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How Much Do Yorkies Cost? (An Amazingly Complete Guide For 2023)

How much do Yorkies cost? Find out at

So, you want to know how much do Yorkies cost, do you? Well, you’re in the right place because I’ve had Yorkies for years. Yorkies (Yorkshire Terriers) are feisty yet affectionate companions. Their prominent personalities are packaged into 7-pound, 7-inch frames, making them the perfect size for city living. Their long, silky coat is almost human hair-like and is low-allergen, so these are great dogs for people who suffer from allergies. Yorkies are vibrant dogs interested in their owners’ activities, volunteer to be the watchdog, and happily cuddle with their owners. 

So, what should you bank on to pay for such a fantastic dog?

Registered, pedigree Yorkie From Award-winning parents$10,000
Registered, pedigree Yorkie$1000-2500
Unregistered breeder$300-800

The cost of a Yorkie depends on the pedigree, documentation, breeder, and gender of the Yorkie. You also have to consider other costs beyond the puppy’s purchase price. 

Pedigree And Documentation Affect The Cost Of A Yorkie

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is the most well-known and selective dog breed registry. They have stringent rules governing which dogs meet the breed standard requirements and can be registered. If you get a Yorkie bred from parents registered with the AKC, and your puppy is registered, you can pay between $1000-2500. This price usually includes vaccinations, microchipping, and vet checking, although this is not guaranteed and will depend on the breeder.

If the puppies’ parents hold any show titles or awards, such as the AKC Championship award, you will pay more, even up to $10,000 per puppy!

Registration Fees

If your Yorkie is a purebred Yorkie from good bloodlines but unregistered for any reason, you will pay less. Some breeders do not want to incur the expense of registering all the puppies, so they sell them undocumented. If you wish to register your puppy, you will incur the fee. 

Sometimes a good bloodline throws a puppy that doesn’t quite meet the breed standard required to be registered. These ‘defects’ can be as minor as the white spot on the chest exceeding 1-inch diameter or the coat being too coarse. The puppy is still pedigree and has good health benefits, etc. However, its inability to be registered may decrease the price to $800-1000, depending on the breeder and the flaw. 

How Much Do Yorkies Cost? Choice of Breeder Can Change the Price

Canadian money is shown. You can find Yorkies in Canada at a reasonable price. Find out more at
Canadian money, eh? You can find Yorkie breeders in Canada that could be cheaper than the US, with equal quality Yorkies.

If you buy a Yorkie from a registered breeder, you will pay more, $1000-2500. These breeders incur certain costs to guarantee the quality of the puppies they breed, which reflects in the selling price. Registering the parents and having their health checked incurs an expense. The high level of healthcare the mom receives during pregnancy can influence the cost. Registering the puppies themselves and getting them vet-checked will also increase the price of the puppies.

If you buy a Yorkie from an unregistered breeder, you will be looking for $300-800 for a Yorkie puppy. While this may seem like a bargain, you aren’t planning to show your Yorkie or breed with it, and you have to be careful. 

Some unregistered breeders are responsible for breeding only healthy dogs and ensuring the health and maintenance of the mother and puppies throughout pregnancy, whelping, and the weeks before you can take the puppy home. 

Backyard Breeders

Some call other breeders backyard breeders. These breeders will breed with any Yorkie and even Yorkie-cross. They may also mate a Yorkie to a different breed and sell the puppy to you as a purebred. They also breed without consideration for the health of the parents or puppies.

If you buy from an unregistered breeder, ensure you see and interact with both parents. Go to the breeder’s home to see what conditions the puppies are bred in (some backyard breeders will want to meet up with you somewhere, so you can’t see the parents or the breeding conditions).

Perhaps a better choice for an unregistered Yorkie puppy would be to rescue one from a shelter. Sure, you don’t know the history of your puppy, but you will be saving them from a shelter. You will pay about $100-800 for a rescued Yorkie.

Puppy Gender Affects The Cost Of A Yorkie

As with most dogs, Yorkie females are often more expensive than males. It can be because more people prefer females, so they are in higher demand, or it may be because of the breeding potential. However, some breeders will ban breeding with the puppy or may only sell it to you if you commit to sterilizing the puppy once it is old enough. 

Other Cost Factors

The average lifespan of a Yorkie is 11-15 years. So, this little dog will be with you for a long time. You will need to provide your Yorkie with a license, food, healthcare, toys, gear (collar, leash, bed, bowls, etc.), and grooming for the duration of its life.

Cost Of A Dog License,

Some states in the USA require your dog to be licensed by law. It costs about $10-20 to license your dog, although it may be more for unsterilized dogs. 

You can only license your dog once they have had its rabies vaccination, and the license will expire when it is time for a new or booster rabies vaccination. You will then have to pay for a renewed license. 

The license is city-dependent, so you will have to pay for the license again if you move to a different city. 

If you do not license your Yorkie, you can pay a fine of $250 or more. It may also be a misdemeanor in some states. Beyond avoiding the cost of a penalty for your dog being unlicensed, there are many benefits to licensing your Yorkie. The most important reason is that you are more likely to get your Yorkie back if they go missing and the pound or an animal shelter picks them up.

The Health Of A Yorkie Affects Its Cost

As with all dogs, Yorkies need vaccinations, check-ups, regular deworming, and flea prevention. It would be best if you also sterilized your pet; males are cheaper to sterilize than females. 

The two most common health conditions in Yorkies are luxating patella and eye abnormalities. If your Yorkie has a health condition, you must set aside some money for extra veterinary health checks and treatments. 

The small size of a Yorkie can cause other health issues, especially when bred irresponsibly. The smaller the Yorkie, the more likely they will suffer from additional health conditions.

Dietary And Grooming Costs With A Yorkie

Yorkies can be fussy eaters, so you may have to spend more each month buying them special food. Pet shops even sell special Yorkie food, which appeals to them. 

The length and silkiness of the Yorkies’ coat mean that it can get out of hand if not properly maintained. Some people like to have their Yorkies professionally groomed or clipped to make daily maintenance more manageable. You will then have to consider the cost of this regular grooming. 

The Cost Of Teacup Yorkies,

The most common variation of the Yorkshire Terrier is the Teacup Yorkie. Their diminutive frame and features make them famous. However, the smaller the Yorkie, the more expensive they are. You can pay $500-2000 and more for a Teacup Yorkie.

The catch is that these dogs are more prone to health conditions, increasing vet bills over their lives. Teacup Yorkies often suffer from hypoglycemia and cannot miss a single meal. They are also at risk of broken bones and collapsed trachea.

Yorkie Cost Summary

Yorkies can cost between $100-10,000 to purchase, depending on the breeder, registration, and parents. The average cost for a high-quality, registered Yorkie is $1000-2500. If you wish to purchase a cheaper Yorkie, you must be careful where you buy your pet. You should also instead consider adopting for $100-800.

Beyond the purchase price of a Yorkie puppy, you need to consider the cost of a dog license, vet bills (including sterilization), food, and grooming. Buying a cheaper, unregistered Yorkie may be a false economy as they often have health problems. It will cost you more in vet bills over the Yorkie’s lifespan than you would have paid for a pedigree-registered and health-checked puppy.   

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