Taming the Wild Bearded Collie

When I had a Bearded Collie, I discovered that they are an incredibly intelligent and loyal breed of dog. In my experience, taking the time to provide a Bearded Collie with adequate companionship and exercise will go a long way in ensuring a happy, healthy and well-behaved member of your family. That is why I have written this guide – to help dog owners learn more about the breed and provide their Bearded Collie with the best care possible.

Bearded Collie Dog Breed Specs

The average adult female bearded collie stands around 20-22 inches in height and weighs around 20-35 pounds. Adult males tend to be slightly larger, standing around 22-24 inches tall and weighing between 25-40 pounds. Bearded collies have a medium-length double coat that requires frequent brushing for them to remain healthy and looking their best. They are an active and intelligent breed that require plenty of activities and stimulation to remain happy and healthy.


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Breed Colors and Coat

The Bearded Collie is a beautiful and unique breed of dog. It has a long, furry coat with luxurious locks of fur on its face, legs, tail, and undersides. Its coat tends to come in various shades of black, blue, brown, or gray, with white markings on the legs,chest, muzzle, and eyebrows. The coat is both thick and wavy, and its long and stunning beard is a hallmark of this breed.


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Bearded Collie Personalities

The Bearded Collie is a fun and friendly dog breed with a laid-back personality. They are very loyal and eager to please, making them a great family pet. Males tend to be slightly more assertive and independent, while females tend to be more sociable and cuddly. Both sexes are very intelligent and respond well to training. When I had a Bearded Collie, we took a trip together often, and it didn’t take long for me to realize how adventurous and spirited they can be. Regardless of whether they’re male or female, they love to explore and make great companions. They are very active and enjoy physical activity, but are also quite content to simply hang out and snuggle with their family. Overall, the Bearded Collie is a loyal, loving, and intelligent breed.

Adopting Bearded Collie

Adopting a Bearded Collie is a great decision and can be a rewarding experience for both you and your furry friend! Here are a few tips to ensure a successful adoption:

1. Have Patience: Be prepared to be patient and consistent when training your Bearded Collie. It will take time for your pup to learn the commands, but consistency will give him the best chance to thrive.

2. Grooming: Bearded Collies require quite a bit of grooming, so consider setting aside at least one day a week to brush and groom their coat.

3. Exercise: Bearded Collies are active breed, and require plenty of exercise to keep them healthy. Consider a daily walk, run, or play session to keep them happy and healthy.

4. Socialize: It is important to socialize your Bearded Collie from a young age. Make sure to take them to the park, introduce them to people and other dogs, and give them plenty of experiences.

Following these tips will help you and your Bearded Collie bond and help them become the best companion they can be!

Puppy Care

If you’re looking for a puppy of the Bearded Collie breed, here are a few tips to get you started! The most important thing to remember is that with this breed, you’ll need lots of space and plenty of exercise. This active breed needs an abundant supply of both in order to stay healthy and happy.

When it comes to diet, Bearded Collies need lots of protein. Provide your puppy with a mix of lean meats and commercial pet food that is specified for their age and activity level. If you’re concerned about your pup’s nutritional needs, you can always consult your local vet for advice.

Bearded Collies also benefit from regular grooming and brushing in order to keep their lovely fur in good condition. The sooner you start grooming your puppy, the easier the process will become. Make sure to also keep an eye out for any potential skin issues, as this breed can be prone to them. And if you have any questions about health and nutrition, don’t hesitate to consult your vet.

Above all else, Bearded Collies are social dogs who need lots of attention and interaction. So make sure to give your puppy plenty of love and snuggles! With enough care and exercise, they’ll stay strong and healthy for years to come.

Ideal Climate Conditions for the Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie (or “Beardie”) originated in Scotland and is an energetic and cheerful breed. They are known for their thick coats, so they do best in a temperate climate. The ideal climate would be one with mild winters and moderately warm summers, as the Beardie loves to spend time outside running and playing. Having adequate access to shady, cool areas is essential when spending long periods of time outside, as the Beardie can overheat if not cooled down properly. It’s best for Beardies to be living in moderate climates with not too hot or cold temperatures.

Zodiac Signs That Work Well With the Bearded Collie

When it comes to finding a compatible zodiac match for someone with a Bearded Collie, look no further than a Sagittarian. Sagittarians are full of energy and verve, which makes them the perfect match for the smart and fun-loving Beardie. They are the type to love the outdoors – whether it’s running, hiking, or just walking the dog – and can appreciate a dog that’s eager to be active and loves a good adventure. Plus, they enthuse a great sense of enthusiasm and optimism that is the perfect complement to the Beardie’s intelligence and loyal nature. With their shared positive outlooks, a Bearded Collie and a Sagittarian make for a great team.


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Fun Games To Train Your Bearded Collie

Bearded Collies are an energetic and playful breed, so engaging in games with your dog can be a great way to stimulate their minds and provide mental and physical exercise. The breed particularly enjoys activity-based games, so try to choose activities that get your pup up and moving.

Fetch is always a great game to play with any kind of dog. Both you and your bearded collie can enjoy spending time outdoors throwing and chasing a ball, a stick, or a Frisbee.

Hide and seek is also a great game to try. Start by having your pup stay or sit in one spot, then go off and hide in another area with a few tasty treats. When you call their name they can come find you for a reward.

Agility competitions can also be a great way to challenge their minds and keep them active; you may want to invest in a few agility-themed toys or even look into finding a local agility class or course. With some practice, you and your pup will be sure to have a great time!

Example Dog House Style Suited to Bearded Collie

When looking for a style of dog house that would suit a Bearded Collie, it is important to consider the dog’s coat and size. The Bearded Collie is a medium to large sized breed, that is characterized by their lusciously long beard and shaggy coat. Therefore, when considering the best style of dog house for this breed, it is important to look at options that offer plenty of protection from the elements, such as rain, snow, and wind.

For a Bearded Collie, the best style of dog house is one that is well insulated and weatherproof. This will ensure that your dog stays comfortably warm even in the coldest climates. It is also important to look for a dog house that allows for ample room for the dog to move around and stretch out, as Bearded Collies love to have plenty of room to play. Ideally, look for an option that has a peaked roof and an extended doorway, which will allow your pup to come and go as they please.

Bearded Collie FAQ

Q1. How big do Bearded Collies get?
A1. Typically, Bearded Collies reach a height of around 20-22 inches (50-56 cm) and weigh around 40-60 pounds (18-27 kg).


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Q2. Are Bearded Collies suitable for apartment living?
A2. While Bearded Collies can adapt well to apartment life, they do need lots of exercise and regular walks in order to stay healthy and happy.

Q3. What is the temperament of Bearded Collies?
A3. Bearded Collies have an energetic, happy-go-lucky personality. They tend to be friendly and smart, and enjoy the company of other animals and humans alike.

Q4. Are Bearded Collies easy to train?
A4. Bearded Collies can be quite easy to train and are eager to please. They respond well to positive reinforcement and reward-based training.

Q5. What type of grooming and care do Bearded Collies require?
A5. Bearded Collies require frequent brushing to maintain a healthy coat and skin, however, they are not a high maintenance breed. Regular nail-trimming, teeth cleaning, and bathing will help ensure that your dog’s coat stays healthy and clean.

Final Thoughts About The Bearded Collie

Bearded Collies are an amazing breed with endless potential and boundless energy – not for the faint of heart. With their outgoing and active personalities, they’re the perfect companion to keep you on your toes and always looking for adventure! So now that you’ve read a little bit more about them, don’t hesitate to introduce your life to a lovable and intelligent Bearded Collie and get ready for a life of unlimited joy and fun!


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