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Are Yorkies One Person Dogs? An Owner’s Tale About Yorkshire Terriers

Kiki The Wonder Dog

Updated November 16, 2020.

My Yorkie has earned herself the name Kiki The Wonder Dog.  She is a pure-bred Yorkshire Terrier.  She is my little ice monster, as I like to call her due to her addiction to chewing on icicles, she just loves them.  And although Kiki makes friends with everyone she can, she is very much a one-person dog, sort of.

Yorkies are a rambunctious lot.  They have the energy to play, and then more energy after that.  These little devils are an absolute joy, and a hand full at the same time.  They are fun, full of personality and life and are a wonderful addition to any family.

When my wife and I decided we were going to get a dog 9 years ago, we were living in a two-bedroom apartment at the time.  Now, truth be told I wanted a bigger dog. But my love had her heart set on a Yorkshire Terrier. And it’s been an interesting ride, let me tell you.

A Bit Of Back Story

So, let me tell you first about Kiki’s story before I get more in-depth about Yorkies being one-person dogs.

As I mentioned earlier, we got Kiki about nine and a half years ago.  Christine found a breeder and we scheduled a visit. We journeyed to the family home where the puppies were tearing up the place.  The energy in the room was electric from these puppies running around like crazy little terrors.

The breeder had invited us in and sat us in their living room.  As I said, the puppies were running all over the living room, having a great old time.  We sat on the sofa and one of the little female puppies came over and immediately went onto my wife’s lap where she made herself right at home.  That was it, she had been chosen. My wife I mean, it’s not like it was our decision (chuckles to self).

The arrangements were made and we brought Kiki home.  She was a handful of energy but just a true joy to have around.  And one hundred percent a lap dog for sure. And the sweetest thing you ever met.

Life, as it seems, would not be so kind.  Some time passed (a year or few) and our little Kiki developed some rather large lumps on her chest.  They showed up very quickly, like within a couple of days. And they weren’t small. Naturally, we took her to the vet.

Kiki had 2 malignant growths, each of a different type of cancer.  A few major surgeries later and Kiki had survived the removal of the two growths, getting her spayed and also having a radical mastectomy.

Besides the fact that this was by no means cheap, it was a huge deal for our little pooch, for obvious reasons.  But our little trooper, a true Wonder Dog made it through and won her title.

Life would, as it seems, not be done with our little Kiki yet.  A few years past and all seemed well. Then one day we noticed Kiki was licking the floor a lot.  And her belly was starting to look a little bloated. Another trip to the vet. This time, Cushing’s Disease.

This one wasn’t going to be a few surgeries.  This one would stick. And it’s been just heart-wrenching.  Add in the now blocked salivary gland that is causing a pouch on her chin to fill with fluid and we have to get it drained regularly, and you’ve got one sick pooch.

As my eyes well up at what I know is coming, I’m going to switch gears here.

Kiki yawns in this file photo.
She didn’t expect me to take this shot when I did.

Yorkies And The One Person Bond

When we first met our little pooch, the puppy who claimed my wife’s lap, I was sure the dog would be bonded to her.  I mean, after all, look whose lap the puppy claimed, right? So anyway, this little female dog winds up clinging to me like my shadow.  She follows me around and is generally a huge suck in my presence.  

My wife comments fairly regularly about how the dog is different around me.  It’s like she’s a little kid and she knows who might give her candy. Likely I’m the culprit.  However, over the years this little Yorkie has still proven loyal to my shadow.  

To look at Yorkie’s behavior, it’s fairly commonly understood that they can be little princes and princesses.  These little lapdogs think they run the show, so to speak. They talk back too. Well, my little Yorkie talks back.  Literally. It’s the cutest thing in the world and makes me laugh almost every time. If I tell her to do something she doesn’t want to, not only is she reluctant to obey (just like a semi-spoiled child) but she also grumbles about it. And lately, she doesn’t even try to do it under her breath like she used to.

I find that dogs are actually very similar to humans in terms of their little personalities.  Some dogs wind up bonding with an individual more than others, just like people do. My observations of my Yorkie’s growth and journey through this life have proven to me that Yorkies are in fact very similar to a person in terms of their intelligence being like a young child.

And they do seem to bond more so with a single individual, but this is not limiting to their nature of being relatively friendly with all others around.  What I’m trying to say is that my Yorkie might be my little shadow, but she is also quite friendly with my wife. It’s not like the two don’t get along. But the dog has definitely latched onto me over the years.

Kiki the Yorkshire Terrier aka Kiki the Wonder Dog and Christine Valitutti are shown together in this picture.
Kiki and Christine are shown in this picture – What a perfect shot!

Not Your Average Dogs 

Okay, so we’ve established that Yorkies, like many breeds, are capable of singling out their affections toward an individual more than a group.  This is not to say they are anti-social, simply that like many creatures with a glimmer of intelligence, the dog is capable of having friends. Just like people, sometimes we have better friends than others.  We call our not so great friends’ acquaintances, right?

Now I want to tell you, Yorkies may appear to be little dainty things.  But they really aren’t. They are little spitfires. They are intelligent to the point of knowingly being manipulative.  Oh yes, these little dogs are smart enough to know how to ‘play’ a person to get what they want. I have fallen victim to this on multiple occasions, my wife will attest to that I’m sure.

Yorkies are like little tomboy toy dogs.  They love to play and chase their toys. And my little Wonder Dog likes nothing more than to tear apart her toys.  I think she takes pride in her ability to ruin a new toy just purchased. And I’m not talking some cheap toy either, I’m talking about the quality stuff that appears to be built to last.  My dog should be a quality tester for toy manufacturers who claim their toys are durable.

Kiki on one of her last adventures.
Here Kiki and Jeremy are in the backyard working on the landscaping and gardening.


Yorkies are little spitfires who often bond with one person.  But, they are also quite friendly and sociable dogs who love to make friends with others, given the opportunity.  Well, at least that’s what my little Kiki is like.

Do you have a Yorkie?  Does your dog manipulate you, or am I the only sucker?  I’d love to hear your stories about your dogs so leave me a comment below.  

Update: Sadly, Kiki passed away in October of 2020 after a long battle with Cushing’s Disease and Cancer. She was the most incredible little furry kid I could have ever hoped for and we were blessed to experience her in our lives.

Rest in peace, Kiki.

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