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Dogs That Are Good For Pisces (Zodiac Sign)

Are you an amiable and kind Pisces that is looking for a dog, but not sure where to start?  It may help you to know which breeds go best with the personality of a Pisces. Let’s take a dive into the world of Pisces, and find out the best dog breed for someone of your strong good nature, shall we?

Some Useful Definitions In This Article


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  1. Astronomy – the scientific study of celestial objects and all phenomena which occurs outside of the Earth’s atmosphere
  2. Astrology – the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world
  3. Constellation – a group of stars forming a recognizable pattern that is typically named after the apparent form or figure the pattern is recognized as appearance similar to.
  4. Precession – the slow movement of the axis of a spinning body around another axis.  In the case of Earth, the geographic north pole wanders around in a circle which takes about 26, 000 years to complete one cycle.  Think of it like a top, a top never spins perfectly straight but the tip can wander in circles, so to speak.
  5. Zodiac – the belt of the sky within about eight degrees of the ecliptic which is divided into twelve regions.  The position of the sun relative to the Earth at the time of your birth determines the sign or region of the zodiac, that will be yours for life.

Pisces Snapshot

Astrological Symbol: Two Fish


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Element: Water

Dates: February 19 – March 20

Planets: Jupiter, Neptune

Characteristics: Friendly, sympathetic, malleable

How The Zodiac Works

I think the majority of humans know what the zodiac sign they were born into. This is known as your sun sign.

The zodiac signs are not new and actually have been around for quite some time.  Have you ever asked your self “what is a zodiac sign”? The idea of the zodiac is quite elementary truth be told.   In ancient times humans would actually track stars and their movement. The stars became clusters to the trackers. After awhile the trackers noticed they could actually make out shapes while looking at the stars. This is where heavens were turned into constellations, and this was a way the trackers were first able to track time. They would track these shapes at night over many years. 

Once Earth was at a particular place in the sky at a certain time of year, the constellations would be aligned in the dark skies.  Our moon had a part to play. The moon would tell us which sign a person was under, by the place in the sky it was in when a person was born.

Nowadays western zodiac is known to use the tropical zodiac, which is aligned with equinoctial points.  The points happen twice a year when the sun is aligned with the Earth’s equator.  

There are some, however, who have more interest in a horoscope that is actually based upon positions at the time of one’s birth.

A Little Zodiac History (Western Zodiac)

The concept of identifying the location of the stars is dated back as far as the first Millenium.   The Sumerians are said to come up with the constellations. There is evidence to back this up. Part of the sky is visible in the southern hemisphere. This part of the sky does not include any of the original group of about 48 constellations. Also, the original constellations were best seen at about 36.5 degrees, and the placement of the constellations in the sky points to about 2,900 BC.

Second, the constellations are tipped.  The time and place on Earth when they would have originally been lined up vertically points to the similar latitude and again, about 2,900 BC.

More History

Third, the recorded observations of the Greek poet Aratus with regard to the timing of certain stars aligning with rising and falling over the horizon in relation to each other tells us something else.  Using statistics of the Earth’s precession and movement, we can date back to around the same time again, and the same latitude.

These three separate observed facts all point towards the original use of constellations to 2,900 BC at around 36 degrees latitude, which points at Sumeria at the time.


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But, the Sumerians did not use pictures in the sky to equate to our human personality traits.  No, they used pictures in the sky as a means of navigation and knowing location. Having constellations to know which direction to travel was at the time much more important than today’s notion of being swayed by the stars.  However, it doesn’t denounce the possibility that we are affected subtly by the stars gravity and energies. After all, our star provides the energy behind life on Earth and gravity holds us here. I’d say they actually have a massive impact upon our lives, so maybe distant stars affecting us isn’t such a crazy idea after all.

Traits and Characteristics Of Pisces


Pisces are known to extremely friendly, and selfless.  The people under this sign are always there to help someone in need, without excepting anything in return. 

People who have the Pisces sign fall under the water sign, and are very empathetic and emotional. 

Pisces are also known to be very wise, non-judgmental and forgiving.  A very good person to have on your side. You will have a friendship for life with a Pisces.  They are the Zen Master and most tolerant of all the zodiac signs. 

A Pisces does not like conflict.  So when looking for a dog, a Pisces should consider a dog that is calm in nature, and not hyperactive.  Hyperactive dogs can be a bit of a challenge and some conflict may occur when training. 

A person under the Pisces sign should also look for a dog that is more submissive than dominant.  A dominant dog is hard to work with for some people because they like to take lead and well, can be kind of stubborn.  Whereas a submissive dog loves to follow and please its owner.

Dog Breeds That Are Friendly And Compassionate 

A Pisces is compassionate, friendly, calm, intuitive and empathetic.  A dog breeds that would be best for a Pisces is a breed that has the same characteristics and traits.  A Pisces will do well with a dog that is not hyperactive, and that doesn’t think its the boss all the time.  


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Okay, let’s take a look at those breeds now, shall we?

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard sitting on the beach

The Saint Bernard is a calm and gentle giant.  They may be large, but they are big teddy bears.  This dog is super loyal and absolutely love their owners.  Saint Bernards do not require a lot of activity and are not known to be aggressive toward other dogs, pets, children or other people.  They really are a great pet for a Pisces who is looking for a large dog.


Chihuahua make great pets for Pisces.
Chihuahua make great pets for Pisces

The little Chihuahua is a great dog!  These guys are one of the sweetest and dedicated of the small breeds.  They go very well with a Pisces, because like the Pisces the Chihuahua is very empathetic and intuitive.  If you are one that likes to cuddle a lot and don’t mind having a lap dog than the Chihuahua is the dog for you.


Maltese running in a meadow
Maltese running in a meadow

The Maltese is another small dog breed.  They are however quite popular and loved around the world.  These cute small dogs are super sweet, gentle and affectionate.  They are not a hyperactive dog and don’t really need that much in exercise.  Well, you want to make sure you take your dog out for a few walks a day for mental and physical health. 

This dog is great for a Pisces who is looking for a smaller dog breed that loves its owner as well as cuddling and snuggling. 


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Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu dogs are good for a Pisces
Shih Tzu dogs are good for a Pisces

Any Pisces will love the Shih Tzu.  These small dogs are very affectionate and have enough love for both of you.  They are highly intelligent and non-aggressive toward other dogs, pets, and people.  Therefore, making them a great family pet. Shih Tzus do not require a ton of physical activity as they are a pretty relaxed dog.

Basset Hound

A pack of Basset Hounds
A pack of Basset Hounds

Now, the Bassat Hound is a great dog for Pisces indeed.  These dogs are funny-looking and cute at the same time. They are in the hound group which is known to be the oldest group of dogs.  The Basset Hound is loyal, sensitive, sweet and sympathetic all at once. A true dream dog for a Pisces.


Papillon make great family pets
Papillon make great family pets

The Papillon is a smart, affectionate dog.  They make excellent companions as they love their owners and are 100% loyal.  They are a bit needy, however. So if you are Pisces who is looking for a dog that will always be at your side, then the Papillon may be a good choice for you.


Pugs are great dogs for a Pisces
Pugs are great dogs for a Pisces

Guess what?  Pugs are stubborn but that’s okay because being a Pisces you can be a bit stubborn from time to time, am I right? However, the Pug is very sensitive and loving as well.  The pug is a great dog breed for a Pisces that is looking for a calm dog, that loves attention and lots of cuddles.

Bischon Frise

Bichon Frise playing in the snow
Bichon Frise playing in the snow

The Bichon Frise is a very loving dog, that loves spending time with its owner. These dogs are always happy and ready for anything.  They are however not that active, but they do require daily walks to stay healthy. The Bichon Frise is sensitive just like the Pisces so these two will get along just like peas and carrots!

Old English Sheep Dog

Old English Sheepdog
Old English Sheepdog

If you are looking for a large dog breed that is calm and love cuddling than the OES is just for you.  These dogs love to lounge around and snuggle with their owners. Just like the Pisces the OES is sensitive, smart, easygoing and loving. A great dog breed for a Pisces.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound sitting in the grass
Irish Wolfhound sitting in the grass

The Irish Wolfhound is the largest of the dog breeds.  But do not let their huge size trick you. Irish Wolfhounds are extremely sensitive, where their feelings can actually get hurt.  They are also known as a very affectionate dog breed that loves to cuddle. Yes, this big baby loves to cuddle and will literally lay on your lap and stay there for hours.  If you are a Pisces that is looking for a loving large dog breed than the Irish wolfhound is just for you.

English Bull Dog 

English Bulls dogs go well with Pisces
English Bulls dogs go well with Pisces

Another dog that is sensitive and extremely friendly.  These dogs get along great with children, and they do not require a lot of exercise.  A Pisces can expect lots of cuddles and couch time with an English Bulldog.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are America's most popular dog breed
Golden Retrievers are America’s most popular dog breed

If you are a Pisces that is looking for a large-sized dog that is very empathetic and friendly than look no further.  The Golden Retriever is the most popular dog breed in the United States. They love giving love and make great service dogs.  They do however need a lot of exercise. So you may want to think about dog sports for this breed. Dog sports are a great way for you and your dog to make new friends.


There you have it.  A list of dog breeds best suited for a Pisces.   All these canines are affectionate, loving, sensitive, empathetic and of course friendly just like you.

It is now up to you to decide if one of these dogs will be a fit for you.  Although they all have the same personality as you, you may have a preference. If you ask me, I would definitely go with the Irish Wolfhound.  For me, these dogs are the full package and any Pisces or other person would be very lucky to have this gentle giant in their life.


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