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Why Are Yorkies So Cuddly?

Why are yorkies so cuddly? Find out at

Why are Yorkies so cuddly? Our Yorkie, Kiki, was a total cuddle bug. Yorkshire Terriers are a fascinating dog breed with a big personality. They adore their owners and love getting lots of cuddles. These dogs are very active and full of energy to bring happiness and satisfaction into one’s life.

Yorkies are very cuddly dogs. They thrive on the love and affection their owner gives them and form a strong connection and devotion to them. They are playful and energetic family dogs.

Studies reveal that giving and receiving affection from a dog is healthy for the pet and the owner. As Yorkies get older, they become more affectionate toward their owners. A Yorkies’ small package doesn’t give their feisty personality justice. They act like these big confident dogs with small bodies. 

Why Are Yorkies So Cuddly? Maybe A Yorkshire Terrier’s Lovable Quirks Explain 

These dogs have interesting attributes that show their amiable side.

They Love To Stare

 These dogs like to keep an eye on their owner at all times. It is because of their curious nature, intelligence, and strong connection with their owner.  

They are interested in knowing what their owner is doing, their next move, or even what they are thinking.

Small With A Big Dog Complex  

Yorkies may be tiny, but they are fearless and good guard dogs. If something is bothering them, they will surely inform the whole family by making a big noise.  

They are independent dogs that will quickly walk up to a giant dog with grace and confidence. It’s essential to be aware of this to protect them as they won’t back down from a bigger dog.

They Love Attention 

The Yorkie is the perfect dog if one loves to snuggle and be close to their dog. They will lie down and cuddle up right next to their owner. If they want attention, they will let them know.  

It is the perfect dog if a person struggles with allergies to dog fur as they are hypoallergenic. Their coat does not shed as much as other dogs, and they have hair instead of fur.  

They enjoy being with their owners often as possible. Yorkies can struggle with separation anxiety. You can correct it with good training or give them a playmate.  

These dogs are very playful, and they love the outdoors. They take pride in pleasing their owners and are very easy to train. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Cuddling A Dog?

Yorkies are great for your emotional state because they love to cuddle.

Receiving affection is essential for a person as well as a dog. There are many benefits to snuggling up with one’s Yorkie.

It’s Good For The Dog

Just like humans, a Yorkie needs to receive physical touch. It will keep them happy and reduce emotional stress and depression in a dog.

It Will Make The Relationship Stronger 

Interacting with one’s dog increases the amount of oxytocin released in the person and dog’s blood. It is also commonly known as the “love hormone,” this hormone is essential when building relationships. 

Stress Relief 

Cuddling and receiving love from one’s Yorkie can lower cortisol in a person’s blood. This hormone is released when dealing with a stressful and tense environment. 

Lowering this hormone in a person’s blood has many benefits, such as a calmed heart rate and reducing the risk of having a physical breakdown.

Reduce The Risk Of A Stroke 

A stroke can happen when the oxygen and blood supply to a person’s brain is restricted.  

Having a furry friend is the best way to relax, unwind, and receive love and affection, lowering the risk of a stroke.

Overcome Depression 

Specific hormones can help reduce depression, such as increased oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine.  

The deep love a pet smothers its owner with is one of the best and most effective cures for depression.

Reduced Sense Of Pain For A Person And Dog 

Oxytocin is an excellent hormone for reducing stress, but it is also helpful for reducing pain. Women release this hormone during labor, which helps the uterus relax and it helps reduce pain.  

Oxytocin can help reduce pain from wounds, headaches, or cramps in one’s body and a dog. 

Say Goodbye To Anxiety

Snuggling up to one’s pet can reduce fear and anxiety as it increases the release of oxytocin. It’s essential to note that cuddling one’s Yorkie when the dog feels anxious may encourage anxiety. 

Calmness can be encouraged by giving them love and treats while relaxed.

What To Do With A Yorkie That Struggles With Separation Anxiety?

Yorkies might be small, but their temper is mighty.

Yorkies love to be with their owners and struggle with being away from them for long periods. It is why separation anxiety can develop.

Signs Of Separation Anxiety

  • Excessive barking
  • Shaking
  • Chewing or digging
  • Whining and moaning
  • Pacing around the house

It is essential to be aware of these signs in one’s dog as it can cause stress. 

Ways To Help A Dog

  • Give the dog a good amount of exercise before leaving; this will help them sleep when their owner is away.
  • Deal with it during training. Doing desensitizing and counter-conditioning training can help combat this.
  • Remember to be patient. These feelings are authentic to the dog, and they are afraid they won’t see their owner again.
  • You can find natural calming remedies in many pet stores to help soothe one’s Yorkie. 
  • If there is space for another dog in the home, this will help. It will give them a friend to play with while their owner is away.

This dog’s small size makes it easier to take when having to leave the house if one doesn’t mind bringing along a furry friend.

Pro Tip: Try reading Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution. It’s a great book to help you learn to train your Yorkie to help them gain more confidence.

What Is A Yorkies Heritage?

A Yorkshire terrier nicknamed the Yorkie is 8 to 9 inches tall and 4 to 7 pounds. It is one of the smallest in the terrier dog breed. Their coat is straight, soft, and silky in texture, perfect for cuddling. The Yorkie is a rich tan color on its head, chest, and legs. They are a dark grey to black color extending across their back to the end of their tail.

This dog breed first surfaced in Yorkshire, England, in the 19th century. It derives from the Scottish breeds known as the Paisley and Skye terrier. 

These dogs were initially bred to work in the mines to eliminate rats. The smallest of this breed is known as the Teacup Yorkie, weighing only 4 pounds. These dogs are adorable due to their puppy-like features. According to VCA Hospitals, there are many health risks that the mother and the puppies struggle with due to their petite size.

Yorkies Temperament Adds To Their Cuddliness

Who doesn’t love a Yorkie?

The Yorkie gained the nickname “Tomboy toy” because of their spunky personality. They are energetic, protective, courageous, and confident dogs in tiny bodies. 

Although it is best if they are homed to families with children ten years and older, they are good family dogs. It is because they can get hurt easily due to their small size.

The Yorkie is a lapdog, meaning they love getting cuddles and affection. They are known to bond with one person who will get most of their attention in the house. They are easy dogs to train; this is essential for the Yorkie. If not trained properly, they can become insecure dogs. 

Instead of babying the dog too much, give them obedience training, and encourage them to play and be adventurous. Yorkies are small dogs, so the owner must still be aware of the dangers around them.

When training a Yorkie, it is essential to note that they learn best from reward-based training.


Yorkies are some of the most popular dog breeds, coming 2nd. There is so much to love in these dogs: their affectionate personality, elegant look, intelligence, and small size. 

These dogs will quickly make their way into any person’s heart. They are the best cuddle buddies with great spunky personalities. A bonus is that the profound relationship between a Yorkie and the owner has many health benefits.

Dogs are a fantastic gift in life; they bring happiness to an individual or family. They will love their owner no matter what and always be by their side.

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