Wood Plank Dog House Build

Welcome to the Dog House Times video – Wood Plank Dog House Construction Video.  This instructional ‘how-to’ video shows you everything you need to build a gorgeous and functional wood dog house. 

In this video, there are several short references to either the tools I use to build the dog house or to the plans, which I made to go along with the build. You can find my recommendations for tools on the recommendations page. The plans can be found here.

Dog House Sizing

The dog house sizing is based on the sizing charts available here on Dog House Times. I’ve got the charts split into two pages so it doesn’t take you all day to load the page (there are 440 breeds after all).  Take a look at the chart here.

Dog House Materials

Here is a list of the materials you’ll need to build the dog house I build in the video:

3 decent wood skids

1 floorboard or a fourth skid

2 hinges with 1/2″ wood screws

100 wood screws 1 1/4″ long

1/2 gallon weather-proofing stain or paint

The build is simple and straight-forward and provides a great little dog house.  You can use this dog house video to make a dog house that will suit any small to medium-sized dog. Here’s the video:

How To Build A Wood Plank Dog House Video With Farmer Jer

Large Breed Dog House

To adapt these instructions to a dog house plan for a large dog breed all you need to do is as follows.  Simply grab yourself some longer pieces of wood than a skid can provide.  You will also need to improvise a larger floorboard.  Doing this will allow you to follow this video to easily build your large dog house. 

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