dog Life Jackets and Other Specialty Equipment – Keep your dog safe with you out on the water this summer.
  • GPS and Tracking Collars – As mentioned, very cool tech collars worth checking.
  • Dishes for Dog Food and Water – No garbage, only decent products. We like stuff that will last and won’t fade in the sun.
  • We’ve got more reviews coming at you all the time so stay tuned for more from the Dog House Times team!

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