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Will Neutering My Yorkie Calm Him Down? (Read This First)

The Yorkshire terrier, more commonly called “Yorkie,” is among the smallest dog breeds of the terrier type and any dog breed. It makes good pets for humans, although it has excessive unwanted behaviors. A popular question among pet owners is: will neutering my Yorkie calm him down?

Neutering, a surgery performed on a dog to disable his ability to reproduce, can help calm undesirable behaviors in high-energy Yorkies. This procedure will alleviate your Yorkie’s stress, eventually calming him down.

Concerned with your Yorkie, you might be wondering what causes these certain unwanted pet behaviors and how effective neutering is to address such considerable issues. Feel free to dig in more below to find out.

Will Neutering My Yorkie Calm Him Down?

Will Neutering My Yorkie Calm Him Down? Find out at
Male Yorkies can be quite rambunctious if not neutered.

Generally speaking, neutering doesn’t immediately affect a dog’s personality. However, it influences its mood and makes certain behaviors more or less likely. The surgical castration for male dogs (spaying is commonly reserved for female animals) ceases their production of the male hormone known as testosterone.

As this hormone causes some untoward or somewhat negative behaviors in dogs more likely to occur, stopping it from being produced can dramatically reduce the “testosterone-mediated” behaviors. These behaviors linked to this hormone are predominantly excessive — it will surely make you wish for something to calm it down, even for a while.

Yorkies’ Characteristics

Yorkies are merely like most tiny dogs — hyperactive and full of bouncing energy that would certainly make your day! On some occasions, their high-energy behaviors would eventually make you wish for them to chill out a bit. You would desire a more relaxing time with your adorable Yorkie.

Especially with the young Yorkshire terriers — they love to chase smaller creatures such as squirrels and play with toys. These are cute as long as they’re not too unrestrained; otherwise, you will need to consider minimizing such behaviors. With this, “neutering is a recommended procedure for male pets that could impact your Yorkie’s behavior significantly”.

Neutering Defined

Neutering is a surgical procedure performed on male dogs to remove their testicles. It can considerably relieve their stress on roaming around or getting out to seek a mate. Thus, without being sexually frustrated, your Yorkie is relatively calm — happier and healthier, and so are you.

On the other hand, if they will not undergo neutering, these high-energy Yorkies will more likely display anxiety and unfavorable and neurotic behaviors. Moreover, neutering can prevent health problems like testicular cancer and most prostate diseases.

The surgery eliminates the dog’s fertility and terminates testosterone production. This male hormone has a wide variety of effects. It is responsible for producing secondary sexual characteristics during puberty — increased muscle mass, a larger head, bigger bones, and deeper bark.

Although the effects of testosterone on dogs’ behavior are much more subtle, their testosterone levels can jump tremendously. When this happens, they start showing distressing behaviors associated with this hormone.

What Are “Testosterone-Mediated” Behaviors?

These behaviors are relatively common in all male mammals. However, these are prevalent in dogs to at least some extent. The most significant ones are the following:

  • Intensified Aggression

Once your Yorkie becomes aggressive, it’ll take him longer to calm down than it would for a neutered one. It does not relate to fear-based aggression.

  • Enhanced Confidence 

Testosterone leads to improved confidence, generally expressed as heightened risk-taking and lowered fear response. It is why male dogs are more likely to be involved in road or traffic accidents. Hillcrest Animal Hospital suggests that entire dogs are less likely to undergo fear-based aggression than their neutered counterparts.

  • Territorial Actions

Yorkshire terriers are distinctly territorial, as many Terriers can be. They will scrap to defend anything they discern as one of their possessions. This territorial nature of Yorkies leads to more barking than some other breeds.

  • Highly Increased Sex Drive

If not neutered, your Yorkie will be wandering around seeking a mate. It can be possibly dangerous, with sporadically messy outcomes. Furthermore, unwanted behaviors such as masturbation, mounting, and humping can embarrass several owners.

Your neutered Yorkie will have a significantly lower sex drive than he was intact. Therefore, the procedure will undoubtedly reduce those undesired behaviors such as masturbation, humping, mounting, immoderate roaming, and other dominance-related behaviors. He will mark less indoors and outdoors since he is less incentivized to announce his presence.

As for your Yorkie’s basic personality, you don’t need to worry about it, as it won’t be affected by neutering. If he is a cheerful and outgoing dog, he’s probably to stay that way. Another good thing is that he will likely have fewer fights with other dogs.

With a neutered Yorkie, you’re likely to have more relaxing moments — with much lesser stress from extreme pet behaviors. He’ll likely be calmer with less testosterone in his system, so you’ll also be calmer.

3 Things You’ll Need Post-Neutering

  1. A soft bedCheck the price at Amazon for my top pick soft bed for a Yorkie.
  2. A backup coneCheck the price at Amazon for a perfect-sized cone for a Yorkie.
  3. A distraction blanketCheck the price at Amazon for a distraction blanket for your Yorkie.

The Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions For Neutering Yorkies

Will Neutering Cause Some Adverse Effects On My Yorkie?

The neutering process might seem inhumane to some people, but it’s not. It’s habitually encouraged by veterinarians. It is a recommended surgical procedure for male pets that could remarkably influence your beloved Yorkie’s behavior.
Neutering is just a simple surgery. A veterinarian puts your Yorkie under anesthesia, makes an incision, cuts the stalks of the testicles, and then removes the testicles. After approximately two (2) weeks, the surgical cut fully heals, and your Yorkie can continue living a healthy, more relaxed life.
Your veterinarian will give you post-surgery care instructions. Give your Yorkie time to recover completely — you don’t need to worry a lot. Remember, aside from calming him down, he’s less likely to acquire certain diseases now.
Talk to your veterinarian for full details.

When Can I Neuter My Yorkie?

Just like any male dog, you can neuter your Yorkie can at any time after eight (8) weeks of age. Most veterinarians suggested waiting until puberty hit at around six (6) months several years ago. Some would still make that recommendation today.
Talk to your veterinarian about what’s best for your Yorkie. If you neuter your Yorkie at an adult age, it will have a moderately higher risk for complications from the surgical procedure. It goes the same for dogs that are overweight or in poor health.
Nonetheless, your veterinarian can manage these accordingly, with the benefits from the surgery frequently outweighing the risks. Discuss with your vet if such risks seriously concern you.
Always check with your veterinarian to get their advice as they know your dog.

What Are Other Ways To Calm Down My Yorkie?

A Yorkshire terrier is typically affectionate, charming, cuddly, and friendly. Your Yorkie can sometimes be quite hyperactive, particularly when he is younger. With such excessive-high energy, you would sometimes want to chill out.
What else can you do with neutering to make him calm down? There are some basic strategies that you can try for your Yorkie. Choose which one or two would make him calm down.
Engage Your Yorkie In An Exercise
It can simply be a walk around the park or your friendly neighborhood. A Yorkie undeniably benefits greatly from exercise.
Play Various Games With Your Yorkie
Playing catch and fetch and chasing after things. Yorkshire terriers are pretty intelligent, and they thrive when challenged. And as Yorkies are so tiny, you can play games indoors with them.
Give Treats
Give your Yorkie rewards for the positive or desirable behavior, and provide consequences to prevent damaging or untoward behavior. It would be best to be consistent in doing so — it might take a while, so be patient enough. This method will not be effective if your Yorkie does not have adequate exercise.
Meet Your Yorkie’s Affection Or Attention Needs
A Yorkshire terrier is a very affectionate dog that desires high levels of attention. If you cater well to his affection needs, your Yorkie is more likely to be calmer as he will not be so desperately struggling for your attention.
Socialize Your Hyperactive Yorkie With Other Dogs 
It can help him release his energy and get exercise. Before doing so, ensure your Yorkie is ready to interact with other dogs. Most Yorkies do not get along well with other dogs, especially if they have not socialized adequately from a young age.

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