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About Team DHT.

Our articles help people by providing information, instructions, tips, and tricks for working with dogs, kennels, crates, and dog houses. The support we offer for free for “do-it-yourselfers” and dog owners is a one-of-a-kind valuable source of information for dog owners found nowhere else online. Written by dog owners like Jeremy and Christine, for dog owners. Woof woof.

Dog House Times – A Dog Magazine is all about dogs. With a particular focus on the homes of our furry friends. Dog Houses have been around as long as mankind has kept dogs as pets. In modern times, many people enjoy the craft of DIY projects, such as building their own dog house.

We dive deep into the dog house with in-depth research from only trusted sources. Everything from building materials and woods that are safe to use for dogs to dog house landscaping is covered.

Our Trusted Sources

Check out our extensive Resources page for links to some of the institutions we have researched to bring the best and most informative information to your screen. We include our sources and/or a bibliography at the end of each article so you can see exactly where we got our information.

Publishing Process – How We Do Quality Control

Our writers not only thoroughly research the articles we write but the articles are also subjected to our proofreading and verification process. After each article is written, the article is proofread to make sure it flows, that grammar is correct, spelling is checked and corrected, and that the sources are verified. No article is ever posted without going through this rigorous process. That way, you know the articles are legitimate, original pieces of work and that the information is verified and confirmed.

Our Authors

Dog House Times Creator – Jeremy Shantz, aka Farmer Jer

Delve into a world crafted with love for our canine friends with Jeremy Shantz, your go-to guide for all things related to dog houses. As the creator and curator of Dog House Times, Jeremy channels his lifelong affinity for dogs into a comprehensive, user-friendly platform teeming with tips, tricks, and trusted advice for building the perfect dog houses.

Growing up in a home where his father practiced veterinary medicine, Jeremy’s childhood was rich with the companionship of animals. This early exposure to pet care ignited a lifelong love for animals that led him to operate a pet shop in Toronto, Ontario, further solidifying his connection with our four-legged friends.

Jeremy’s extensive knowledge isn’t merely confined to dog care. His broad professional experience in digital marketing, technical services, and entrepreneurship, coupled with his academic background in electro-mechanical engineering, marketing, and web development, provides a unique blend of creativity and technical know-how. It’s this synergy that allows him to provide detailed, practical, and engaging content to fellow DIY enthusiasts.

The crown jewel of Dog House Times is Jeremy’s meticulously compiled database of minimum dog house sizes based on breed. A labor of love that took nearly a year to complete, this invaluable resource stands testament to Jeremy’s commitment to ensuring every dog enjoys the comfort and security of a well-crafted home.

Jeremy’s life is filled with the joy of animal companionship, and he shares his home with his beloved German Pinscher, Tucker. His personal and professional experiences uniquely position him as a trustworthy guide for all your DIY dog house needs.

Join Jeremy at Dog House Times, and transform your DIY projects into comfortable, safe, and loving homes for your furry friends.

The creator of Dog House Times, Jeremy Shantz, is also known as Farmer Jer. He has been an avid animal lover, researcher,, and professional and amateur exotic fish, reptile, and amphibian breeder for over 30 years.

“I have always loved animals. My dad was a vet for the federal government and also bred exotic birds as a passion and a hobby. I grew up with dogs, cats, birds, fish, amphibians, and reptiles. My house was like a zoo.”

Jeremy Shantz

Dog house times was founded in April 2019. Created by Jeremy Shantz, founder of Farm 6 Media, the site was and is intended to bring you the best in highly researched information about dogs and dog houses.

“One of the problems I found when trying to research things online is that you get two glaringly different types of articles online. You get the fluffy, often incorrect articles by bloggers with zero experience in the topic they are writing about. Or you get a pdf of a published scientific journal article or other highly researched published document. The latter having language that makes the best of us fall asleep in minutes or makes our brains hurt. What I’ve tried to do with my research articles is to bring the two together. Fully researched information from solid, legitimate sources, presented in a digestible format so it’s easy to read and saves you the time of digging through scientific journals yourself.”

Farmer Jer

Christine Valitutti, CCP

Christine is a feisty Certified Credit Professional and writer for Dog House Times. She enjoys working with her career in Credit Management, spending time with her husband (Farmer Jer), family, and of course, dog Tucker.

“I want to make information easy to read and informative for people. So, I put a lot of effort into my research and writing to make sure people find it helpful and entertaining.”

Christine Valitutti, CCP

Christine has had experience with Yorkshire Terriers, Corgi/Jack Russel Mix, and Labrador Retrievers and has had dogs most of her life. She is a natural when it comes to caring for her furry friends and has been an integral reason why Kiki the wonder dog is in such good hands.

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