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Dogs That Are Good Alone – A List Of Breeds

Do you love dogs and would love to have one?  Maybe you had a dog as a child, and you’d like to have one of your own, at your place.  You want a dog, but there is one obstacle in the way. Work. Most of us have to go to work every day and spend hours away from home.  But with that being said, I have a solution for you! There are dogs that do well alone. That’s right, there are canines that can be left alone for long periods of time. 

Dogs, in general, do not really like to be left alone.  And they really don’t like being left alone for hours on end.  Some breeds may suffer from anxiety when left alone for hours. And some may become extremely bored and start making entertainment for themselves, at your expense.  However, there are breeds that are better than others when left alone for while.

Okay, now that I have your attention, let’s take a look at a few breeds that do well on their own, and low maintenance.

Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone

  • Akita
  • Basset Hound
  • Boston Terrier
  • Bullmastiff
  • Chihuahua
  • Dachshund
  • Grey Hound

The list above are dogs that can be left alone for a period of time.  Let’s take a closer look at these wonderful breeds. There is a dog for everyone!

A Smiling Akita
A Smiling Akita


The Akita is one adorable fuzzy-looking dog, is it not?   These canines may be cute, but they are not really an affectionate kind of dog.  Therefore, they will be fine if left alone for hours. Some may develop anxiety, but you will most definitely know by their behavior.

This dog extremely loyal and protective of its family and can be aggressive toward other dogs. However, with early socialization and training sessions, this dog can be an excellent canine companion.

Their coat is pretty low maintenance as they only require brushing once a week to remove any dead hair.  Easy Peasy!

General Stats of The Akita

  • Weight Male: 85-115 lbs (38 kg – 52 kg)
  • Weight Female: 65 – 90 lbs (29 kg – 40 kg)
  • Height Male: 25-28 inches (63.6 cm – 71 cm)
  • Height Female: 23 – 26 inches (58 cm – 66 cm)
  • Origin: Japan 
Two Basset Hounds relaxing in a pile of leaves
Two Basset Hounds relaxing in a pile of leaves

Basset Hound

The good old Basset Hound. Did you know that the Hound group is the oldest of all dog breed groups? Also, this dog breed played a part in one of my favorite tv shows while growing up – Columbo!  Columbo was that detective show that ran from the 70s-90s.  Great show I tell you!

Basset hounds are very docile dogs.  They are extremely easygoing and get along great with children, other dogs, and other pets.  

These dogs are not an overly active dog, and they like to spend a lot of time relaxing and sleeping. So they might not even notice that you are gone!  However, they still need to get out and walk because they are prone to obesity and the health issues that come with it. So, that being said, when you get home from work, make sure you take your buddy out for a walk.  Your dog will need it due to all the relaxing it did while you were away. 

The Bassat is low maintenance when it comes to its coat.   Weekly brushing of their coat will do just fine. However, their face is a different story.  Their face should be washed regularly to keep it odor-free. They have a lot of wrinkles in the face, that can hold bad odors.  The Basset is also known to drool a lot. So please remember,  keep that face clean!

General Stats of the Basset Hound

  • Weight Male: 40 – 60 lbs (18kg – 27kg)
  • Weight Female: 40 – 60lbs (18kg – 27kg)
  • Height Male: 14 inches (35kg)
  • Height Female: 14 inches (35kg)
  • Origin: France
A Boston Terrier relaxing outside
A Boston Terrier relaxing outside

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is an extremely sensitive and devoted canine.   These dogs are very well behaved indoors, and a little sassy outdoors.  Boston Terriers love their humans and get along with children. They may be show aggression to other dogs that they are not familiar with. 

Boston Terriers have high energy bursts, but normally are rather calm and like to relax. Leaving them along for hours will not be the end of the world. These dogs will just stay calm and relaxed, and just wait for you to get home. Definitely a dog that does well alone.

The BS does require daily walks, so expect to take your pooch out when you get home for a walk or some playtime in the yard with a tennis ball. These dogs love tennis balls!

Their coat does not require a lot of maintenance.  A good once a week brushing will do just fine, and help get rid of any dead hairs. 

General Stats of the Boston Terrier

  • Weight Male:  10-25 lbs (4.5 kg – 11kg)
  • Weight Female: 10-25 lbs (4.5kg – 11kg)
  • Height Male: 15 – 17 inches (38 cm – 43 cm)
  • Height Female: 15 -17 inches (38cm – 43cm)
  • Origin: United States of America
A Bullmastiff relaxing in a field.  These dogs can be left alone for hours.
A Bullmastiff relaxing in a field. These dogs can be left alone for hours.


The Bullmastiff is a large dog breed that is quite the gentle beast.  They are quite quiet, devoted to their humans and a guardian, all in one package.  

These giants make a good companion for children, but they should be raised with them.  The Bullmastiff will not back down once it feels threatened and can be aggressive toward other dogs especially males. 

These giants make a good companion for children, but they should be raised with them.  The Bullmastiff will not back down once it feels threatened and can be aggressive toward other dogs especially males.   

The Bullmastiff requires daily exercise, however, they will be happy with just a walk.  Therefore they are fine being in the house all day. You will not have to worry about them destroying your home while you are away at work.

General Stats of The Bullmastiff

  • Weight Male: 110 – 130 lbs (49kg – 58kg)
  • Weight Female: 100 – 120 lbs (45kg – 54kg)
  • Height Male: 25 – 27 inches (63cm – 68cm)
  • Height Female: 24-26 inches (60cm – 66cm)
  • Origin: England
Chihuahuas can be left alone while you are away at work.


The Chihuahua is quite the small dog, but let the size trick you.  These little spitfires like to act bigger than they are. However, they are sweet little companions, and very devoted to their humans. 

This dog gets along well with other dogs and pets,  but they do not like strangers in their house.  

You may think that these dogs are highly active, but they are not nearly as active as other small dog breeds.  These little guys are fine to leave all day. This cute little dog will sleep and relax all day until you get home. Then the fun can begin. You’ll have to take this dog out once you get home. They may not be highly active, but they do need daily exercise.

Coat care for the Chihuahua is pretty low maintenance. Brushing once a week will do to help get rid of dead hair for the short-haired chihuahua. Now the long-haired chihuahua needs brushing two to three times a week to keep it healthy.

General Stats of The Chihuahua

  • Weight Male: 6lbs (2.7kg)
  • Weight Female: 6lbs (2.7kg)
  • Height Male: 6-9 inches (15cm – 22cm)
  • Height Female: 6-9 inches (15cm – 22cm)
  • Origin: Mexico 
Dachshunds are dogs that can be left at home while you are at work
Dachshunds are dogs that can be left at home while you are at work


The Dachshund is a small dog breed, that is bold, curious and always up for some fun.  This dog is independent but will join you on the couch and any activities you may throw its way.  

They are not highly active and will be just fine while you out at work.  However, they do need daily walks to keep them physically and mentally healthy.

Their coat does not require a lot of grooming.  A good brushing once or twice a week will get rid of the dead hair and keep it healthy. 

General Stats of The Dachshund

  • Weight Male: 11 lbs (4.9kg)
  • Weight Female: 11 lbs (4.9kg)
  • Height Male: 5-6 inches (12.7cm – 15.2cm)
  • Height Female: 5-6 inches (12.7cm – 15.2cm)
  • Origin: Germany 
Greyhounds are very fast and can be left alone at home.
Greyhounds are very fast and can be left alone at home.


The greyhound is known as the fastest dog that loves couches!  These dogs are quiet, so no need to worry about this dog barking while you are not home.  Greyhounds have great indoor manners.

These dogs do well with other dogs and animals especially if they are raised with them.  The greyhound is also very sensitive and can be timid from time to time. They love to please but are also independent. 

Greyhounds do not need a lot of grooming.  A good brushing two times a week will keep the coat clean of dead hair and healthy. 

General Stats of The Greyhound 

  • Weight Male: 65 – 70 lbs (29kg – 31kg)
  • Weight Female: 60 -65 lbs (27kg – 29kg)
  • Height Male: 27-29 inches (68cm – 73cm)
  • Height Female: 26-28 inches (66cm – 71cm)
  • Origin: Great Britain


There you have it. If you love dogs and want to have one you can. Even if you work all day, there is a dog out there for you. We have covered a few breeds that you can choose from. All these dogs are good alone and will behave while you are away at work.

Although these breeds are not very active, they do require daily exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy. Make sure that your dog has access to food and water while you are away at work.

Good luck in choosing the right dog for you!

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