Have we got a treat or two for you, Dog Lovers! Introducing Dog House Times TV! We’re working on a whole bunch of crazy dog videos to keep you and your pooch entertained and informed. Start with one of our dog house renovation or maybe a dog house build video. Or maybe you’d like to peruse our new playlist of dog names? Get some popcorn, put your feet up and enjoy!

Latest From Dog House Times TV

The Best 50 Biblical Names For A Girl Lab.

Dog House Times Puppy Name Series

The Best 50 Biblical Names For A German Shepherd Female
The 50 Coolest Biblical Names For A Male German Shepherd

Dog House Build Videos

Build This Beautiful Cottage Feel Wood Plank Dog House

Dog House Reno Series

Dog House Reno Episode 1 – Enter The Mobile Dog House
Dog House Reno Episode 2 – Insulating A Dog House
Dog House Reno – Episode 3 – Strip Curtain Dog House Door

Dog House Times TV – Delivering The Best In Dog House Build & Reno, And So Much More!

At Dog House Times, we’re always working on more new, helpful and exciting content. We’re real people, real dog owners and we’re doing everything we can to bring the most accurate and well-researched information directly to you. And Dog House Times TV is no exception. We bring doggy tv to a new level with our own original series, Dog House Reno. We take our existing dog house and show you some cool ways to modify it and make it really impressive. We even show you how to build the entire dog house from start to finish, including getting your materials for your dog house cheap! So, don’t miss an episode of our Dog House Reno series as we’ll be coming out with even more great how-to videos just for you!

On the Dog House Times YouTube channel, we are also working on some great other videos to give you inspiration. Right now you can already see two of our new videos in our dog name series. We bring you the most unique dog names, male dog names, female dog names and more. The first two videos feature unique biblical names for your boy dog or your girl dog. We chose to feature our friend, the German Shepherd, but you could use these names with any dog breed. Don’t miss any other videos in our new series by making sure you subscribe to our channel. We’d love to have you join us!

Recommended Dog Gear

Take a look at our Recommended page for a variety of dog products and items. Here are some of the things you can expect:

  • Dog Houses – For small dog breeds, medium dogs, large dogs, and even extra large dog houses!
  • Books, Literature, and Media – We’re working on compiling hundreds of titles of the best video, audio, and books we can find on dogs just for you.
  • Gifts – Only gifts for the discerning dog, and maybe something nice for you too.
  • Harnesses, Collars, and Leashes – We don’t recommend anything that will harm a dog. At DHT we believe in a harm-free training experience so you won’t find any of those collars that cut into the dog’s neck. And no shock stuff either. But, we do have some very cool tech collars worth looking at.
  • Dog Life Jackets and Other Specialty Equipment – Keep your dog safe with you out on the water this summer.
  • GPS and Tracking Collars – As mentioned, very cool tech collars worth checking.
  • Dishes for Dog Food and Water – No garbage, only decent products. We like stuff that will last and won’t fade in the sun.
  • We’ve got more reviews coming at you all the time so stay tuned for more from the Dog House Times team!

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