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How Do Yorkies Show Affection? (4 Truthful Answers)

How yorkies show affection. Yorkie giving a little boy a kiss.

Have you ever wondered how Yorkies show affection? As silly as it may sound to admit it, almost everyone has asked themselves at some point in their journey with their beloved Yorkie, “do they actually like me? How do Yorkies show affection?

How do I know if my dog enjoys being around me?” Let us have a look at how Yorkies show their love to their humans so that you can put your mind at ease.

Yorkies show their affection in a few ways: They give you “kisses,” they bring you toys, then come and sit on you, and they may even stare at you. These are just a few ways in which Yorkies may show you their love and affection for you.

Most of these signs of affection are normal to dog owners now, but have you ever wondered why Yorkies choose to show their affection in these particular ways? Let us unpack a bit about where these habits that Yorkies do come from.

How Do Yorkies Show Affection?

Yorkies may show their owners affection in multiple ways. Some of these ways include: 

Face “Kisses” Or Licking

Yorkies will instinctively lick their owner’s faces, hands, arms, or whatever bit of their owner they manage to get close to. They do this out of a place of love and affection.

Their mothers would show them love and affection when they were puppies, so it is one of the only ways that Yorkies know how to show you their love.

Sitting On, Or Next To, You

When your Yorkie loves you, they will want to be by your side as much as they possibly can. They love you and your companionship, and so they want to be on your lap or in your arms or sitting right next to you, basically lying on your side.

Even though they may have many places they could go to take a rest, Yorkies would rather be with you, and so they will come and find where you are and will make themselves comfortable on, or near, you.

Bringing You Their Toys

Another way that Yorkies show affection, is that they may choose to bring you their toys. This is an adorable sign of affection, as they are giving you one of their favorite things in the world, and saying “here, you can have this.”

To read more about the differences between male and female Yorkies and how they show affection, read our article about male vs female Yorkies.

So even if it may seem annoying to have your Yorkie always come and put their toys on you the moment that you sit down, try seeing it as a little love note from them.

The dog wanted to give you something nice, and to them, that gross, saliva-filled tennis ball is excellent.

Yorkies will stare at you to get your attention
The Yorkie is a smart dog and will stare at you to get your attention.

Staring At You 

Have you ever looked up over your computer screen only to catch your Yorkie just staring at you and thought to yourself, “well, that is creepy?”

As much as it can feel pretty creepy and can definitely make you feel uncomfortable when your dog stares at you, they usually do this because they are trying to communicate with you, and is another way that Yorkies show affection.

If you have ever caught them staring at you, and then you say something to them, you will see how excited your Yorkie gets because they feel like they have managed to get through to you what they were trying to say.

It is slightly weird, but hey, they can not speak, so there are only so many ways they can communicate “come play fetch with me” or “hey, where is my dinner?”.

When Do Yorkies Show Affection?

Yorkies show affection when they are feeling excited, grateful, or loved. 


When you get home from work at the end of the day, your Yorkie will be incredibly excited to see you. Yorkies show affection by ambushing you the moment you walk in the door!

When they feel this excitement, it will often lead to wanting to be on you and giving your face licks for a good ten minutes. 

Your Yorkie missed you while you were gone, and so they will want to show you how happy they are to have you back home with them.


Yorkies will almost always come to find you after they have finished eating to go and cuddle by you.

Dogs will see you feeding them as an act of love on your part, and so your Yorkie will often try and find you after they have finished to come and say thank you for your love-filled food. 

Because they will be full from their big meal, often your Yorkie will come and find you, cuddle up close to you and take a nice long sleep. 

Remember, your Yorkie sleeping on you is one of the ways they show affection, so this is one way your Yorkie may be saying thank you.


If your Yorkie is feeling loved, they will want to give you that love back in return. So when you talk to your Yorkie in that dog voice they love (do not try and deny it, every dog owner has a dog voice that they use when speaking to their dogs!) and they know you are talking to them, they will respond and try and give you love back.

How Do I Show My Yorkie Affection Back?

With your Yorkie showing you how much they love you with all their affection so regularly, you may wonder how you can return the love and affection to them.

The good news is, there are many ways you can do this.


Not the same kisses your Yorkie give you, thankfully – talk about a hair situation.

You can give your sweet Yorkie lots of head and nose kisses regularly to show them that you love them. 

Yorkies love to be kissed and cuddled, so the more often you do it, the more often they will feel the love.

Be careful that your doggy does not try to kiss you at the same time, though, or you will be running to wash your mouth quickly.


Everyone loves a good back scratch as they are falling asleep, and your Yorkie is no different. 

Your Yorkie will thoroughly enjoy a good scratch on the back, tummy, neck, or ears as they are falling asleep. Not only will it make them doze off in no time at all, but it will make them feel loved and safe too.

How Do I Get My Yorkie To Be More Affectionate?

If you do not have a very affectionate Yorkie, there may be a few things that you can do to try and build that relationship.

Building your relationship with your Yorkie is the number one way to help your dog want to be more affectionate with you.

There are a hand-full of things you can try to better your relationship and build a stronger bond with your Yorkie:

Training Classes

You could try taking some training classes together, even if they are just for fun, like teaching your Yorkie new tricks as appose to a behavioral training class. Doing a fun activity as just the two of you may help build your bond to be stronger.

Daily Walks

You can start taking daily walks together and build your little routine as just the two of you. You can try to find a new park to explore and find a trail that you both can walk daily and find your little rhythm.

Bond Building

Try and focus on building a bond together, and make sure to give your Yorkie lots of affection first, even if they are not returning the love yet. They will feel your love, and it will help them trust you more and create an unbreakable bond between you and your Yorkie.


There are many ways that Yorkies may show their affection, as they are very loving and affectionate animals.

Yorkies enjoy being around their people and are the perfect example of a lap dog, as they will be on your lap or cuddling in your arm any chance they get.

With how much love these little creatures give you, be sure that you are giving it right back. They adore their people, and so any love and affection they receive back will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

So if you are feeling like your relationship with your Yorkie lacks some affection, try some bonding exercises and make sure that you start laying on the love and affection thick!


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