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How Do I Know If My Yorkie Is Happy? (Answer Is Here)

A happy Yorkie sitting in a meadow

The Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie for short is one of the most beloved small dog breeds in society. They are small enough for apartment living or on an estate. The Yorkie can be timid and aloof toward strangers. It’s not always easy to read them due to the amount of facial hair they have, so how do I know if my Yorkie is happy? 

You can determine if your Yorkie is satisfied by reading his body language. Yorkies have a definitive way of expressing happiness through wagging their tails rapidly from side to side, jumping up and down, or getting the zoomies

Like all other dog breeds, the Yorkie will use its ears, mouth, eyes, and tail to express emotions such as fear, anger, and happiness. Let’s take a look at ways you get to identify signs your Yorkie is indeed happy. 

Yorkshire Terrier As A Puppy-How Do I Know If My Yorkie Is Happy?

Yorkie puppies are small and fragile; they are so small at birth and remain a little clumsy right up to about six months of age. It is essential to have a good health care routine for your Yorkie and start with basic obedience as soon as they have settled. 

The obedience training starts to form a habit for your Yorkie, and these necessary steps for a happy dog are fundamental. 

Yorkie puppies will tend to sleep a lot; they also love to play and will engage for short periods, and once tired, they will want to sleep. 

Giving your puppy adequate mental stimulation and little exercise when small will ensure you have well balanced happy Yorkie. 

A good idea is to create a puppy playpen for your tiny Yorkie puppy where he can play and not accidentally get stepped on. Some activities you can do with your Yorkie puppy to keep him happy are;

Keep in mind that the attention span of a Yorkie puppy is not very long. To keep them happy and entertained you can try the following:

  • Use puppy puzzle toys to stimulate mental growth.
  • Play with toys that have bells attached.
  • Always reward your puppy with a treat after he executes a command.
  • Give lots of praise when the puppy has done something right.
  • Crate train your young puppy regularly.

Like any breed, a Yorkie puppy will respond positively to reward-based training and show his happiness by wagging his little tail, wriggling his body from side to side, and licking you if possible. 

Does Socialization Make My Yorkie Happy?

If your Yorkie is the only dog in your house, you might want to consider puppy socialization classes. A social training class is one of the most important things you can do for your Yorkie. Socialization in dogs ensures stress-free engagement in public and your home. Let’s look at some socialization tips;

  1. Puppy school You can search for a puppy socialization school that typically supports smaller dogs’ behavioral aspects in the beginning. It might be less stressful for you and your Yorkie.
  2. Controlled Environment The best way to start would be around six months of age and in a controlled environment where your Yorkie can be introduced to different dogs, smells, and especially sounds.
  3. Loud Noise The biggest nightmare for any dog owner is having a terrified dog of loud noises. You can gradually expose your Yorkie to different noises, and with lots of accompanied praise, your puppy will be less frightened by unexpected noises. 
  4. Stress Control. One of the most significant issues with small dogs like Yorkies is their inability to deal with stressful situations; in a highly rated puppy school, you and your Yorkie will learn how to identify stressful situations and gain tools to manage them.

Socialization in dogs and especially Yorkies is vital for their happiness. 

Happy Yorkie sitting beside a flower garden

Things That Make My Yorkie Happy

Your Yorkshire Terrier is essentially a working dog; having been bred to keep the Yorkshire Mills rat-free, they do not like to be idle. Yorkies are bright and busy dogs and need a purpose other than lounging on the couch all day. 

Let’s look at things you can do to make your Yorkie happy;

  • General Obedience Training Being an essential part of any dog’s happiness and stability, Yorkies undergo obedience training like a fish to water. You can start them with the basics like sit, down, and stay and comply easily. 
  • Hide And Seek. Because Yorkies are essentially rat catchers, you can create hide and seek games with a particular toy. Your Yorkie will derive great pleasure out of finding the toy, and be sure to reward your Yorkie with lots of praise and a treat. 
  • Daily Exercise As a small breed, the Yorkie needs a minimum of 30 minutes of free-running and controlled gameplay per day. It is to ensure he can burn off any built-up energy and keep them relaxed and happy.
  • Leash Walking It is an integral part of your Yorkies’ training, they can be slightly stubborn walking on a leash, so they must associate a leash with happiness.
  • Chew Toys You will need to find a chew toy for your Yorkie that cannot be broken up into smaller pieces or torn up destructively. It is especially helpful when your Yorkie is teething or is on his own for a period. 
  • Spending Time With You. Yorkies are friendly dogs and want to be with you as much as possible. Making sure you spend constructive time with your Yorkie will ensure he is calm, happy, and content. 

Body Language Of A Happy Yorkie

All dogs have a specific way of showing their emotions using body language, and the Yorkie is no exception. Here are some of the Yorkies body language traits when it is happy.

  • Squinty Eyes Your Yorkie will have the cutest round brown eyes, and you can easily see they are happy when you are engaging, and they look at you with their eyes slightly squinted and blinks fast. 
  • Tail Wagging The Yorkie has a full tail with longer hair, and when they are happy, they will wag their tail from side to side rapidly; that is an unmistakable sign of happiness in a dog.
  • Soft Ears A happy Yorkie will slightly drop their ears in a soft, pulled-back manner, which seems to open the face; this also shows how happy they are to be with you.
  • Wriggling body. Along with wagging the tail, your Yorkie might also wriggle his body fervently when they are excited and happy.
  • Zoomies Yorkies also get the zoomies, a term for a sudden burst of energetic running, usually in circles. They do this when they experience a heightened sense of excitement and happiness—also a great way to burn off excess energy.
  • Smiling Although this is more human emotion, Yorkies, like other dogs, smile when they are content and happy, they might show their teeth but in a non-threatening way and accompanied by their squinty-eyed look. It is a sure sign your Yorkie is happy.


Keeping your Yorkie happy is very easy; starting good habits when they are small with obedience and proper socialization will ensure they are content and mentally stimulated. Daily exercise will burn off any excess energy and keep possible destructive behavior at bay. An exciting and safe environment will ensure a happy Yorkie. 

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