Taming the Tenacious English Toy Terrier

As an owner of an English Toy Terrier, I can assure you that once you have experienced the joy and pleasure of keeping this beloved breed, you will never look back. In my experience, every moment I have spent time with an English Toy Terrier, or even had a glimpse of one, has been unforgettable. This guide will provide you with essential advice and tips on how to successfully keep this wonderful breed.

English Toy Terrier Dog Breed Specs

The English Toy Terrier is a small and active breed that typically stands between 8 and 9 inches tall and weighs between 5 and 8 pounds. The average adult female Toy Terrier weighs between 5 and 7 pounds, while the average adult male weighs between 6 and 8 pounds, with both sexes standing between 8 and 9 inches tall at maturity. Though individual dogs may vary from these averages, the range reflects the breed’s standard size and weight.


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Breed Colors and Coat

The English Toy Terrier boasts a striking black and tan, and their coats are short and glossy. They also have unique facial furnishings – a full, distinctive beard and moustache in addition to long, wiry whiskers.


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English Toy Terrier Personalities

The English Toy Terrier is cheerful, energetic, and always on alert. They love to be the focus of attention and can be quite stubborn when it comes to training. Male English Toy Terriers are strong and brave, and often have an independent streak. Females, on the other hand, tend to be eager to please and respond to commands. Both genders are quite loyal and are good with children and other pets. When I had an English Toy Terrier, we took a trip to the beach and he was so excited to explore and take detours! It didn’t take long for me to see that this breed is a true adventurer at heart, constantly looking for new opportunities and always full of surprises.

Adopting English Toy Terrier

If you’re thinking of adopting an English Toy Terrier, congratulations! This breed is known for its intelligence, loyalty, and patience. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Exercise your pup: English Toy Terriers have a ton of energy, so make sure to plan regular outings so they can burn off some steam. Walks, trips to the dog park, and lots of playtime are essential to keep your pup happy and healthy.

2. Socialize your pup: Familiarize your pup with different people and other animals. Your pup should learn how to greet new faces in a friendly way, and it also helps to keep them comfortable around animals they may encounter.

3. Provide enrichment: These smart pups are eager to learn, so provide them with plenty of mental stimulation. Interactive puzzle toys are great, as well as fun tricks and commands to teach your pup.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to having a happy and healthy English Toy Terrier. Good luck!

Puppy Care

Congratulations on choosing an English Toy Terrier as your newest family member! Even though they tend to be quite a little bundle of energy, this breed does require some special love and care. Here are some tips to keep your pup healthy and happy:

1. Exercise is key – English Toy Terriers require daily walks and runs, at least an hour a day. Make sure you allow them the time to explore and take in all that is around them.

2. Show your pup love and affection – English Toy Terriers need to know you are there for them and want to cuddle up with you. Give them lots of pats, and be sure to stay consistent with positive reinforcement.

3. Schedule regular grooming – They grow quite dense fur, and it needs to be maintained regularly in order to avoid any mats. It’s also important to keep their nails clipped to ensure they stay comfortable.

4. Focus on dental hygiene – This breed does require extra attention when it comes to dental hygiene and health. Make sure you brush their teeth 2-3 times a week, and keep an eye on their overall dental health.

If you follow these tips, you and your new English Toy Terrier pup will be best friends in no time! Enjoy the journey.

Ideal Climate Conditions for the English Toy Terrier

The English Toy Terrier is a small, short coated breed of dog typically weighing between four and five pounds. They are energetic and lively, and enjoy being part of family activities. For this reason, it’s important that they live in an environment that allows them to stay active and enjoy themselves.


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The best climate for an English Toy Terrier is one that is mild and doesn’t experience extremes in temperature. This is because small dog breeds are more vulnerable to the effects of cold weather. They also have a naturally thinner coat which can make them more susceptible to overheating in warm climates. Temperatures in the lower to mid 60s F (15-18°C) are ideal for these types of breeds. The English Toy Terrier should also be kept in a location that has low humidity levels to avoid skin issues and other issues associated with skin irritation.

Zodiac Signs That Work Well With the English Toy Terrier

If you’re looking for the perfect companion for an English Toy Terrier, then a Sagittarius is the perfect zodiac match! Sagittarians are full of energy and enthusiasm, making them a great match for an English Toy Terrier. These active and social dogs need an equally active and social companion. A Sagittarius will not only provide the English Toy Terrier with plenty of attention, they will also provide them with the mental and physical stimulation they crave. Sagittarius’ adventurous spirit will help to keep both the dog and the person physically fit, whether it’s through long-distance jogging or a game of fetch. These two-minded friends will also get along well. Both easily bored, they need stimulating activities to stay engaged and stickied together. Moreover, the English Toy Terrier’s independent nature is met perfectly with Sagittarius’ sense of freedom and independence. Sagittarius will be an amazing companion for the English Toy Terrier, providing them with the attention, love, and stimulation that they need.

Fun Games To Train Your English Toy Terrier

One classic game that English Toy Terriers love playing is fetch. To play fetch with your pup, you can use a ball, toy, or even a treat. Throw the item and encourage your pup to chase after it. As soon as your pup grabs the item, call them back and award them with plenty of well-earned praise. Make sure to reward them with a treat too!

Another game that English Toy Terriers love is hide and seek. Start off by having the pup stay and wait while you hide somewhere in the house, then release them and let them use their keen sense of smell to search for you. Every time they find you, reward them with plenty of treats and praise.

Teaching your pup to do some simple tricks can also be a fun way to bond with them. English Toy Terriers have great trainability, so they learn tricks very quickly. Simple commands like sit, stay, and come can provide hours of entertainment. Make sure to keep training sessions short and always end on a positive note. Make sure to reward them with treats when they get the trick right!

Example Dog House Style Suited to English Toy Terrier

When looking for the perfect dog house for an English Toy Terrier, size is an important factor. This breed of dog is very small and therefore will need a house that adequately fits their size. An ideal dog house would be one that is insulated to keep the temperature comfortable in warm climates and warm in colder climates. The house should also be well ventilated and have a waterproof material to keep your pup dry in the rain. One of the best options for a Toy Terrier is an elevated dog house, which keeps them off the ground and away from moisture and dampness. Furthermore, if the dog house is portable it can be easily moved around your house or taken on car trips. Additionally, the inside should have a removable cushion to make sure your pup has a comfortable sleeping spot. Finally, since Toy Terriers are known for their active and energetic personalities, make sure the dog house is spacious enough for them to move around and play.

English Toy Terrier FAQ

Q1: What type of home environment is best for an English Toy Terrier?
A1: English Toy Terriers thrive in households that are relatively calm and relaxed, and they do particularly well in apartments. They benefit from regular walks and playtime.


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Q2: Should an English Toy Terrier be kept as an outdoor dog?
A2: English Toy Terriers are best kept as indoor pets, as they are not well suited for harsh climates and can be vulnerable to injuries and sickness if kept outdoors for long periods of time.

Q3: Are English Toy Terriers territorial?
A3: English Toy Terriers can be territorial with other animals, so it is important to properly socialize them when they are puppies.

Q4: How often should an English Toy Terrier be groomed?
A4: English Toy Terriers should be groomed regularly – ideally every 6- 8 weeks – in order to maintain a healthy coat and prevent tangles.

Q5: Are English Toy Terriers good family pets?
A5: English Toy Terriers make great family pets, as they are loyal and affectionate. They also get along well with children and other pets.

Final Thoughts About The English Toy Terrier

With the English Toy Terrier’s loyal, loving, and entertaining character, it is truly a great companion. To truly appreciate this small but mighty breed, it’s up to you to understand and accept their individual personalities. From that point of view, this breed is sure to change your life and heart in the best way possible.


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