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Dogs That Are Good For Cancer (Zodiac Sign)

Are you a gentle, compassionate, and sensitive Cancer looking for your best dog friend? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll examine how the zodiac works, history, and modern zodiac philosophy. And I take a journey into the heart of what characteristics are common in the Cancer zodiac sign archetype and which dogs are best suited for those protective and passionate Cancer signed individuals out there. Join me in our journey of what dog breeds are best suited to Cancer (zodiac sign, of course).

Some Useful Definitions In This Article

  1. Astronomy – the scientific study of celestial objects and all phenomena which occurs outside of the Earth’s atmosphere
  2. Astrology – the study of the movements and relative positions of heavenly bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world
  3. Constellation – a group of stars forming a recognizable pattern. Constellations are commonly named after mythological figures and creatures are.
  4. Precession – the slow movement of a primary axis of a spinning body around a secondary axis. In the case of Earth, the geographic north pole wanders around in a circle which takes about 26, 000 years to complete one cycle. Think of it like a top, a top never spins perfectly straight, but the tip can wander in circles.
  5. Zodiac – the belt of the sky within about eight degrees of the ecliptic, which is divided into twelve regions. The position of the sun relative to Earth, at the time of your birth, determines the sign or area of the zodiac that will be yours for life.

Cancer Snapshot

The symbol for the zodiac sign of Cancer is shown.  The picture is an illustration of a crab.
The symbol for the zodiac sign Cancer is the crab.
  • Astrological Symbol: The Crab
  • Element: Water
  • Dates: June 22 – July 22
  • Planets: Moon
  • Characteristics: Warm, Gentle, Sensitive, Compassionate, Considerate, Romantic and Protective 

How The Zodiac Works

An illustration by Farm 6 Media, showing the zodiac wheel and corresponding constellations and months.  The Earth and Sun are shown along with the Earth's orbit.
Illustration by Jeremy Shantz

Did you know that we all have multiple zodiac signs? That’s right, and we have a symbol for each celestial body. But, most people are only aware of one of these signs, the Sun sign. How exactly does this work, though? Let me explain.

You see, when you are born, let’s say in January, for example, the Sun and Earth are in a particular position compared to each other. As you know, the Earth revolves around the Sun. Imagine this as a big wheel with the Sun in the center and the Earth revolving around it. Now, imagine this wheel has twelve spokes. But, these are imaginary spokes, so they don’t move with the Earth. Instead, they map out the ‘wheel’ into twelve sections. Each of these sections has a constellation in it. That’s how we can identify what ‘spoke’ we are passing and thus what part of space relative to the Sun we happen to be in at the time. Follow me?  

My Zodiac Sign Is My Sun Sign?

Your zodiac sign (aka Sun sign) is the section of the zodiac which lines up with the Earth and is ‘behind’ the Sun when viewed from the vantage point of Earth. In other words, if you look at the graphic I made above, you’ll see that the Earth is somewhere in its orbit around January. Thus Capricorn and Aquarius are ‘behind’ the Sun, causing the Sun to reside in the house of either Capricorn or Aquarius, depending on which day in January it would be.

Our new zodiac (western zodiac that is) utilizes what’s called the tropical zodiac. The tropical zodiac is aligned with the equinoctial points of our orbit. But, what the heck is equi… what? Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

Equinoctial points are two points in the year when our orbit brings us in a position where our equator lines up with the Sun’s center. But how do we determine where the Sun’s center is? Well, the Sun, like Earth, spins on an axis. The furthermost edge of the sphere spinning at the highest velocity is the equator. Just like Earth, it’s the point where you are furthest from the axis of the Earth’s rotation and subsequently traveling at the most considerable speed as the planet spins about its axis.  

Planets Spin Like A Top

As I am almost sure you are aware, the Earth’s axis is on a tilt concerning the plane of its orbit around the Sun. And as the Sun itself spins on an axis, the Sun’s equator is the point lining up perpendicular to the Sun’s center and the axis of rotation.

Each year, in two places, our Earth’s orbit takes us to a position where our equator ‘wheel’ if imagined projecting out to the Sun, lines up with the Sun’s equator, or rotation center if you will.

These two points, called the Equinoctial points, allow us to mark these two specific locations in our orbit and thus align constellation changes in position to these points. One such alignment is the tropical zodiac. And as mentioned, it is the alignment of the tropical zodiac, which is the fundamental basis for the modern western planet. But, now the question arises, where did this whole idea come from in the first place?

A Little Zodiac History (Western Zodiac)

An illustration of the Cancer constellation in the sky above.
The constellation of Cancer.

Throughout history, humanity has always been fascinated with the stars above. Only recently has the notion that the stars subtly alter and affect our lives. It wasn’t always that way. The idea that the stars influence our lives didn’t come about until about a thousand years ago. Before that, people looked up at the stars for something entirely different. Let’s take a look together, shall we?

Stars First Contact

The first use of the stars that history tells us was by those of the Sumerian civilization. They used the notion of constellations to communicate directions and for navigation. You see, back then, they may not have had compasses or detailed maps like today. And you can guarantee there was no GPS or Google Maps either.

The use of the stars to navigate would have been a vital part of teaching people whether they were dealing with sailing or just herding animals. You had to know how to get home. And how better to do that than have a map right above your head. As long as it wasn’t overcast, your route was the stars, of course.

Investigative Zodiac Detective Work 

There are several pieces of evidence we can use to conclude that the Sumerians were the ones who created the first known forty-eight constellations. The first important fact is that the original constellations did not include any from the southern hemisphere. They would all have been visible from the northern hemisphere. If we look at the oldest illustrations of the constellations, we see that initially, they all lined up with the horizon at about 36.5 degrees latitude. We can extrapolate that the original point of view of the constellations was on the same latitude as what was Sumeria at the time. But, how do we know when the time was? That leads to our second clue.

The time clue from the constellations plays out as follows. So, the original constellations were all conceived as being right-side up. That is, their bottom baseline would have been parallel to the horizon from the Earth at the time. For example, one would not look up at the sky and imagine a giant griffin upside down; one would imagine it right side up. But, what is right-side up in space? For us, it is the perspective of the person looking up at the stars to imagine the images of the constellations.  

Now, we know that the Earth orbits the Sun, and the Sun moves on its path through space. As our galaxy also spins and moves around, so over time, our constellations change. They change over many years as to their relative position in the sky. If we were to video record the stars over time, we see them move and wander. If we were to play this recording in reverse and then track the movement back further beyond our record, we would see an interesting fact. All the original constellations lined up with 36.5 degrees latitude at about 2,900 BC. We can infer from this evidence that the Sumerians created the original forty-eight constellations at that time. 

Philosophy And Belief Of The Power Of The Zodiac

Okay, so I never really bought into the whole zodiac thing. Not until I did my research, that is. Now, I’m not so sure that science has it figured out. I think maybe science might just show us how the zodiac is not such a far fetched idea. That is, the idea that planetary alignments affect our lives. Let me explain the theory.

Okay, so first off, we know that our Sun provides both life and death. It is a creator and a destroyer all at once. The immense energy the Sun is shedding at all times is almost inconceivable. We know it provides power to fuel life here on Earth, as well as drive our climate and many other systems.  

Not only does the Sun share immense amounts of energy with us, but it also provides the gravity to hold the Earth in a nice stable spin in what we call the ‘life zone’ in space. That is the zone around our Sun, where we believe that life can fairly quickly exist given the right conditions, of course. We know the gravity the Sun has is a significant effect on our planet and, therefore, our very existence. Not only that, but gravity of our own Earth holds us from floating off to our doom out in outer space.

Therefore, if gravity and energy affect life on Earth to the very existence of life in the first place, then why wouldn’t gravity of surrounding celestial bodies also affect us, if not in more subtle ways? I mean, look at how much the Moon affects our oceans. We know the gravitational forces of the Moon significantly affect the Earth and its inhabitants. Perhaps our consciousness, as delicate as it is, is indeed affected by the gravities of bodies accompanying us on our Sun’s journey. That’s the theory anyway. Until science can prove it one way or another, my money is on gravity affecting every aspect of our existence, right down to subtly transforming our personalities.

Cancer Traits And Characteristics

Now that you know how the zodiac works, the basic history, and philosophy, you’re ready to dive into the characteristics of the Cancer zodiac alignment. I believe that knowing the basics of how the zodiac works help to reinforce the importance of the qualities which are affected by planetary alignments. And in the case of Cancer people and dogs, I don’t believe this to be an exception.

Cancers are known as considerate and passionate people. Protective to a fault, the Cancer is a sensitive and warm person. Great at listening to others, but often becoming over-involved. Perhaps this is due to a heightened sense of empathy that often accompanies vulnerable individuals.

The dog breeds which do best with this sort of considerate and sensitive personality are those who both mirror the same characteristics and also those that uplift and help inspire the Cancer. Due to Cancer archetypes often becoming over-involved in dramatic aspects of life, they can often suffer from depression due to their sensitivity to other’s pain and suffering. For this reason, an inspirational and ‘happy’ dog is also a smart combination with the Cancer zodiac sign.

10 Best Dog Breeds That Are Compassionate And Sensitive

Australian Shepherd

An Australian Shepherd looks to the left in this file photo.
The Australian Shepherd, a great

The Australian Shepherd is a bundle of energy wrapped in stamina and controlled by a compassionate and highly intelligent mind. This dog is a fantastic creature, but it does need the attention and the stimulation to fulfill its intelligence, or it will start to act up.  

If you’re looking for a companion who will be sensitive to how you feel and will be loyal to the end, then this dog is for you. Just remember that all highly intelligent dogs require extra care to fulfill their mind,s or they misbehave.

Basset Hound

A Basset Hound squints in the bright light of day in this photo.
A Basset Hound

The amazing tracking ability of the Basset Hound is quite remarkable. Yet, these dogs remain one of the sweetest and kindest dog breeds. They are excellent with other animals and of course also with children. It’s important to note, though, that if you have kids, make sure they know not to put any weight on the dogs back. These dogs don’t do well when weighted down and can get hurt than many other dogs when it comes to putting pressure on their back.

The Basset Hound has a few special requirements given its build and stature. As mentioned, the Basset is known to have back issues when weighed down. Typically if you don’t weigh them down, they are excellent. Coincidentally they also need a lot of exercises to make up for their short and stubby legs. This short-legged stature means the Basset Hound is by no means a good runner. The dog prefers to stroll along, to sniff and investigate along the way. It makes exercise difficult, and thus they require extra time to walk to maintain a decent enough amount of activity each day. Add in Basset Hound’s stubborn nature, and it can be quite challenging to get the dog off track once it finds something to sniff and track.

Border Collie

A Border Collie is shown looking into the camera in this file photo.
A Border Collie looks right at you, into your very soul!

Border Collies are highly intelligent dogs. I find the more you look at dog breeds that are sensitive and compassionate, the more you see a distinction between intelligence and perception of emotion. I think the Border Collie is by far one of the best dogs at being compassionate to its owners’ feelings. This is one of those dogs that just knows when you’re upset. They sense it. And they respond with love and kindness.

Like the Australian Shepherd, the Border Collie is another high energy dog. And their intelligence matches their energy, of that there is no doubt. Due to the heightened level of intelligence, these dogs can sometimes perceive more than a person might. Indeed a fantastic dog breed, as long as you can keep up with them.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel adorably looks into the camera in this file photo.
A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – what a cutey!

This little dog, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is the epitome of the ideal house dog. They are sweet, quiet, compassionate, and friendly. They are such a great little dog that some revere them as being little furry people in the family.  

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a perfect example of a happy and friendly little dog. There is nothing more this dog wants than to hang out with and please their owner. A faithful companion dog, these little furry bundles of love get along with other animals and children, making them an ideal addition to the family.


A Chihuahua poses for a camera shot in this file photo.
The elegant and small sized Chihuahua bonds with a single person really well.

The Chihuahua is one tiny dog with one tremendous amount of character. These small dogs think they are big dogs with big hearts. They tend to bond with an individual and are great dogs for single folks. Not to say they don’t do well in families, they do, but they tend to bond to an individual over a group.  

These tiny dogs love to be companions to their chosen humans and will attempt to guard that human with their lives. It can be quite comical to see a small little thing trying to act tough to stand up for their human who towers over them like a giant. All comedy aside, the Chihuahua is a happy and loyal little dog that makes an excellent companion to any Cancer archetype due to their loyalty and sensitivity for the human they have selected.  


Two young Greyhounds race in this file photo.
Even when young, Greyhounds love a good sprint.

In contrast to the tiny Chihuahua comes the Greyhound. Standing at up to 30 inches tall at the withers (76 cm), the Greyhound is a tall and elegantly built dog. These dogs are swift runners, not that you’d know that indoors. Indoors they are quite calm and sensitive to those around them. They love to curl up with you on the couch and snuggle.  

The Greyhound is elegant. They are incredibly well-mannered indoors, almost instinctively so. These great dogs are compassionate to the feelings of others and will not hesitate to snuggle up to a sad family member in an attempt to cheer them up, of course. This incredible sensitivity is only reserved for the family, though, as the Greyhound can be a bit timid with strangers.

The regal Greyhound makes a great companion to the Cancer archetype. The only drawback with these dogs is that when you take them out for exercise, they tend to want to chase things like squirrels, cats, birds, anything smaller than them that moves actually. This behavior can be a bit tiresome to deal with as they are remarkably fast runners. And it also means they need the training to deal with other pets in the house from a young age to prevent problems.

Great Dane

A Great Dane on a raised part of the forest floor looks onward with regal stature in this file photo.
A Great Dane looks onward from a forest hill. What a beautiful shot, don’t you think? Let me know which pic you like the best in the comments below.

Another more giant dog, the Great Dane, is another friendly and spirited dog. Their large size and eagerness to play can be a handful, especially if you have small children, and thus the dog should always be supervised when around little kids. These loving dogs don’t all understand jumping up can be too much for a small child when the dogs are excited and want to play.

This loving loyalty translates into the dog being a relatively sensitive and compassionate dog. Although these dogs may not be as alert or intelligent as some of their more sensitive dog cousins, they still make our list for a great addition to any family due to their loving loyalty and sweet, playful nature.

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is shown towering over a small breed dog in this file photo.
The massive Irish Wolfhound towers over another dog in a field in Ireland.

Since we are on a roll with talking about large dogs, there’s no dog taller than the Irish Wolfhound. These massive dogs were originally from Rome, and the first mention was in 391 AD. These dogs were bred for both hunting and also arena battles in Rome against wolves for sport. Luckily they are no longer battled in arenas, and this is no longer the case. Despite the heritage as a vicious hunter and warrior, this is one of the most gentle and caring dog breeds.

These dogs are susceptible and caring. The Irish Wolfhound shows an uncanny ability to be soft-natured and sweet. They are easy-going and make a great, if not a giant member of the family.

Old English Sheepdog

The Old English Sheepdog is a happy and gentle big fluffy dog. With their fluffy coat, they look almost like a giant panda bear. And like Po in Kung Fu Panda, these large jovial dogs can be quite comical and amusing to their human family.

Due to these dogs being such sweet and gentle dogs, their compassion and kindness to their human families are apparent. The dog is a loving and devoted member of any family. They do exceptionally well with children, often acting as a guardian and even parent to the child. They will often tend to the kids, just like the famous Newfoundland named Nana in the classic tale of Peter Pan. Like the Newfoundland dog, the Old English Sheepdog often acts as a nanny to kids, treating them as members of their flock. 

Even if you don’t have kids, these dogs are amazing and make an excellent new family member for any Cancer zodiac archetype.


A Hungarian Vizsla is shown resting on the lawn near a woodpile in this file photo.
I’d be resting too after chopping all that wood! 😉

The Vizsla is a real hunter. The dogs were bred for the hunt. With their incredible pointing ability, the Vizsla is always on the lookout for a bird scent and makes an excellent companion. These dogs are affectionate and quite compassionate. Often very sensitive, these dogs can even be timid towards strangers. However, this sensitivity can also help to make the Vizsla an excellent guard dog.

Due to the dog’s sensitive nature, it makes them a caring and compassionate dog to its human family. The breed is energetic and also needs to get a good deal of exercise each day. So, if you’re an active outdoors type, this breed is definitely for you. 

10 Best Dog Breeds That Are Jovial And Inspiring

American Eskimo

A happy American Eskimo runs about a field at playtime in this file photo.
Time to play!

The American Eskimo is as fun to be around as it is a beautiful dog. With their fluffy white coats, these dogs look like they’d be right at home trotting along a frozen winter landscape. These dogs are highly intelligent and love to please. They inspire with their very presence.  

Besides being so eager to please, the American Eskimo is also quite lively and playful. The only concern you might have with these fantastic little white fluffs of love is that they can be a bit off with small children or strangers. It is the unfortunate carry-over from their heritage of being a small watchdog. They tend to be a bit tenacious when it comes to their wariness of strangers.


A young Beagle sits in the grass in this file photo.
Aren’t Beagles the cutest puppies? Let me know in the comments below which picture you like the best!

Beagles are sweet pack dogs. The Beagle was initially bred as a pack hunter, and their need for companionship hasn’t changed over the years. Luckily, Beagles don’t mind human companionship in place of a pack of other Beagles. This dog’s happy attitude is pretty much contagious. They are such a loving and sweet little dog.

One of the greatest things about the Beagle is its happy and tolerant spirit. They are great with kids due to this tolerance, as well as being gentle. This dog’s uncanny ability to hang out with playful children makes them genuinely inspiring. Parents will know what I’m saying here.


A drooling Boxer is shown looking up towards the camera in this file photo.
Awe, he’s drooling! Cute but gross at the same time!

These playful and exuberant dogs are active and happy. They are playful and outgoing. The Boxer is an excellent dog for any busy person or family and is quick to learn and responsive to commands. They are devoted and highly attentive.

Like many other intelligent dogs, the Boxer needs to have daily exercise and mental stimulation. Anytime you have an active and intelligent dog, their needs are varied and required. When you have a smart dog, you need to keep them stimulated. Just think about what would happen if you left a child in a room with no toys or social interaction. It wouldn’t take long before they get themselves into trouble. The Boxer is no exception, so make sure you keep their minds stimulated.


A white Bulldog is shown on a white background in this very white file photo.
The Bulldog looks grumpy but is one of the happiest dog breeds around.

Bulldogs are such a funny breed. They look grumpy by their very genetic facial appearance. However, these dogs might look grumpy, but they are one of the most jovial dog breeds around. The Bulldog is calm and mellow and good with children. They are also good with other pets. These dogs are usually pretty good with strangers also, but can sometimes be a bit aggressive with strange dogs.

These short-legged dogs like to get daily exercise, despite their short stature. The issues these dogs face are two-fold. First, the breed is not very tolerant of higher temperatures. So, if it’s a hot summer day, you’ll want to keep an eye on them and try to keep them in colder temperature areas. The second issue they can face is due to being a brachycephalic breed. What does that mean? It means the dogs ‘squished face’ means they can sometimes face breathing problems. They are also limited to ground travel, as many airlines do not allow travel by brachycephalic dogs or cats. You can find out more about their travel requirements in my article about dogs and flight requirements.


A Dachshund sits on some steps after a long walk in this file photo.
Dachshunds are adorable. Don’t you agree? Let me know at the end of the article in the comments if you think this is a cute picture.

Another short-legged dog breed, the Dachshund’s attitude is by no means held back by its short stature. They are a bold and curious dog breed. Loving to play and go on adventures, the Dachshund is a jovial breed.

Sometimes these dogs can be a little timid with strangers and strange dogs. The dog tends to get snappy with unknown children, so be cautious when near unknown children. The Dachshund is a great dog for apartment and city-dwelling individuals and families. Although they need to get daily exercise, they tend to do just fine when living in an apartment. Either way, this happy dog is an excellent benefit to any family or any Cancer archetype individual.

Golden Retriever

A Golden Retriever slides into the right side of this picture as though he were photo bombing it.
This picture tells it all about our silly friends the Golden Retrievers.

The classic and happy family dog, that’s the well-known Golden Retriever. It is one of the most incredible and friendly dogs there is. That’s why the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in North America. These larger and activity inspired dogs love to play and are eager to please.

As with other intelligent dogs, you need to remember to keep them stimulated. Both physically and mentally. Some Goldens have developed issues when left alone and isolated for long periods, or when not given enough exercise or stimulation. But, when appropriately raised, trained, and cared for, these jovial and vibrant dogs make a great companion and family member for anyone with the zodiac sign of Cancer. Golden Retrievers do well with just about anyone who takes care of them properly.


The Havanese is a friendly, happy, and busy little dog. They are always checking things out, and love to be the center of attention. It is one dog that is a total joker and loves nothing more than to spend the whole day playing. They are great with children and people of all ages. A very social and super friendly little dog, you can’t help but smile when a Havanese is in the room.

Standing at between 8 – 12 inches at the withers (20 – 30 cm), the Havanese is a small breed, as mentioned. But don’t think for a minute that will stop them. They think they are little people and will want to hang out and play all day long. The only drawback to these ultra-friendly and happy small dogs is that they tend to express their excitement vocally, so a bit of barking training will be required.

Labrador Retriever

A chocolate colored Labrador Retriever is shown looking past the camera in this file photo.
A chocolate Labrador Retriever

Like the Golden Retriever, the Labrador Retriever is another happy and playful breed. Labs are another incredible breed. They are intelligent, active, obedient, and very patient with both children and other dogs and pets. Also, like the Golden Retriever, these dogs can get into trouble when not given the proper stimulation or exercise.

Do you have a swimming pool? If so, you’d better know you’ll be sharing it with your Lab. These dogs LOVE to swim. If you get a good throw toy, try throwing it in the pool. The dog will be so happy to jump in for a swim to retrieve the toy; it will make their day. Labs are incredible swimmers, as well as incredible retrievers. And they just love to please their human too, making them an excellent candidate not only for Cancers but also for anyone of any other zodiac sign.


A white Poodle looks at the camera in this file photo.
The Amazing Poodle!

What can I tell you about this ridiculously intelligent dog breed? Well, for one, they are smart. Very Smart. It seems a bit of a contradiction due to their small and slim head, but no, these dogs have brains that work on overdrive.

Highly trainable, jovial, and playful, the Poodle is a superior pet dog breed. No doubt, they are known to all and are a superior breed. The Poodle has a few different sub-breeds differentiated by their size. I am referring to both the Standard Poodle and the Miniature Poodle as they have a few similar characteristics worth mentioning. Both are energetic and playful, a jovial and exuberant dog. They love adventure, and the larger of the two still retains a lot of its desire to retrieve. This desire stems from the days the dogs were utilized for hunting.

The Poodle is not only intelligent, but it is also an avid swimmer and has a zest for adventure. These dogs love to go on a hike with you so they can explore new places. If you like being active and have a will to go on adventures, then this dog is for you.


A smooth Weimaraner puppy looks directly into the camera in this file photo.
A smooth coat Weimaraner youngster is staring into your soul.

The Weimaraner is a dog from the old world Germany. They were initially bred for hunting and still retain a lot of characteristics like the love to run. These are another dog breed that shows signs of decent levels of intelligence as well as requiring an active lifestyle. If you like being active, the Weimaraner might just be the perfect dog for you.

The breed is both bold and unruly. The dogs are sort of an ‘in-your-face,’ ‘bull in a china shop’ sort of breed. They love being your center of attention and can be a bit pushy to that end. Exercising caution is advised when this dog is near children or other pets as they can be a touch aggressive toward them. However, with proper training and exposure from a young age to both kids and other pets, the Weimaraner is quite capable of being trained to have a happy and peaceful existence with kids or other pets.

10 Best Dog Breeds That Are Protective And Caring


An American Akita runs across some rocks in this file photo.
An American Akita, the close cousin to the Akita Inu.

The Akita Inu is a dog breed that originated in Japan. There is an American version, the American Akita as well. Both are quite similar, so I’m lumping them together for this recommendation.

The Akita is a powerful and robust medium to large-sized dog breed. They are reserved with strangers and thus make an excellent guard dog. The Akita is often also a bit territorial, which also increases its worth as a guard dog. Although the breed is typically quite loving and friendly when it comes to the family, caution will be required with this breed when it comes to other pets and small children. Any large dog breed often requires extra training and exposure at a young age to ensure proper behavior.

Anatolian Shepherd

An Anatolian Shepherd sits looking to the left in this file photo.
The large Anatolian Shepherd.

The Anatolian Shepherd is an excellent guard and watchdog. They are territorial and protective. This dog has an ultimate sense of duty to it’s guarding duties, making it quite a serious worker. They can be wary of strangers, which makes them an excellent watchdog. However, they are also quite gentle and kind to family and known friends.

This dog breed must be treated with caution when it comes to other pets. The Anatolian isn’t always amenable to other pets or other dogs. They are typically good with kids but don’t usually have the patience to play with younger children for long. For this reason, the dogs require supervision if a hyper child is in the vicinity.

Appenzeller Sennenhund

The Appenzeller Sennenhund looks up at the camera in this file photo.
The Appenzeller Sennenhund, another fine looking dog breed, wouldn’t you say?

Originally from the Swiss Alps, this dog breed is a solid-built versatile dog breed. They have excelled at working on the farm, being a watch or guard dog, working, or even just being a decent pet. Due to this versatility, this breed has come to the same attention as the German Shepherd. And for the same reason. That is, its ability to excel at multiple different types of jobs and training.

The Sennenhund is not as big as the German Shepherd but still makes an excellent guard dog. They are highly intelligent and trainable, with a good sense to want to please their human. It is one of the critical factors which has made the breed so successful and allowed them to expand to other continents, not just stay within the borders of Switzerland. If you want a medium-sized dog breed that can likely excel at any task, then this is the dog for you.


A Bullmastiff is shown sitting in a field in this file photo.
The cute Bullmastiff is a gentle and quiet large dog.

The Bullmastiff dog breed is reliable and stubborn. They don’t fall prey to being coerced into doing something they don’t want to, that’s for sure. However, at the same time, this breed is gentle and calm. They don’t ‘lose it’ quickly. And it is a good thing due to the dogs’ size and strength.

These devoted companions, the Bullmastiff that is, are excellent guards and watchdogs. As mentioned, they won’t get riled up quickly, but watch out if they do. When this dog senses a problematic situation, they spring into action with a fearless vigor that would frighten even the staunchest of ‘would be’ burglars. If a gentle and kind guardian is a dog you’re looking for, then look no further. Just keep in mind that with any large dog, proper training is a must. Also, these gentle giants aren’t so kind when it comes to other dogs, especially when it’s two males. You may want to keep their distance in check. Other than that, the Bullmastiff is an excellent guardian and companion to any Cancer zodiac sign.


A female Dobermann stands on a pebbled beach in this file photo.
A female Dobermann stands on a pebbled beach.

The Dobermann is one of my favorite breeds out of Europe. The Dobermann owes its heritage to Germany and the Pinscher, of course. Although the dog breed is called just Dobermann in Europe, many North Americans still refer to the dog breed as the Dobermann Pinscher.

The quintessential guard dog, that’s what so many people consider the Dobermann to be. Myself included. These dogs are wonderful companions, highly intelligent, and also highly perceptive. They are always keeping their senses tuned into their surroundings and will let you know in a heartbeat if they suspect something is afoot.  

Often employed in pairs or triplets, these dogs do well with other dogs when trained and socialized correctly. Due to their heightened intelligence, the Dobermann requires a decent amount of mental stimulation. They also need a good deal of physical exercise, being a firmly built and athletic dog.  

Although employed typically in multiples, these dogs can sometimes become aggressive or weary of strange dogs, so caution is required when introducing to strangers. It does, however, add to the dog’s abilities as an excellent guard or watchdog.

German Shepherd

Two German Shepherds look at the camera in this file photo.
These two look like they might be getting warm out in the sun for this shot!

German Shepherds often top many dog lists, as you may have noticed looking at dog lists online. Many records of the best dogs, the smartest dogs, etc., maintain this breed as being a top choice. And for a good reason. Even police forces around the world utilize the skill of the German Shepherd.

The GS is a highly intelligent and trainable dog. Add in their formidable size, and you’ve got a combination that makes for an excellent working and guard dog. And being so intelligent, they are quite alert to your family’s feelings. Often great with kids too, the German Shepherd is an excellent dog for just about anyone but does exceptionally well in the presence of those who possess the archetypes of the Cancer zodiac sign.

Like any large and intelligent dog, the GS requires proper training and socialization to be a gentle and positive family member. It is especially true if you have small children or other pets. Always make sure you properly introduce and train the GS to small children and other pets to avoid any issues. Also, make sure you keep this dog healthy with regular exercise and proper mental stimulation like training.

Giant Schnauzer

A Giant Schnauzer jumps for a toy in a training exercise in this file photo.
The Giant Schnauzer – Did you know they were also used as police dogs in some countries?

Another larger and playful dog, the Giant Schnauzer, is ambitious and rambunctious. They are often employed by police and guard services due to their size, intelligence, and trainability. The Giant Schnauzer is thought by some to rival the German Shepherd in its ability to work with security enforcement.

These dogs are protective and make a great watch and guard dogs. However, the dogs need a certain amount of mental stimulation as well as exercise each day to avoid bad behavior and poor health. The Giant Schnauzer is also reserved with strangers but loving and caring for their family. It makes them an excellent dog for Cancer archetype or any family. Although, caution is required when considering this breed if you have other pets or another dog as these Schnauzers don’t always mix well with other animals. They can also be a bit too much for really small or young children, so again, proceed with caution if you have tiny kids.


A pack of three Rottweilers sits in a farmers field in this photo.
Three little Rottweilers… I wouldn’t want to mess with these dogs!

Sharing the pedestal with the Dobermann, the Rottweiler is another dog breed known as a guard dog. The Rottweiler’s solid and broad chest and jaws make them quite intimidating. And they know it. Rottweilers are known to push their way past you or anyone else who happens to be in the vicinity. I’ve had them come and lean against me, trying to move me, just to be dominant. Seriously. I have a friend with a breeding pair of Rottweilers, and the male loves to just push you out of his way, even if he isn’t going in the direction where he’d need to do it.

They are reliable, alert, and confident. These dogs make an excellent choice for anyone looking for an intimidating guard dog. When appropriately trained, these dogs can learn to tolerate kids and other pets, but they are a powerful breed that requires constant training and discipline to keep them from trouble. I don’t recommend if you have other small pets, but they may do well with other large dogs if raised with them from a young age and trained appropriately. 

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier stands by a stream in this file photo.
I love the markings on the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, don’t you? Let me know in the comments below!

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is another robustly built dog breed. As a medium-sized version of a Rottweiler, the Staff is another tank. Their stable and full jaw and chest can be intimidating, too, just on a slightly smaller scale than that of the Rottweiler. Despite this dog’s stature, they are a fun-loving and sweet dog.

These dogs are maybe not the best guard dogs, but they can be great companions and won’t hesitate to protect their families. That’s what makes them get to this list. The dog is known as a nanny dog in the United Kingdom for this dog’s love to take responsibility for the kids.

Being only 14 to 16 inches tall, these dogs are what I’d consider being a medium-sized dog. And they can be quite intimidating if they are angry with you. That said, they don’t hesitate to protect their loved ones. It makes them an excellent guarding family dog, in my opinion. And I believe they would do well with those who have the Cancer zodiac sign personalities.

Thai Ridgeback

A Thai Ridgeback rests looking at the camera in this file photo.
A Thai Ridgeback. Not the ridge you were expecting, was it?

The Thai Ridgeback dog is an accomplished athlete and also highly intelligent. These dogs have a peculiar ridge on their back, formed from hair growing along the spine in the opposite direction to the rest of their coat. It’s strange but gives the breed it’s characteristic ridged look.

The Ridgeback is an excellent family guard dog. Originally the breed was bred for hunting and guarding. The dogs were expected to hunt for their food and thus have become incredibly fit, agile, and intelligent. The dogs are highly perceptive and have kept many of their original traits to this day. It makes the Ridgeback an excellent loyal guard dog for any Cancer zodiac archetype.


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