Large Dog House Review- Dura-Temp Insulated Dog Castle Series

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Dura-Temp Has Stepped Up To The Plate Once Again With The Customizable Large Dog Castle

Dura-Temp Dog Castle with 4' Sidewall
Dura-Temp Outdoor Large dog house with 4″ sidewall
Made In America
Construction grade material
Built to last
For Large Canines

Introduction To The The Dura-Temp Large Dog House

The Dura-Temp Large Dog Castle is an elite outdoor dog house.  These dog kennels are long-lasting and resilient, which can be customized to meet your style and needs. Built-in the United States of America, this is not one of those plastic cheap dog houses you find in the big box stores.  In fact, this large dog house is built with actual building materials.  These materials include real wood, roofing shingles, and Dura-Temp colored siding. 

I’m excited to let you know that the siding has a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.  So you know that they are confident and proud of all their dog houses.  The warranty covers the siding for things like splitting and cracking among other things.  This is such a great warranty, and you can pretty much guarantee no other dog house manufacturer will be offering such a fantastic warranty or even come close to matching their products period.

Today I will go through all the amazing features as well as the not so nice ones for this marvelous large outdoor insulated dog house.  This is a dog house for the person who is proud of their home, and wants something that will match it.  Insulated with a state of the art design, The Dura-Temp Dog Castle series is an extremely well built dog that I highly recommend.  Ready for a full walkthrough of this large dog house?  Follow me!

Dura-Temp Dog Castle

The Dura-Temp Large Outdoor Insulated Dog Castle is a customizable dog house that has been built to perfection.  Built with materials like the LP Techshield Radiant Barrier Sheating, Dura-Temp siding, and even interior glass board floor.  You know this large dog house has been built with professional-grade materials.  This large dog house has everything covered, including attention to detail creative design. 

As mentioned a little earlier, this dog house is most certainly not a cheap plastic dog house that you would typically find in the big box stores.  The price tag on these dog houses are not cheap as well.  If you are on a budget right now and are only looking for something to fit your budget, then this is not the right dog house for you.  This large dog house could be considered as an added value to your property just like a custom shed or gazebo.  Built to last, this unique dog house is high end with a hefty price tag.  However, it is the best dog house out there and worth every penny. 

Outdoor Insulated Large Dog House Castle -What’s Good About Them, and What’s Bad About Them.

Benefits & Features

American Made
Architectural Design Asphalt Shingles
3-1/2′ Rear Access Door to Enclosure
One Window
Ships in easy to assemble kit
Doggie Flap
14 Gauge Wire
Poly Floor on run
Glass board floor
Multiple colors to choose from for siding and roof shingles
LP TechShield Radiant Barrier Sheathing

Slight Annoyance

Shipping fees
Some assembling required
German Shepherd
A German Shepherd is an example of a large dog breed that would benefit from the Dura-Temp Large Dog Castle

An American Product To Be Proud Of!

American Flag
Buying American made dog houses supports America!

We as consumers have gotten used to buying cheap products that we just throw away, and more often than not, these products are from another country.  Most of these products are below average, poor quality, and can even be dangerous.  That is why it makes more sense to buy domestic. We need to help support our economies, and by purchasing one of these high end large dog houses, you are doing just that.  Made in America and built to last, you will not find a better quality made dog house overseas that is for sure.  Nor will you get the choice of colors and customization.

How about we get into the color options? You get to pick your own colors for the items listed below:

  • Siding color
  • Trim color
  • Shingle color

You’ll notice that there are fifteen colors for the siding.  These colors are the same for trim.  You also get to choose from seven lovely colors for the asphalt roof shingles!  With seven different size options for this large dog house there are a possible 11,025 color variations. If you think back, can you remember ever being given this kind of unique selection from one of the big box stores? I know I can’t remember ever being given this kind of selection.  Check out the colors for yourself.

Large Dog House Roof Shingles- Multiply Color To Choose From

A feature that really stuck out for me is that this dog house is made out of the same materials that are made to use a good quality home for people.  You read that right,  Dura-Temp provides the same quality and grade that our homes are made out of.  All this large dog house needs now is running water and electricity.  You could actually add electricity to this house if you really wanted to! An indoor light on a timer, and maybe a porch light.  Endless possibilities with this amazing large dog house.  The shingles for this roof really is a state of the art architect and is no surprise coming from Dura-Temp.  

The shingles that accompany this large dog house are state of the art shingles.  They come with a 30-year rating, which means this house is made to last.  You really got to give it to Dura-Temp, they provide the best materials for a dog house.  Materials that you would expect to see only a high end property. 

Quality Materials For A High End Dog House

To ensure the longevity and strength of this roof, the shingling that is rated for thirty years is made using a triple-layer fiberglass mat. This ensures that your dog is protected under the roof from harsh weather over the years.  This dog house will outlast your dog, and probably a few dogs after that.  Maybe then it will need some maintenance.  Who knows?  This house is built with such grade A materials you may never have to do any repairs.  This is what you need on your property.  A dog house that can increase your property value because of its beautiful design and built to last materials.  I can’t say enough good things about this fantastic dog house.  Take a look at all the amazing colors you choose from just for the roof shingles. 

I have to wonder why someone would go out and purchase a cheap plastic dog house for their furry family member.  No one would buy a plastic bed for their child, so why for a dog?  They are damp, not insulated, and do they really keep the rain out?.  Plus they fade from the sun and look even worse than they already did.  The sun will also heat up these plastic dog houses in no time. I would never provide my furry companion a plastic house to bake in. And let’s not get started on winter!  No one wants their dog turned into a popsicle!

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Now, don’t get me wrong, not all the big box stuff is no good, just most of it.  If someone is living in a climate where there is no cold winters, and the summers not too hot, and rarely any rain, then these dog houses may just do the trick.  But, for those of us who loath disposable plastics from overseas, and want a strong and efficient dog house for our dogs, there is Dura-Temp.

Dog House Various Sizes Available

“If you aren’t 100% sure which size of the dog house is right for your dog, check out the Dog House Times Official Dog House Sizing Charts. We were the first, and we’ll always be the number one at sizing dog houses with our extensive sizing charts with over 440 dog breeds recognized around the world. Even if you have a very rare breed, we’ve likely got the dog house sizing you need. Just click on the sizing chart button to find out what size you need. It will open in another window so that you won’t lose your place on this page.”

Jeremy Shantz

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Dog House Sizing Charts – 440 Breeds

A Better Insulated Outdoor Dog House For Your Doggo!

LP Techshield Radiant Heat Barrier Sheet

A lot of research has been done when it comes to our furry friend’s dog house.  There are many sites that claim they are reviewing or even selling dog houses that are insulated.  However, these claims are untrue.  I have even seen a dog house review where the word insulated was in the title.  But when I took a closer look at the review, the dog house was made of plastic and clearly was not insulated.  These sites are lying to customers and people are getting garbage. Dura-Temp dog houses are the exact opposite of that.   You will not find such a fantastic dog kennel on sites where they are selling everything under the sun.  You just won’t.  If you do, then please let us know. 

A Dura-Temp dog house is a huge step up from the rest.  This is an American made, built to last, fine piece of work!  Why buy elsewhere when you can get it from your own backyard? You can trust that all the materials are safe and not injected with some weird chemical that has who knows what in it!

Quality Beats All Expectations!

Let’s talk about the insulation on the Dura-Temp dog castle.  The insulation is right up there with the rest of the quality of this dog house.   LP Techshield Radiant Barrier Sheathing is the insulation for this dog house.  It was the first to be used in the construction industry and is still a great leader as it is one of the best radiant heat sheathing products out there.  The LP TechShield has the ability to block radiant heat reflection at 97%, this means the dog house is able to stay up to 30 degrees cooler than one of those plastic cheap plastic dog houses.  With this dog kennel your dog will be able to actually get up and move around, and most importantly your dog will be comfortable. Once again this large dog house by Derm-Temp screams out that it is the best product around and worth every penny. 

Interior Dog House Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Cleaning

I have yet another reason to tell you why this dog house is the perfect house for your dog.  If you have read this far, then I’m sure you are interested in the cleaning features.  The floor is easy to clean.  That’s right,  you do not need to put in a lot of effort to clean the interior floor of this bad boy!  

The awesome Dura-Temp Dog Castle uses a special PolyResin flooring, which can often be found in biotech and food industries.  These industries use this type of flooring because it is super easy to sanitize and clean. So Dura-Temp thought it would be great to add to their dog houses so that you will be able to clean and sanitize this dog house with great ease.  Some people may not even think about this, until they have to.  Here is a great example as to why this floor is a must have. 

Why You MUST HAVE An Easy-Clean Dog House

We do a lot of planting and gardening at home. We have even made a few videos and created a You Tube channel.  You can watch our gardening videos at: Farmer Jer’s Gardening Adventures.  Back to the story.  We had a battle last year with a rabbit that decided he was going to take over and eat all our beans!  Have no fear though, no rabbits were hurt in the making of this video. I actually really love rabbits and think they are the cutest little bundle of furs balls out there!

We also have a dog named Kiki.  She makes a cameo appearance in the video.  Well, Kiki is a dog, and dogs love to eat.  So naturally, Kiki found some rabbit poop that it kindly left behind for us.  Kiki ate said poop and then “Montezuma’s Revenge” happened.   This went on for two days and was not fun cleaning up.

Watch and you’ll see why an easy clean floor is essential!

I know, this story may not be what you had in mind, but I tell it because your dog is destined to make a mess from time to time.  When disaster strikes you want to be ready, and you need to have the best and easiest means to clean up the mess.  This is why you need to have the PolyResin floor in your dog house.  I highly recommend it, and it will save you from what we went through.  Take a look at what happened in our house during “Montezuma’s Revenge” with our dog. I still gag to this day thinking about it.  Thank the universe for Dura-Temp and their easy clean floor. 

Get Your Dog The Dura-Temp Outdoor Large Dog House Today

The Dura- Temp Dog Castle is the best large dog kennel for the outdoors.  It can also be an extra large dog house!  This castle could be yours, and your dog will absolutely love it.  All you have to do is hit the buy now button.  Or you give our partner a visit and pick up this amazing dog house. 

Need Help With Customizing Your Dura-Temp Large Dog Castle? Buy your Dura-Temp Large dog house through Dog House Times and get live support for your dog house build! Who else can you say offers this? NO ONE! This is only a Dog House Times Exclusive. send us your details via email at, or fill out a contact form online. Let us know the date you purchased the Dura-Temp dog house. We’ll check our link log and if it matches up, you just got FREE SUPPORT. Oh yeah, only from the team at Dog House Times.

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