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Wood Plank Style Free Dog House Plans

The Dog House Times Official Wood Plank Style Free Dog House Plans are here, for you, for free, courtesy of Dog House Times.

The Free Dog House Plans are your essential build plans to help you get your dog house built quick and on the cheap.  The dog house result is a beautiful plank style dog house that would have cost you hundreds to purchase.  Take pride in the accomplishment and cherish your dog’s house creation.

The build time takes about 2.5-3 hours, not including wood preparation.  Therefore, the Plank Dog House is the ultimate expression of cottage style dog house life in your back yard.

The Universal Plans For A Dog Chalet

The Plank Dog House Plans can be used for any size dog. The plans are to be used in conjunction with the data that is offered for free on the website.  This data is for the dog house minimum recommended size. The dog house plans are for the basic build but you can add to the build with ease. See our DIY section on Dog House Times Dog Magazine to find out more about insulation, heating and cooling, great dog house door ideas and more.

Materials You’ll Need For These Free Dog House Plans

  • 2-3 wooden skids, decent condition
  • 100 x 1″ screws or nails
  • 12 x 1/2″ screws
  • 1 x board for the floor (see sizing chart for size)
  • 2 hinges
  • Paint or Stain

Tools You’ll Need

  • Saw
  • Measuring Tape
  • Square
  • Drill
  • Screw Driver or Hammer (depending on whether you are using screws or nails)
  • Paint Brush

The Free Dog House Plans

Step 1. Make a floor plate. 

The length and width should be a minimum of the recommended sizes found on the dog house sizing charts.

Step 1 - Get your floor layout dimensions from the dog house sizing chart.
Step 1 – Get your floor layout dimensions from the dog house sizing chart.

Step 2.  Cut 9 pieces of plank

Cut 9 pieces of plank that are the length of the floor piece.  Screw 2 of these pieces to the bottom of the floor. Make sure you pre-drill all holes because the wood will likely be dry and crack if you don’t pre-drill.  Save the other 7 pieces you cut for later.

Step 3. Cut 6 House Corner Posts.

The length of the 6 corner posts should be no shorter than the recommended Inside Ceiling Height found on the dog house sizing charts.

Step 3 - Example of where on the dog house size chart to look for inside ceiling height.
Step 3 – Example of where on the dog house size chart to look for inside ceiling height.

Step 4.  Assemble Side Frames

Take 2 of the corner posts you just cut and lay them out in a parallel and square position.  Now take 3 of the left-over boards you cut in step 2 and drill/screw together as shown in the diagram below.  Remember to pre-drill and place screw about 1/2” from the top edge of boards so we can hide the screws. Make 2 of these (1 for each side).  You will have 2 corner posts leftover. Set these aside.

Step 4 - Assemble the side frames of the dog house.
Step 4

Step 5. Finish Side Assembly

Cut enough side planks to fill in space.  The number of planks you need will depend upon the height you make the sides.  It should be no less than the inside ceiling height measurement found on the size chart.  Remember to screw about 1/2” from the top of each plank to hide the screw from the previous plank.  Start with the bottom and work your way up. This way each new plank overlaps the plank below, hiding the screws. Make Fill in both sides with these planks.

Step 5 - Complete the sides
Step 5

Step 6.  Repeat Step 5.

Repeat step 5 with the other side frame you made in step 4.  This will give you a total of 2 side frames for your dog house.

Step 7.  Attach the sides to the base.

Attach the sides to the base as shown.  Measure the outside width at the bottom of the dog house just like in the picture here.

Step 7 - Attaching the sides of the dog house to the base
Step 7

Step 8. Fabricate the back

Take the number that you counted in the last step and cut that many planks at the measurement that you measured in step 7.  Just like when you made the sides, screw the boards to the back, overlaying each board above to hide the screws.

Step 8 - Assembling the rear side of the dog house.
Step 8

Step 9.  The Front Face. 

We have to go back to the chart and retrieve our minimum door measurements.  The door height “H” and the door width “Dw”. We will also need the measurement we got in step 7 as well as the number of planks counted in step 7 as well.

A sample of the dog house sizing charts.
Step 9 – example view of dog house size charts

So once we have our door dimensions from the dog house sizing charts, we need to divide the door width “Dw” by 2.  Set that number aside, and call it “Z”. Now take the width of the whole dog house “W” that we measured in step 7.  Divide that by 2 and subtract the number “Z” that we just set aside.

Step 9
Step 9

Here’s our formula: (W/2) – Z = X

So our resulting number X is the width of our side planks, to either side of our doorway.  

For H to correspond with the plank size, I usually just round up the door height “H” to match the nearest plank position.  That way no extra math is involved. Easy enough, right?

Step 10.  Cut more planks

Count the number of planks you need to either side of your doorway, length “X”.  Cut these and set aside. Next, count and cut the top planks “Tp” at a length of “W” as shown.  Cut 2 extra pieces this length for step 13. Set these aside as well.

Step 11.  Assemble the front face

Next, we make and put together the front face.  Start by marking “X” position on each side of the doorway.

Next, for Step A – secure (1) the first two bottom planks, pre-drill and screw in place.  

Step B – secure the top piece “Tp” by also pre-drilling and screwing in place.  

Step C – may require a clamp or two.  Clamp the 2 ‘corner posts’ leftover from step 4 and screw in place as shown to the left.  Once these are screwed together, you can remove your clamps.

Step 11 - Assembling the front face structure of the dog house.
Step 11

Step 12.  Complete the front

Proceed to complete screwing on the remaining front face planks.

Step 12 - Completing the front of the dog house.
Step 12

Step 13.  Determine the roof height

Next, we are going to start by taking the last two pieces that were cut to the size W in step 10.  Certainly, you can modify the roof pitch if you like, but for easy building, I like to just use a right-angle triangle.  This makes our roof height super easy to determine. It’s simply 1/2 of “W”. For instance, let’s say that “W” = 16”. That would mean our roof height would be 8” in this example. 

You will need a decent hand saw and miter box or a miter saw to cut the angles right. If you want to wing it, be my guest, but I recommend at least using a pencil and ruler and measuring out your cuts to mark them properly.  If you use my lazy method, then remember that because we are working with 90 and 45 angles, the length of each side, on either side of the 90-degree angle is always going to be the same.

Step 13 - Fabricating the roof ends
Steps 13 and 14.

Cut 2 each of A, B, C and D pieces where A = Roof Height, B = “W” and use a ruler and pencil to mark out the remaining pieces until you make your entire triangular A-Frame pieces. Assemble to make 2 of each of these as shown in the wireframe drawing of one frame.  Take your time during this step, it’s the hardest step in building your dog house so take your time.

Step 14. Assemble roof end pieces

Now we are almost done.  Set your two triangular roof ends on top of the finished wall structure.  Secure in place using 2 screws, pre-drilling, and installing on the extended vertical piece of the triangles as shown below.  

Step 15. Assemble one side of the roof

Start boarding up one side only, of the roof as shown.  You’ll want to cut your roof planks to be longer than the length of the dog house.  This way the roof will overhang both ends of the dog house. Go right to the top of one side of the roof.  Only board up ONE SIDE of the roof. Make sure you cut double the amount of planks so you can use it for the next step.

Step 15 - Assembling one side of the roof.
Step 15.

Step 16.  Fabricate the opening side of the roof

Make a panel for the last side of the roof using the planks leftover from step 15.  Cut 2 cross pieces that are the same length as the height of the opening of your dog house roof but cut them about an inch shorter than needed.  

Steps 16 and 17 of the dog house plans
Step 16.

Step 17.  Install the opening roof panel

Attach the roof panel using your 2 hinges.  Pre-drill so you don’t split the wood. Notice how the roof panel with the hinges is extended at the top.  This is to prevent rain from getting in along the hinge side.

Step 18.  Paint or stain

Lastly, water-proof your dog house with a water-proofing stain or paint.  Allow drying thoroughly before you introduce your dog. Enjoy your dog house!

The finished dog house
The Finished product of the Free Dog House Plans


And that’s it.  To sum up, the build time, if you study the plans ahead of time is about 3 hours.  If you include 1 hour to get your materials and 1 hour to take apart the skids, then the total time it takes to complete this dog house is 5 hours.  However, you will have to leave the dog house overnight (at least) in order to allow the paint or stain to dry.

Tip:  Add a piece of outdoor carpet to the floor inside the dog house.  Cut it to size and that way it fits nicely inside. You’ll be able to easily lift it out and hose it down if it gets dirty.  It also helps to insulate the floor for your dog.

Make It Universal

These universal free dog house plans also work for large dog houses, and large breed dog houses, the plans are universal. Therefore the plans even work for extra large dogs and extra large dog houses for extra large dog breeds.  Any breed, no problem, we’ve thought of everything by combining 440 breeds data into our sizing charts. And this plans works like a charm for a nice afternoon build to make a dog house that will shelter your dog for years to come.

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I also made an accompanying video you can watch that goes along with the instructions. Here it is:

Watch the video to accompany the plans

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I hope you liked the plans and found them helpful. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you.

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