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About Christine Valitutti of Dog House Times

Christine Valitutti: “I’m a Certified Credit Professional- CCP.  What does that mean? It means I’m certified in everything to do with running a credit department.  I have been in credit for over 15 years and currently work full time at an Affiliate Marketing company in Toronto, Ontario.”

I’m also an author for Doghouse Times Dog Magazine and the wife of our very own Farmer Jer.  I do my writing in the evenings during the week, and in my spare time on the weekends. I find the writing relaxing, fun, and takes me away from the day to day grind. Just like when I’m out boating or walking with Kiki.

For The Love of Animals

From a very young age, I, Christine Valitutti, was drawn to animals.   I have had many different pets over the years that include cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, and fish.  I loved every single one of them. However, there was one animal in particular that stood out to me. Can you guess what the animal is?  If you said Dogs, then you are correct my friend!

My History of Dogs And Pet Care

Ebony – Labrador Retriever

When I was a kid my family had a cottage up near Lindsay, Ontario.  This cottage was my most favorite place in the world. Being up there was a great place to make friends with nature.  And believe me, I did make friends with nature. I made friends with a special Labrador Retriever named Ebony. This dog would know when my family and I were up at the cottage.  Shortly after we would arrive, she would come running up the road to greet us. I never really found out who she belonged to, but I really didn’t care. She was mine while I was at the cottage.  

Ebony would accompany me on all my adventures at the cottage, be it going for a long walk, fishing, swimming, or rocking in the hammock.  She would even come with me in the paddle boat and canoe. I’ve always loved boating. Ebony would have dinner with us and stay for a while at the fire pit with us.  Once it got dark, she would be on her way to wherever she went at night and would be back in the morning for another day of fun! Ebony may not have been my dog, but she was my great best friend at the cottage, and she will always have a special place in my heart.

Rocky Balboa – Corgi/Jack Russel 

Since Ebony, I had always wanted my own dog.  So, my parents finally decided that we would get a family dog.  That dog would be a Corgi/Jack Russel who we named Rocky. He would live to the ripe old age of 18.  Rocky was a great dog, even though he had a bit of an attitude and liked to bark at everything that moved.   Rocky came on all our trips to the cottage and even Sauble Beach vacations.  

I remember this one time when we were all packed and ready to go, Rocky decided he was going to run away!  Yes, run away. It took the 4 of us to bring him back home safely and after an hour we were on our way. He was a rascal, but we all loved him.

Christine Valitutti’s Experiences With Kiki The Wonder Dog – Yorkshire Terrier

Next came Kiki the Yorkshire Terrier.   She joined Farmer Jer and me in 2010. She was 4 months old and as cute as a button!  We got her from a breeder in Hamilton, Ontario. She was from a pack of 4. As soon as I sat down on the couch at the breeders Kiki came running in and jumped on my lap.  At that moment I knew we would be taking Kiki home with us. She chose me, how could we not take her?

Health Issue #1

So, I have this habit of check our pets every day to see if there is anything that should not be there.   I like to be proactive and it is a very good thing since it saved Kiki’s life. 

About six years in with Kiki, I was doing the daily check-over and noticed these lumps on a few of her breasts that were literally not there the day before.  I was like ‘what could this be’? Well, I’m not a doctor, but I sure knew that this was very strange. So, I made an emergency appointment with the Vet. They did some testing and sure enough, Kiki had two types of cancer in her breasts.  The vet told me that is was a good thing I check the dog every day for things that may not belong, as it most certainly saved her life. 

Kiki had to undergo a radical mastectomy, done in two surgeries since she is way too little to be able to handle that kind of surgery at once. 

She survived both surgeries and made a great recovery.  I tell you that little dog is such a fighter!

Health Issue #2

About a year ago, I notice that Kiki was drinking and urinating A LOT.  She even had accidents in the house, which is not like her at all. She was also, licking the floor all the time, very lethargic, and getting a potbelly.  Long story short, I did a lot of research and believed that I knew what was wrong. Kiki has Cushing’s Disease.

So, I, Christine Valitutti, made an appointment with a specialist for Kiki.  I explained to the specialist Kiki’s symptoms, and what I thought was wrong with her.  I had done so much research and really knew what I was talking about. With the extent of knowledge I’d gained from hours and hours of research, the vet actually even asked me if I had a medical background. 

Kiki underwent a bunch of testing and the results came back as Cushing’s Disease.   We put her on medication right away and some of the symptoms calmed down a bit. A year later, she is still taking medication as she will have to for the rest of her life.   She is doing better than she was, and is still the happy little dog she has always been. 

Melanie – The Cat, A.K.A. Mely-Noodles

About a year ago, our cat Mel had started to lose weight and her hair was falling out.  I did some research to see what I could come up with. I figured it had to do with her thyroid.  I brought her in to the vet and told them I suspected it was her thyroid. Mel underwent tests and it was her thyroid that was acting up.  She has been on medication and is doing 100% better now. 

“Farmer Jer believes I should have been a nurse since I care so much for our furry kids, and him as he gets sick from time to time.  Health issues can be really crippling, so I do whatever I can to help. ” 

Christine Valitutti

Christine Valitutti’s Other Interests

Aside from going out boating with my husband Farmer Jer (Jeremy Shantz), and helping with the gardening (we love to grow our own organic food as much as possible), I also enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  When we aren’t working on our websites, or out boating or hiking, I like to practice Yoga. I love Yoga and am working towards getting certified so that I can teach and guide others with this wonderful form of exercise and relaxation.  We all need a little relaxation in our busy lives, don’t you agree? Stay tuned for my yoga website that is in the making!  

Lots of love and light to you all. 


Christine Valitutti

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