Small Dog House Review – Dura-Temp Outdoor Dog House

Dura-Temp Impresses Again With The Customizable Outdoor Dog House

Dura-Temp Dog House – American Made and Customizable!

Dura-Temp Insulated Outdoor Dog House

American Made
Rugged Construction
Multiple Sizes

Introduction To The Dura-Temp Dog House

Dura-Temp Dog Houses are manufactured in the USA, so you know they are made with durability, quality, and longevity in mind. The special Dura-Temp siding used for building these dog houses is created with the outdoors in mind. The wood siding is layered using water-resistant glues, so warping and water damage are greatly reduced in this fantastic product. And in fact, the Dura-Temp siding even has a 20-year manufacturer warranty against cracking, eliminating and splitting (under normal conditions of course).

So, what’s the big deal about the Dura-Temp siding? Well, this isn’t a dog house you’re going to find at your big box store. This is American made quality. The dog houses provided here are made to order and they are built with the same workmanship you would expect in a person’s home. These dog houses are intended to for the long haul. They won’t warp in the sun, and are fabricated out of professional grade building products.

Is It A Small Dog House That’s Worth It?


American made
Professional grade materials
Customizable color variations – choice of siding, trim and shingle colors
Rugged construction
Multiple sizes available


Some assembly required
Wait time for production

American Made Dog House With Multiple Color Choices!

Not only is the dog house fabricated from the incredible Dura-Temp siding, but you also have the luxury of ordering the dog house with your preferred colors. Just take a look at the colors available for you to choose from. You can choose three different colors for your dog house, the walls, trim, and roof shingles. There are 15 colors of siding to choose from. There are also 15 colors (the same) to choose from for the trim. And last, the roof shingles come in 7 different color choices. That means you’ve got 1575 possible color variations. And given that the dog house comes in 5 different sizes, that means there are a possible 7875 variations to choose from. Wow, that’s a lot of customization! You won’t find that at a big box store with products made overseas.

Available Dog House Siding And Trim Colors

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Available Dog House Roof Shingle Colors

The heavyweight shingles that come with your dog house are available in a variety of colors. These can be seen in the images below. But just so you know, the shingles are rated 30 year architectural asphalt shingles. That means that this is a real dog house, built to last. This is something that you would expect in a high end yard and property. And for a fraction of the price.

The triple layer shingles are fiberglass mat construction. The mat is asphalt coated and mineral granulated coating as per typical architectural grade shingles. The self sealing strip of asphalt is essential in denying wind movement through the shingles. It also acts as a water barrier, sealing the dog house roof from driving rain making it not only insulated, but also as waterproof as any shingled home would be.

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Not only can you choose your siding and trim colors, but you can also select your roof shingle colors. I bet you didn’t find a dog house like that at your big box store. You won’t even find a dog house of this caliber on the giant internet retailers either. Why? Because sometimes good, old-fashioned American made craftsmanship can’t be available to everyone. You need to come to a specialty place, like Dog House Times, to find the best of the best.

We don’t recommend just the big box stuff we’d first support made in America. Support our local economies and buy North American. But wait, not only do you get to choose the dog house colors, as mentioned, you also have a variety of sizes to choose from as well. Take a look at the next section for what size of a small dog house you can order.

Dog House Sizes Available

Another feature of this customizable dog house is that you can order yours in one of 5 different size configurations. Take a look at this convenient sizing chart to see all the sizing specifications currently available.

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If you aren’t 100% sure which size of the dog house is right for your dog, take a look at the Dog House Times Official Dog House Sizing Charts. We were the first, and we’ll always be the best at sizing dog houses with our extensive sizing charts with over 440 dog breeds recognized around the world. Even if you have an obscure breed, we’ve likely got the dog house sizing you need. Just click on the sizing chart button to find out what size you need. It will open in another window so that you won’t lose your place here on this page.

Dog House Sizing Charts – 440 Breeds

A Better Insulated Small Dog House

LP Techshield Radiant Heat Barrier Sheet

I’d like to stress that this is NOT the dog house you’ll find on an internet giant or at your regular big box store. This dog house is not a cheap, plastic molded dog house that other sites claim to be insulated when it isn’t. The Dura-Temp Dog House uses professional-grade LP Techshield radiant barrier sheeting insulation. This stuff is fantastic. It was one of the first radiant panels made commercially and is still one of the best radiant panels money can buy.

One of the great things about the LP TechShield is that it blocks up to 97% of radiant heat. So, when it’s scorching outside, this stuff will keep the dog house cool. And when it’s cold outside, it will help to keep the dogs heat inside the dog house, helping to keep warmth inside the dog house. Add a strip curtain door or another type of entry, and you have a fantastic dog house for cooler temperatures.

Interior Dog House Cleaning

The Dura-Temp dog house also has another great feature that I haven’t mentioned yet (like we needed any more parts). The interior floor of this dog house, made with professional-grade PolyResin, is effortless to maintain. Often used in the biotech industry, this material is excessively stain resistant and very easy to clean. It has a non-porous surface, so even if your dog has an accident inside the dog house, it won’t seep into the floorboard and wreck the dog house. No, instead it will just pool on top of the floorboard. It will provide you with an opportunity to clean it up easily and efficiently. Not to say that those cheap ‘dog houses’ you might find on the big box sites aren’t easy to clean. I’m sure they are. But, the Dura-Temp is a real dog house. And having an easy to clean interior is essential with any fixture you intend to have around for a while.

Get Your Dog The Dura-Temp Outdoor Dog House Today

The Dura-Temp dog house is the best little dog house for the outdoors for a small or small-medium sized dog. It could be yours, and I bet your dog is going to love it. Just hit up the buy now button here to go to our trusted partner and pick up this fantastic dog house.

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