XL Dog House Review – Dura-Temp Insulated Dog Castle Series

Dura-Temp Never Fails With The Customizable Outdoor Extra Large Dog House

Dura-Temp Dog Kennel in extra large dual run outdoor dog house shown.
Dura-Temp Outdoor Extra Large Dual or Single Run Dog House

Dura-Temp Insulated Outdoor Dog House Castle Series Extra Large and Dual Run

American Made
Rugged Construction
Customizable Colors And Layout
Multiple Sizes Including Extra Large For Giant Dogs

Introduction To The Dura-Temp Dog House

The Dura-Temp Dog Castles are the standard for high-end outdoor dog enclosures. Built to last, these rugged and contemporary designed dog houses can be customized to suit your needs and style. Manufactured in the United States, this is not a cheap big box store, plastic dog house. This dog house is made with real building materials, including roofing shingles, real lumber, and of course, the Dura-Temp colored siding.

We are so happy about the Dura-Temp product line that we want you to know that the siding even has a 20-year manufacturer warranty. It covers the siding from cracking, splitting, and so forth (as per normal conditions). The warranty is a fantastic feature that I doubt any other dog house manufacturer can lay claim to matching for their product.

I’m going to walk through all the great features and also the negatives for this incredible extra large outdoor insulated dog house. It is the dog house for someone who wants something that will match the quality of their own home. With a genuinely insulated and innovative design, the Dura-Temp Dog Castle series is an incredibly well-built dog house that we highly recommend. Join me for a walkthrough of the features and pros and cons of this extra large dog house.

Dura-Temp Dog Castle Images

As you can see, the Dura-Temp Extra Large Outdoor Insulated Dog Castle is a customizable and beautifully constructed dog house. From the professional-grade materials like the Dura-Temp siding, the LP Techshield Radiant Barrier Sheating, and interior glassboard floor to the quality construction, attention to detail, and professional design, this large dog house has all the bases covered.

These dog houses are not the cheap plastic ones you might find online or at big box stores. And the price reflects the quality. If you are looking for a ‘disposable’ dog house to stay on budget, then this is not the dog house for you. This dog house is such that I would consider it adding value to a property, much like a nice gazebo or shed would do. This is a specialty product that is built to last. The dog house isn’t the cheapest, but it certainly is the best. And if you compare the price to what you would pay for a shed or gazebo of the same quality, the price is actually on point and competitive.

Outdoor Insulated Extra Large and Dual-Run Dog House Pros & Cons


American manufactured
Professional grade quality materials
Multiple color choices for siding, trim and shingle colors
Insulated with LP Techshield Radiant Barrier Sheathing
Rugged construction for a heavy duty finish
Multiple sizes available to suit large and extra large breeds
Poly lumber floor in run
Two Rear access doors to enclosure
Interior separated enclosures
Two 15″ x 10″ windows included
11 Gauge chainlink fence included
Ships in easy to assemble kit


Some assembly required
Shipping fees
A Bernese Mountain Dog is shown enjoying the outdoors in this file photo.
A Bernese Mountain Dog is one of many outdoor oriented dog breeds that appreciates a quality dog house.

A Truly American Product

America's flag is shown in this file photo.
American Made Quality Dog Houses Are The Best Option.

Unlike the cheap products you’ll find on many websites and in the big box stores, the Dura-Temp Dog Castle redefines what manufacturing quality should be. We have grown accustomed to buying cheap disposable products, usually manufactured on another continent. These products are often found to be sub-par, defective, poor-quality and even sometimes dangerous. That’s why it is so important to shop closer to home. We need to support our local economies, and what better way then by getting this luxury American made product that will last a lifetime. The quality is far superior to anything you would get from overseas. And you have the choices of colors and customization.

Let’s stop and look at the color options for a moment. You get to choose the following:

  1. Siding color
  2. Trim color
  3. Shingle color

If you notice the beautiful colors available (shown below), then you will notice there are 15 available colors for the siding. The same 15 colors are also available for the trim. And then there are 7 more beautiful colors available to choose from for the asphalt roof shingles. This means that you can have a possible 11,025 possible variations as this dog house is available in 7 different size options. When was the last time you were given that kind of selection from a big box store on a single product? I’m guessing never. Take a look at the beautiful color options available.

Available Dog House Siding And Trim Colors

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Dog House Roof Shingles in a Variety of Colors

One of the many features I love about this dog house is the fact that the materials are the same quality and grade that you would find on a well-built human home. That’s right, Dura-Temp has provided us with a human quality built dog house. Short of having electricity and running water, the quality of these dog houses is incredible. And the beautiful selection of Architectural grade asphalt shingles for the roof is no exception to the quality of build that Dura-Temp has provided for us.

The shingles installed for this dog house are the standard home Architectural grade asphalt shingles, as mentioned. These roof shingles come with a 30-year rating. In a nutshell, it means this dog house is designed and built to last. The quality of the materials is astonishing, given that this structure’s purpose is to house animals. The quality and standard set here are that one would expect only high-end properties to achieve.

Quality Materials For A Quality Dog House

The shingling, rated for 30 years, is also made using a triple layer of fiberglass mat, which ensures strength and longevity for the roof. It is essential to the well-being of your dog as the cover will protect against the driving elements for many years to come. This dog house is likely to outlive your dog twice over and then some more. I would anticipate this dog house could likely serve three generations of dogs before really needing much if any, maintenance. That’s the kind of quality you want in an enclosure that is going on your property, right? Something that could help increase property value due to its unique purpose and quality of construction. You really can’t go wrong with this fantastic dog house. Just take a look at these great color options for the dog house roof shingles.

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Sometimes I have to wonder who buys the cheap plastic dog houses. I have seen several sitting broken or abandoned in yards around the city that I live, but I have NEVER seen a cheap plastic dog house in actual use. Why? Because dogs don’t like them. They are damp, non-insulated, and do little more than stop rain. Sitting in a plastic box isn’t exactly comfortable. Take a look around your neighborhood. See if you can see anyone who actually has a plastic dog house that their dog will really use. I would LOVE to see a picture because my experience is that dogs do not find plastic boxes comfortable to sit in. And I would never wish a dog to be inside a cheap plastic dog house during the heat of day either. Those dog houses tend to bake anything in them on a hot day in the sun.

Not to say the big box stuff is all crap. Just most of it. If you live in a moderate climate with rain but fairly comfortable temperatures, then a plastic dog house might be okay. For the rest of us who want a better-built product and are tired of disposable plastic from overseas, well, we have Dura-Temp to bring us a better dog house.

Dog House Multiple Sizes Available

Being a customizable dog house for one, two or more dogs, this dog house can be ordered in a variety of sizes. The table below shows all the currently available sizes and prices at the time of writing this article.

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“If you aren’t 100% sure which size of the dog house is right for your dog, take a look at the Dog House Times Official Dog House Sizing Charts. We were the first, and we’ll always be the best at sizing dog houses with our extensive sizing charts with over 440 dog breeds recognized around the world. Even if you have an obscure breed, we’ve likely got the dog house sizing you need. Just click on the sizing chart button to find out what size you need. It will open in another window so that you won’t lose your place here on this page.”

Jeremy Shantz
Dog House Sizing Charts – 440 Breeds

A Better Insulated Outdoor Dog House

LP Techshield Radiant Heat Barrier Sheet

I have done a lot of research when it comes to dog houses. And I’ve seen on so many websites that claim to be either reviewing or selling insulated dog houses that they are really full of crap. One site I looked at even had the word insulated as part of the page title. And all that was on their page was the same 10 cheap plastic dog houses you find on every other site. And all from our friends at Amazon (made out of cheap plastic no less). I’m not knocking Amazon, but you won’t find the kind of quality dog house there that we are talking about together today. And most sites claiming to sell or review insulated dog houses, well, if they are the cheap plastic ones, I’d like to see where this so called insulation is. Garbage. That’s all you’ll get from those other sites, and that’s all you’ll get in a cheap plastic dog house (most of the time).

The Dura-Temp dog house is more than just a step or two above the rest. It is a game-changing, American made, a fine piece of construction. That’s right, not only am I again going to stress it is made the home soil of the United States, but it is made with quality materials, not some cheap mold-injected plastic with God knows what chemicals involved.

Quality Beyond Expectation

The insulation in the Dura-Temp dog castle is no exception to the quality standard they have set forth in the rest of the dog house build. The insulation is LP Techshield Radiant Barrier Sheathing. It was one of the first of its kind to hit the construction market and it is still a leader, being one of the best radiant heat sheathing products manufactured today. With an incredible ability to block radiant heat, the LP TechShield boasts a 97% rate of radiant heat reflection. This allows the dog house to stay up to 30 degrees cooler than if it were one of those cheap plastic dog houses. This is a dog house your dog will actually feel comfortable in compared to the big box dog houses. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and this dog house proves it’s worth every step of the way.

Interior Dog House Easy Cleaning

I don’t need to tell you I like this dog house. If you’ve read this far down my article, then you are probably joining me in my assessment that this is the dog house of all dog houses. I don’t feel like I need to say anything else about the fantastic features, but some just cannot be left unsaid. And one of those features is the easy-clean interior flooring.

The Dura-Temp Dog Castle uses a unique PolyResin flooring, which is often also found in the food and biotech industries. Why? Because it’s straightforward to clean and sanitize the type of flooring. It is an outstanding benefit that most dog house owners don’t think about until it’s too late. Let me give you an example.

Why You NEED An Easy-Clean Dog House

I do a lot of gardening. And in my gardening adventures, I have made a few videos and even a website about my gardening journey. I had an interesting situation last year when I was dealing with a rabbit who was eating all my bean plants. You can watch the video on my gardening YouTube channel: Farmer Jer’s Gardening Adventures. Anyway, I made this video to show a battle I had with this rabbit. It was the cutest little fuzzy rabbit, and it decimated my garden beans.

Well, to make a long story shorter, I have a dog named Kiki. You will see her in the video. She wasn’t so good at chasing away the rabbit, as you can see in the video. But the rabbit was wise and left behind some rabbit poop in my yard. And of course, my dog found and ate the rabbit poop. And the mess that occurred for the following two days of diarrhea from my poor little stupid dog made a disaster to clean up.

Watch and you’ll see why an easy clean floor is important.

The reason I’m sharing this story is that it is inevitable that your dog will get into something that will either make them sick to their stomach or give them the runs. It will happen at one point or another. I can tell you from experience, you want the EASIEST possible means to clean up that sort of mess. Having an easy clean PolyResin floor in your dog house is not only a good idea, but it is also one that I strongly endorse. Just watch the video and look at what happened to my kitchen after my dog exploded in it. Ugh (I still shudder from the memory). Thank you Dura-Temp for an easy-clean floor. That’s all I have to say about that.

Get Your Dog The Dura-Temp Outdoor Dog House Today

The Dura-Temp dog house is the best little dog house for the outdoors for a small or small-medium sized dog. It could be yours, and I bet your dog is going to love it. Just hit up the buy now button here to go to our trusted partner and pick up this fantastic dog house.

Need Help Customizing Your Dura-Temp Dog Castle? Get your dog house through Dog House Times and get live support for your dog house build! Who else offers this? NO ONE! This is a Dog House Times Exclusive. Just send us a contact or email us at doghousetimes@gmail.com. Let us know the date you purchased the Dura-Temp dog house. We’ll check our link log and if it matches up, you just got FREE SUPPORT. Oh yeah, only from team DHT!

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