Hey Florida, Don’t Forget Your Pets! – Hurricanes And Dogs Don’t Mix!

Hey Florida, Don’t Forget Your Pets!

Category 4 Hurricane About To Make Landfall!

Hurricanes and dogs don’t mix. When you’ve got 100 miles per hour winds or more, your dog doesn’t stand much better chances than you do. Being prepared is essential.

With Hurricane Dorian showing no signs of weakening, Florida prepares for a MONSTER storm that could affect the entire state.  People often forget about the risks that storms pose, especially to pets that don’t realize the dangers. And a 209km/hour (130 miles per hour) wind can definitely pick up your pet and send them to their doom.

What To Do With Pets In A Hurricane

The most important thing to do when faced with surviving the nastiest of storms is to focus solely on safety and survival.  Hurricanes and dogs don’t mix well. Making sure you have at least 2 weeks’ worth of food and drinking water is essential. And with storm surges and flooding, making sure you have your food stored on a second story is always smart.

Boarding up windows to prevent flying shards of glass and debris is also a necessity to ensure you and your family aren’t injured.  If you’re located right on the water, it would be best to travel inland.

When getting your emergency supplies together, DONT FORGET YOUR PETS.  Please, if you have to stay in a storm zone, make sure you have a food dish, water dish and lots of extra food and water for your pets.  Sometimes these sorts of storms can flood an area for weeks. Just look at what happened years ago in New Orleans. We learned back then that hurricanes and dogs don’t do well together. It could literally take weeks for help to get to you.

Hurricane Dorian is being compared to Hurricane Andrew which ravaged the state of Florida back in 1992.  And many are saying this ‘absolute monster’ of a storm is going to smash into Florida on Monday. Get ready folks, and may God be with you.

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