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The category Dog Breed Information is a collection of dog breed information sheets and articles. These information sheets are detailing the breeds that are recognized in at least one country by a registered dog club. The articles are stringently edited and only the most scholarly trusted sources are accessed for information. This way you know you are getting the most up-to-date resource for each recognized dog breed.

Each of the dog breeds detailed here has been thoroughly researched by the team at Dog House Times.  We check and double-check the facts on each of our articles to make sure we are delivered what you’ve come to expect from Dog House Times:  the best information articles about dogs and dog houses.

Utilizing the best resources is the key to providing the best information.  We don’t generally bother getting into simple articles to regurgitate information to you.  Anyone can do that.  We go right to the source.  At Dog House Times, the information we provide is obtained directly from scholarly, published works.  We sift through the scientific jargon to bring you the straight goods, in a form that is easily read and digestible.

Welcome to Dog House Times Dog Breed Information category.  We sincerely hope you enjoy.

Raising A Setter Puppy

10 Things To Know About Raising A Setter Puppy (The Easy Way?)

Raising a Setter puppy? Setters are a fantastic group of dog breeds. Not only are they gifted swimmers, but they also love nothing more than to go into nature and find some game birds. The Setter’s past derives from selective breeding to increase characteristics helpful to hunt, much like pointers, but the Setter was also …

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