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Do Yorkies Love Their Owners?

Do Yorkies Love Their Owners? Depends on the owner. Find out at

Do Yorkies love their owners? Honestly, it depends on the owner. If they sense you love them, they will love you to the ends of the Earth. When choosing a dog, you must get one that will suit your personality, needs, and household. Making sure that your do will fit you is not selfish. It often leads to greater contentment in your dog as well. So, if you want a loving, cuddly dog, what breed is best for you? 

Yorkies are companion dogs, and they develop strong bonds with their owners. They enjoy and even seek cuddles and attention and are happy to sleep on your lap and be carried around. They show affection in many ways and let you know when you do not give them enough attention. 

They can bond with only one person, but this is not necessarily a breed trait. 

Yorkies are approximately seven pounds and stand on average seven-inch tall. They have long, flowing, human-like hair, petite features, and intelligent faces. Many people are attracted to their physical appearance because they look like dogs you can carry and cuddle. But do Yorkies love their owners as much as their owners love them? 

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A Short History And Breed Characteristics Of Yorkies

The first breeds of Yorkies or Yorkshire Terriers were in the mid-1800s in Lancashire and Yorkshire. Initially, they are from various terriers brought down from Scotland with emigrants. 

The original purpose of Yorkies was to serve as ratters in the textile mills and mines where these emigrants worked, and even though they have come a long way since those days, their ratting instincts are still well-developed.

The Yorkies’ Evolution

The world officially recognized them in 1866, which led to their evolution from working-class ratters in factories to fashionable lapdogs for Victorian ladies living in luxury. This transition also decreased their size, and this diminished size is now the breed standard. 

The three adjectives used by the American Kennel Club to describe Yorkies are affectionate, spritely, and tomboyish. Even though they are diminutive in stature, they have a big personalities and consider themselves fierce protectors, loyal companions, and proficient hunters of all small critters. Yorkies are fun and feisty, but they can be stubborn and bossy.

Do Yorkies Love Their Owners and Bond With Them?

Yorkies are known for developing strong bonds with their owners. They have been bred as companion dogs for hundreds of years, so they must be good at this job.

Are Yorkies One-Person Dogs?

There is some argument about whether Yorkies are one-person dogs or if they can bond with many people. Some people report that Yorkies will pick one human and dedicate themselves to that person to exclude all other people on the planet. Others claim that Yorkies are happy to love and bond equally strongly with multiple household members, although they can be cautious of strangers. 

These conflicting testimonials can be attributable to the individual personalities of the Yorkies or may even be a gender-linked preferential difference in which males are more of one-person dogs and females are more multi-person dogs. Of course, it may also have something to do with the environment in which the Yorkies are raised. 

Single-Person Vs. Multi-Person Home

If a single-person home raises a Yorkie, they may bond closely to that one person to exclude anyone else. If the Yorkie is in a multi-person home where everyone shares in the pet’s care, the Yorkies may bond equally with everyone. In multi-person homes where only one person does pet care, a Yorkie may connect most with that person but be happy to spend some time with other household members. 

Bonding Through Training

Yorkies are one of the breeds of dogs that enjoy pleasing their owners. It means that purposeful training can increase the bond between you and your Yorkie. Reports also reveal that positive reinforcement (rewarding good behavior) is the best training method for these dogs. Additionally, training requires physical time together, which also increases the bonds.

Yorkies And Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a condition that often affects animals that develop strong bonds with their owners. German Shepherds, Border Collies, Dobermans, and Huskies are examples of other dog breeds suffering from separation anxiety. 

You can tell your Yorkie a thousand times that you will come back, but they can’t understand and may get despondent, panicked, or even aggressive when you leave them for extended periods. 

The extended absence of their owner or a change in the household- like a new pet or a baby- can trigger a Yorkie’s social anxiety. A tendency towards social anxiety is manageable with training, routine, and time.

Additionally, if your Yorkie thinks you are not paying them enough attention, they can show lethargy, apathy, and appetite loss. If you are paying them attention and this behavior persists, take them to see a veterinarian. 

Do Yorkies Enjoy Cuddling?

Some dogs, like German Shepherds, love their owners sincerely and loyally but don’t want to cuddle. On the other hand, Yorkies love their owners and are very affectionate. They will happily sit on your lap or be picked up and carried around. It makes them ideal for life in a big city. 

They may become more affectionate as they age, and their inquisitiveness and energy levels become more moderate.

You may need to stop over-pampering your Yorkie and carrying them everywhere. Despite their small size and lapdog label, they require regular exercise and mental stimulation. 

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How Do I Know If My Yorkie Loves Me?

A cute and playful Yorkie crouches, ready to play in a sunny field.
Yorkshire terriers are very playful. If they love you, you’ll know it.

Yorkies don’t sit and haughtily demand and accept your affection. They show plenty of love in return.


Yorkies love giving kisses. They are one of the ‘lickier’ dogs, so be prepared for this before you get one. When they lick you, they act on an innate instinct to demonstrate care and affection and request attention. 


Yorkies will often come and lean on their owners, crowding their personal space and tucking in close. It is their equivalent of a human hug so you can take it as a sure sign of their love for you. 

Sleeping By You 

Dogs are not likely to sleep in environments or in the presence of people they find uncomfortable because sleeping makes them vulnerable. So, if your Yorkie comes to sleep by you, it shows that they fully trust you.

Showing You Their Toys 

This behavior is present in other breeds, such as Cocker Spaniels, which are charming! When you get home from work, you might see your Yorkie tear around the house looking for a toy to bring to you. They will come, tail wagging, to show you what they have when they find one. It also demonstrates trust; they won’t just share their toy with anyone.  

Staring At You

Dogs display affection by staring at their owners. It may unnerve you as you feel their eyes on you, but they are just interested in your activities. Additionally, eye contact with you can lead to the release of the cuddle hormone oxytocin in your Yorkie (and you), creating feelings of happiness and love. 

Protecting And Shadowing You

Small they may be in stature but not so in spirit! Your little Yorkie can fiercely and loudly defend you from a potential threat. It signifies their attachment to you, but you must ensure it doesn’t turn into problematic behavior. 

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Essential Things To Know Before You Get A Yorkie

Before you decide to get a Yorkie, you should know some of the more common potential problems and high maintenance areas. 

Small kids and aggression: Yorkies are not always aggressive around small children, but their small size cheeky tendencies mean they have a low tolerance for the rough and potentially hurtful way these small children interact with the Yorkie. Socializing Yorkies as puppies can help reduce this, and you should also teach the children how to play with a small dog.


Yorkies don’t shed, but their human-like hair is fine and tends to get dirty and tangled. They will require weekly baths and daily brushing. Their eyes can also be irritated by their bangs, so you need to keep these trimmed. Their fluffy backsides can also cause poop-related problems, so you should keep this area trimmed and clean.

Medical Conditions

They are susceptible to the luxating patella and eye anomalies, so ensure you get your puppy from a reputable breeder and take them for a knee and ophthalmologist evaluation.


It can be challenging to housebreak, but it’s not impossible. Use a good-quality pee pad. See the latest deals on pee pads on Amazon here.

Final Thoughts

For centuries, Yorkies have been companion dogs. They are very affectionate with their owners and can even suffer separation anxiety if their owners are away from home. There is some controversy about whether Yorkies are one-person dogs or not; it may be an individual preference, the way they were raised, or even related to the Yorkie’s gender. 

Yorkies love cuddling, but they also need regular exercise to burn off all their energy and prevent them from becoming overweight. Their affectionate nature means that you need to provide them with enough attention. They may become apathetic, lethargic, and even stop eating if you aren’t spending enough quality time with them. 

As with any dog breed, there are specific problems you need to be aware of before getting a Yorkie. They can be aggressive and difficult to housebreak, require lots of grooming (including their fluffy bottoms), and are picky eaters. However, they are also loyal, hilarious, adorable, and happy dogs to own. 

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