“Raising a Sloughi – An Enriching Experience”!

If you’re considering bringing the majestic Sloughi into your life, then you are in for a treat! For those unfamiliar with this dog breed, a Sloughi is a hyperactive and affectionate breed of sighthound originating from Morocco. In my experience, their intelligence and keen sense of smell are second to none. As the proud owner of a Sloughi myself, I’ve learned many lessons surrounding what it takes to keep these delightful dogs happy and healthy. When I spent time with a Sloughi, I discovered that all the hard work that I had put into providing a comfortable home and stable routine was worth it when I saw the loyal bond that had been created between us. Through my time with Sloughis, I’m going to guide you through steps to create the same bond.

Sloughi Dog Breed Specs

The Sloughi is a medium-sized breed of dog with an average adult height ranging from 25 to 28 inches and an average adult weight of 55 to 80 pounds. Males tend to be slightly larger and heavier than females, and weight ranges typically range from 65 to 90 pounds for males and 45 to 70 pounds for females. The breed has a sleek and streamlined body type, with a lean and muscular build and thin, well-defined limbs. Its short and smooth coat comes in a variety of colors, but is most commonly a deep, mahogany-rust color. The Sloughi is a strong and powerful breed, and its agility and athleticism often make it well-suited for activities such as agility trials, lure coursing, and obedience.


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Breed Colors and Coat

The Sloughi is an elegant breed of dog, with sleek and graceful lines. Its coat is short and usually a long lasting fawn color, ranging from a light sand to a deep red. Its muzzle, chest and legs may be a little darker in hue, and the coat may also have a black or brindle masquerading pattern. Its head is also distinguished by its short and fine fur, with longer fur along its back and slightly longer fur on its tail.


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Sloughi Personalities

The Sloughi is an active, loyal, and dignified breed, thought to be descended from ancient war dogs. Male Sloughis tend to exhibit a slightly more independent and dominant personality than their female counterparts, while females tend to show more affection and bond more strongly with their owners. Both sexes, however, are known for their energy, intelligence, and speed. When I had a Sloughi, we took a trip often and it didn’t take long for me to learn that they have a lot of energy and need a lot of exercise and activity to stay happy and healthy. They are very courageous and alert and make great watchdogs. Sloughis generally get along well with children, but they do require a lot of companionship and love.

Adopting Sloughi

If you’re looking to adopt a Sloughi, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, Sloughis are a large breed, typically reaching 24-30 inches in height and weighing anywhere from 44-66 pounds. They’re incredibly intelligent and loyal, however that versatile intelligence can lead to some mischief if they become bored. Sloughis require a lot of regular activity and attention, so be sure you’re able to provide both of those. They also need consistent order and structure in their environment.

Early socialization with other animals and people is key for Sloughis so they’re comfortable in a variety of settings. Positive reinforcement training will help ensure your Sloughi is well behaved and that you get the most out of the amazing dog-owner relationship you’ll form. Finally, you’ll want to make sure you’re able to upkeep your Sloughi’s necessary grooming needs, including regular brushing and baths. With the right environment and care, a Sloughi will make a very special companion.

Puppy Care

Taking care of a Sloughi is a fun and rewarding experience. As a longhaired breed, Sloughis shed seasonally and require regular grooming to keep their coats soft and healthy. When brushing your Sloughi, use a slicker brush and use a pin brush to remove any tangles. As with any long-haired breed, you should trim their nails regularly to prevent them becoming overgrown. Sloughis enjoy companionship and need plenty of exercise, they should be taken for walks daily and enjoy extra activities such as running, agility, or even frisbee. Because of their hunting breed origins, they have a very strong sense of smell so it’s important to keep them on a leash if you are in an enclosed area. As with all dogs, Sloughis need good quality nutrition and should be fed according to their weight and energy levels. Sloughis are very loyal to their owners and will be a faithful companion throughout their life.

Ideal Climate Conditions for the Sloughi

The Sloughi, a large breed of hunting dog originating from North Africa, does best in a climate with mild to warm temperatures. This breed does well in areas with temperatures ranging from 60-80° F. Sloughis don’t do well in extreme heat or cold, and prefer climates that are stable and consistent. A dry climate is best because excessive humidity can lead to health complications. These dogs need plenty of exercise and do well with access to a yard or open area to run and play. They also need year-round access to shade and a source of water.

Zodiac Signs That Work Well With the Sloughi

If you are looking for a compatible partner for someone with a Sloughi, you may want to look no further than those born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Scorpios are known to be fiercely loyal, passionate, and brave, which is just the kind of personality that a Sloughi needs in their partner. They demand discipline from those they love, and this makes them an excellent match for a Sloughi, as these dogs are highly trainable and respond best to a firm but loving coach. Scorpios will never be too intimidated by the Sloughi’s independent spirit, and are confident enough to appreciate their strong will and spirit. They also tend to be quite intuitive, which means that they know when to give a Sloughi some space if they are feeling stubborn. With their combination of loyalty, intelligence and strength, a Scorpio will make a perfect match for a Sloughi.

Fun Games To Train Your Sloughi

The Sloughi is an aloof, affectionate breed that loves to run and play. One of the best games to play with a Sloughi is fetch. This game is simple to teach and your Sloughi will love chasing after a toy or ball. Another game that’s great for this breed is hide and seek. Have a family member or friend hide and call your Sloughi’s name to find them. This teaches your pup problem-solving and hunting skills. You could also play a game called “go find it” where your pup is rewarded with a treat for tracking down a toy or item you have hidden. This game is great for teaching scent recognition and focus. Lastly, agility courses are perfect for Sloughi’s because of their athleticism. Set up tunnels, hoops, jumps, and more, and let your Sloughi race around the course. This will help them build muscle and burn off energy.

Example Dog House Style Suited to Sloughi

The Sloughi is a medium sized, athletic breed of dog, so a style of dog house that would suit them well would be a house that combines ample space for lounging with an enclosed area to run. A multi-level house featuring a closed-in bottom floor with an open area on the top would provide a convenient area for the Sloughi to run around and get some exercise. The lower levels can have a comfortable bed with lots of pillows to provide a warm and cozy environment for rest. The house should also feature well-ventilated walls and windows to ensure the Sloughi does not become overheated while spending time in the enclosure. Additionally, the enclosure should have plenty of shade to protect the Sloughi from harsh sunlight and rainy weather. This type of house would make sure the athletic Sloughi gets the exercise they need, while also providing a comfortable resting space suitable for this breed.

Sloughi FAQ

Q1. How long does a Sloughi typically live?
A1. Sloughis typically live anywhere from 10-14 years.

Q2. How much exercise does a Sloughi need?
A2. Sloughis need moderate amounts of exercise; one to two long walks (1-2 hours) per day.

Q3. How much grooming do Sloughis need?
A3. Sloughis are fairly low maintenance and require brushing once a week and occasional baths.

Q4. Are Sloughis good for families?
A4. Sloughis are loyal and highly intelligent dogs. They are typically good with children, but need to be socialized with them early on.

Q5. How much space do Sloughis need?
A5. Sloughis do best in a moderately-sized yard or home, as they tend to wander and can be prone to barking.


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Final Thoughts About The Sloughi

A Sloughi is one of the oldest known breeds of domesticated dog and has a rich history, but it is still an excellent choice for modern households. With its loyal and gentle disposition, its elegant grace, and its strong endurance, the Sloughi is truly an amazing breed of dog. From incredible hunting capabilities to endearing loyalty, the Sloughi is a stunning addition to any household and an incredible companion for anyone fortunate enough to have one in their life.

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