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The Petfon Pet GPS Tracker – Never Lose Your Dog Again

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Do you ever worry about losing your dog? Are they an escape artist? Dogs will jump fences, or take the opportunity presented by an open gate or door.  You may need to look into getting a pet gps tracker to put your mind at ease for all those times your dog may escape.

An easy solution for tracking down your dog is the Petfon Pet GPS Tracker that only requires GPS and no monthly fees! No more panicking social media posts and posters in the neighborhood. Worrying about calling the humane society to see if your pet has shown up is not needed with this pet GPS collar.

Petfon offers an easy to order kit that you can quickly attach to your dog’s collar. No complicated assembly and zero subscription commitment. Intrigued? Let’s learn more.

How Petfon Works

The Petfon Pet GPS Tracker works with a small, durable, and rainproof tracker device that easily attaches to your dog’s collar or harness. The tracker is exceptionally light at only 24 grams, so most dogs won’t even notice that they are wearing it! The system also comes with a controller that is carried by the owner. 

Both the tracker and the controller pieces are sleek and modern looking, making your dog look good while also keeping them safe. Both pieces come in a sleek charging station case that allows you to travel quickly while using the system. 

Petfon users can install an app on their smartphone that shows their dog’s location on a map in real-time. The map in the app will update every 2 to 3 seconds, showing your dog’s current location, making them extremely easy to locate using your smartphone.

Tracking Fitness

The app also tracks fitness markers for your dog, similar to how a Fitbit works for a person! Users can see the dog’s walking steps, the distance they traveled, and how long it took. This feature could be beneficial if you follow a weight loss plan for your overweight dog and want to keep track of their activity levels. 

You will have a better idea about whether you can give Rover the treat he loves if you see that he ran for three kilometers that afternoon. Another significant aspect of Petfon is that once you purchase the system, you can use it forever without paying any kind of subscription fee, and no SIM card needed either. 


The Petfon GPS Tracker combines Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and long-distance wireless technologies like laser carving antennas to work pet tracking magic! Therefore, this also means that it will work wherever you and your dog travel, even internationally. 

The GPS is universal technology, so even in another country, you and your dog can be connected through Petfon. The Petfon tracker can use this technology to track your dog to 0.65 miles away from you in downtown or densely forested space, or as far as 3.5 miles in an open, outdoor environment. 

Petfon GPS Pet Tracker


The Petfon GPS Pet Tracker allows you to designate a safe space, such as your backyard, to receive a cell phone notification if your dog leaves that space. It’s like having a virtual fence. 

Ideally, the radius for this area is set from 100 to 200 meters so that the owner isn’t constantly receiving out of range notifications because the electronic fence is too small. You want your dog to have enough room to exercise and have fun while still being in your yard.

Petfon also offers the ability to create a virtual dog leash for your dog! Also known as a dynamic fence, this is a virtual geographic boundary centered on the controller’s real-time location in the user’s hand. So basically, the fence is dynamically moved with the movement of the owner’s position. 

The user can set different radius lengths (50-200 yards) according to the dog’s habits to ensure that the pet is in the set fence regardless of where the owner goes. Within the scope, once the pet is out of the fence, the Petfon app will give an alarm notification to the user’s cell phone. 

Petfon GPS

Safety Features

Imagine being able to walk your dog and keep them a specific distance from you without a leash? Petfon users can also outline a dangerous or unwanted area like a swamp, or the yard of someone who doesn’t like having dogs on their property. 

They will receive a cell phone notification if their dog approaches that space so that they can quickly locate their dog and bring them back to a safe location.

Another Petfon safety feature is the lights in the tracker mechanism attached to your dog’s collar. In a dense or dark area, users can activate the lights and locate their dog more by looking for the lit-up tracker. You even have the choice of ten different colors of light to use with this feature. 

The tracker is also rainproof so that the Petfon system is reliable no matter what the weather! However, the technology is not watertight, so you should not allow your dog to swim with the tracker attached to them. 

Finally, the tracker allows you to record and store messages for your dog that you can activate if you feel the need. You can prompt the tracker to play these selected messages for your dog, depending on the circumstances. 

Imagine being able to give commands to your dog during obedience training without having to shout? That is a fantastic bonus! The tracker can play sounds up to 70 decibels to also help you locate your dog by sound in dense brush or challenging terrain.


The tracker and controller set has an 8 to 16 hour battery time, depending on how intensely you are using them and how far you are from your dog. Conveniently, the compact charging station/carry case can charge the pieces several times before needing to be recharged itself. The charger works well for any off-grid camping or hiking that users might wish to do. 

Camping and Hiking With The Pooch 

Camping can present an issue for dog owners, as there is no fenced yard for them to place the dog. Tying the dog up at the campsite is a solution, but not always an ideal one. And there is the added worry about the dog getting loose in an area that is unfamiliar to them.

 Attaching a tracker to a camping dog resolves all of these concerns efficiently. Hiking with your dog also offers similar concerns that your dog is often in an unfamiliar area. You want them to explore and exercise alongside you without the pull of a leash on their neck, but it’s also easy to lose track of them with hills, dense undergrowth, and curving trails. 

And what if a squirrel crosses your path? Many dogs will take off with no regard for remembering where they are going. Thankfully, you can attach a Petfon tracker to the dog, and then both of you can have a carefree hike. 

The Petfon case consists of unique, enforced flexible silicone, which is environmentally friendly, easy to carry, durable, and stylish. The case has a shock-absorbing design that provides excellent protection for your tracker and controller from collisions and scratches. It comes with instructions, a charging cord, two cases, two bands, and two loops for all hardware. 


A fantastic bonus that Petfon offers is the ability to track multiple dogs at the same time! An owner can use one controller, one app on their cell phone, and THREE trackers. 

This is remarkable peace of mind for a multi-pet family. And of course, PetFon can be worn by any pet, not just your dog! Cats, rabbits, and even lizards can comfortably wear Petfon on their harnesses or collars. 

Ideal For Cats 

Cats would make an especially good candidate for a tracker due to their propensity to wander. Even a cat that is supposed to be an indoor pet can often slip outside between someone’s ankles. This way, the indoor cat can be quickly retrieved and brought home without worry. 

And outdoor cats can be easily tracked down when they refuse to come in for the night or have spent too long visiting the neighbor that likes to give them cat treats. 


The Petfon GPS Pet Tracker is a product by UBISIGHT, a US-based company that has been developing high tech pet products for fifteen years. UBISIGHT focuses on the research and development of wearable technologies for pets. Their goal is to provide next-generation products that keep your pets safer, happier, healthier, and more comfortable interacting with your family.

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